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It had been four days since Aang was captured. Four torturous days. Aang remained in his cell with nothing to eat or drink. His throat was extremely sore (because of dehydration and a lot of screaming). Azula and a group of men that called themselves the Dai Li arrived three times a day to torture him. He had minor burns and bruises all over his body. They sometimes brought in a mattress used for electrocution. If he tried to fight he was beaten. They knew enough to cause severe without serious damage. They repeatedly attempted brainwashing techniques and hypnotism. Aang knew what they were doing. They wanted him to swear loyalty to them. They repeatedly told him to give in and join them.

However, despite all the torture, despite all the pain and struggle, he managed to keep his mind. He could tell that his captors where getting tired of his struggle, but he swore to himself that nothing would force him to give into their request. On this particular day, Aang was gasping for water and food, because he did not get any at all for the past four days. If the torture would not kill him, dehydration or starvation would. As this disturbing thought passed through him, he heard the door open and the light switch was flicked on. Jet stood there with the Duke. Both had furious looks on their faces. They stormed in and each grabbed one of Aang's arms. Aang was so weak that he could barely stand, so they roughly dragged him out the door. Aang did not even look up. After about three minutes of dragging, Aang was dropped and collapsed in a heap on the floor. He glanced around vaguely, and his eyes widened. There, in front of him, Katara sat tied to a chair with duct tape. Aang tried to move towards her but Jet grabbed the back of his dirty, shredded shirt. Aang managed to shout, "Let her go!"

The Duke and Jet only laughed. Jet finally said in a dangerous voice, "I said you would join us. Your mind is strong, but can you make this choice?"

Aang prayed that what he thought they meant wasn't correct.

"Your choice is to join us…"

"Please don't say it. Please don't say it." Aang's mind begged silently.

"Or we rape and kill her."

Aang's mind was whirling. He needed to get free. He would not let these perverts even come near Katara.

When she heard what Jet was going to do, she began sobbing. Katara knew enough that even if Aang did swear loyalty, Jet would never let her leave with her virginity intact.

Jet walked up to Aang and kicked him in the gut. Aang collapsed on the ground again gasping for breath. He grinned and walked slowly to Katara. The Duke followed. Jet pulled out a long knife with a sharp hook at the end. Aang struggled to his feet. Jet growled, "Talk!"

Katara suddenly shouted, "Don't Aang. I'm not worth it!"

Jet slapped her across the face and turned to Aang, "If you won't talk, then she gets this!"

Jet immediately grabbed a bottle of vinegar and poured it on the knife. Then he slowly cut Katara along the cheek. She screamed as the vinegar touched her cut skin. Aang began to rise when the Duke grabbed Aang by the shoulders and held him down. He was strong for being so short. Jet shouted again, "Next time I'll take an eye!"

Finally Aang stopped fighting and kneeled. "Fine," he said, "I will join you."

The Duke and Jet looked at each other triumphantly. Jet nodded to the Duke, "Who gets her first?"

Aang's mind suddenly clicked in. He jabbed his elbows backward in to the Duke's gut. The small gangster gasped and collapsed. Then Aang lunged forward and smashed into Jet's legs. Both fell in to the floor hitting and punching each other, as the knife had flown out of Jet's hands.

As Jet and Aang fought, The Duke rushed to them, and he pulled out a 9mm handgun, and aimed for Aang's head. He did not notice Katara, who managed to kick him from her chair. He yelped a bit and turned to Katara. Suddenly, they heard a crash, and before the Duke knew what was going on, Aang knocked the gun out of his hands with a small flick of his wrist. The Duke aimed a punch forward, but Aang countered his attack by turning out of the way and grabbing the Duke's hand. He immediately stepped forward and flung the Duke to the ground with a classic aikido drop. Then with a quick kick to the temple, the Duke was knocked unconscious. Jet too was out cold. Aang immediately seized the knife on the ground and slashed the tape holding Katara. "Come on," he said, "We have to get out of here."

Katara nodded, and they ran out of the door. They continued down the hall and could only find one door, so they hastily opened it. Inside, there was a fully stocked armory. Aang stared in shock. There were machine guns, automatic weapons, hand guns, rifles, pistols, crates of bullets, and even hand grenades. Roku wasn't kidding. These gangs and junkies were getting ready for all out war.