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"So, um...How do you feel about Chris Jericho challenging you for your title?" Maria asked, holding the microphone up to Randy Orton. Although Maria was pretty tall, Randy towered over her.

Randy put on his mean heel face. "How do I feel about Jericho challenging me for my title? What kind of question is that?" Randy rolled his eyes. Maria pretended to blush and gave an embarrassed smile. "How do you think I feel about it? It's not my fault that Jericho won the Royal Rumble. I am just stuck with his decision, which pretty much sucks. It does not suck for me, however. I will thoroughly enjoy ending Jericho's career before it takes off again." Randy raised his eyebrows at Maria and then walked off.

The cameras shut off. Maria let out a stressed sigh, somewhat of relief. She hated playing the dumb card every week on television. She wasn't stupid, and they knew it. They were turning her into the poster child for all beauty and no brains. Maria reached behind her head and pulled the clips out of her hair. The deep reddish brown curls fell lightly onto her back that was showing above the back of her small shirt. She continued on her way to the locker room, unaware of the footsteps approaching her from behind. She gasped in shock when someone grabbed her wrist and turned her around.

Maria came face to face with a man's chest. She leaned back a little bit, looking up. She looked into his crystal blue eyes and stepped back when she discovered the identity of the man. Randy looked down at her, blinking a bit, but not saying a word.

"Um," Maria started to say, at a loss for words. She had no idea what to say. "Can I help you?"

Randy cocked his head to the side. He blinked once more and stared into Maria's green eyes. She stared back. Randy remained silent. Maria took in a deep breath and turned around. She barely took one step forward before Randy grabbed her wrist once more and turned her around again. Maria was surprised at how soft Randy's touch was.

"What?" Maria asked, widening her eyes. She looked down at her arm; Randy still hadn't let go of her wrist.

"You did really well in the interview," he said, his voice using the softest tone Maria had ever heard him use. A small smile spread across his lips. Maria couldn't tell if it was genuine or not.

"Oh, thank you," she replied, nearly whispering.

"Anytime," Randy said, his smile extending, but only slightly. He lifted her hand up, and his thumb caressed the inside of her wrist before he gently laid her hand back at her side. Without a last glance at her, Randy walked away. Maria watched him go, unaware that she had stopped breathing. Once she had gagged from the lack of oxygen in her system, she gasped for air. Once she was back at a normal breathing level, Maria took note of how fast her heart had been beating. She could feel it in her ears. She thought that maybe she was scared, but that wasn't it. She wasn't really scared, or at least she didn't think so.

What the hell is wrong with me? Maria thought to herself. She lifted up her left hand in front of her face. That was the one Randy had touched. With her right hand, she delicately traced over where Randy's fingers had been just moments ago. She looked up and peered down the hallway, almost expecting Randy to be coming back towards her.

Instead, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped at the touch. She turned around, only to come face to face with Randy once more.

"How did you--" She was going to ask how Randy got behind her so quickly, but he cut her off.

Randy pulled her by her waist with his left arm towards her. He tucked his right hand at the point where her neck met her head. "I almost forgot something," he said. Randy bent down lower, and Maria instinctively stood up on her tiptoes, although she already added about three inches to her height due to her heels. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. It went on for about a minute. Maria was the first to break away, realizing what was going on.

"Randy, what...why?" Maria stuttered. She was confused beyond belief.

Once again, Randy didn't answer her. He gave her the same confused look as he did before. Blinking seemed to be his nervous habit. Instead of answering her, he winked and walked off.

"You know you can't just run around kissing random girls!" Maria called after him, getting heated. She stomped her foot on the ground, and the heel broke.

"What if it wasn't random?" he called back, turning around for his reply. He shrugged, turned back around, and continued on his way down the hallway. Maria groaned and bent down to take off her heels. She picked up the broken spike to see if she could glue them back together in the locker room.

While bent down, Maria felt another unnaturally soft hand touch her back. She tossed her hands up in the air, nearly knocking out whoever it was behind her with the heels. "Randy, you really--"

"Whoa, settle down, girl," Candice laughed. "Was Randy bothering you?"

"Oh, no. Did I say Randy? I meant to say candy," Maria quickly lied. She didn't want anyone to know about what had just happened. She was rather embarrassed about it.

"Oh, I suppose that makes sense since it's me," Candice giggled. "Is that my new nickname?"

"I thought it already was…"

Candice looked at Maria inquisitively. "Maria, you look flustered. Did something happen to you just now?"

Maria touched her hand to her cheek. She could feel the heat radiating from them. She knew that her face was bright red. "Um, no, Candice. Why would you think that?"

"Maria, you're my best friend. I know when something is wrong." Candice put her arm around Maria and they headed down the hallway to the locker room.

Candice left for her match against Beth Phoenix. Maria decided to take a little walk around the arena to let off some steam. All she could think about was how Randy kissed her. I do NOT like him, Maria thought. Just because he randomly kissed me out of nowhere doesn't mean that I like him…Oh, fuck, I do like him…

When she got back to the locker room, Candice had returned. She was smiling a lot, as if something really fantastic had just happened. "What are you so happy about?" Maria asked.

Candice grinned, showing off her perfect teeth. "Randy just asked me out."

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