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As Aang gazed out the window of his uncle's car, he wondered what his new life would bring. It had all started two months ago…


Aang was just leaving his uncle's dojo when his cell phone rang. Aang flipped the top and said, "Hello?"

"Is this Aang?" asked a sad male voice.

"Yeah. Who is this?"

"This is Tomea. I am the sheriff."

"Oh okay what's up?"

"I am afraid there's been an accident with your parents. They just died in a car accident."

End Flashback

That was the worst day in Aang's life. After a long and trying time, Aang went to live with his uncle, Gyatso. Gyatso was one of the most skilled martial artists in the country. He taught various forms including akido, ju jistu, and tai chi. Aang was his best student. He already was a first degree black belt and was aiming for a second degree. Despite his young age, Aang was a skilled fighter and weapons user. At fifteen, Aang had already gotten a whole gang group arrested after defeating them all when they tried to mug him.

But that was over. Gyatso and Aang were moving to a new town. Apparently, the dojo that Gyatso rented was sold to someone else, so they had decided to try to make a new dojo in a smaller area.

Aang suddenly came back to reality and present times when Gyatso announced, "We're here!"

Aang looked around the town. It looked like a decent enough place. It was certainly not a city but it still looked liveable.

As Aang walked into the new house, he thought about school. He was a sophmore in high school and would be going to his new school tomorrow. "Maybe I'll make some friends," he thought. Aang was always optimistic and cheerful. Years of martial arts had been incorporated into his daily life.

Aang was exhausted that night. They were finally getting situated after a long day of unpacking. He collapsed onto his new bed. His room was big, which suited Aang fine considering he needed room to practice martial arts. Before Aang fell asleep, he rose and performed his nightly tai chi movements. Their smooth flowing movements were excellent for relieving stress. After completing his exercise, he fell asleep.

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