Title: Atlantis
Word Count: 108
Warning/s: So damn SHORT!
I wanted to do a Harry Potter x Atlantis crossover, but I'm wearing my inspiration hat. Sure inspiration stays in, but the heat is going to give me heat stroke. So, brain not working. I apologize for this, but it stays.
Dedication: No one, cause you guys don't love me
Send me requests for sections. I promise to do a better job.
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Milo and Kida had been recently notified of some strange 'hocus pocus' activity in Scotland. Kida then proceeded to drag everyone there to see if Atlantian technology had anything to do with it.

"Hello there!" Milo called out into the apparent ruins of an old castle.

Out of nowhere, an old man suddenly appeared.

"Hi!" He answered.

Startled, it took a few moments for the group to regain their bearings.

"Do you posses any Atlantian technology? Anything that might look like these figures?" Kida asked the man, showing him a figurine she took with them on the trip.

"Nope. Sorry." The man replied.

And they all went home.