A/N: No, I'm not running out of ideas. Never said that I have. I just don't like the story that much anymore and I just have other stuff to worry about at the moment. The flashback chunk is in italics.

When Maria returned to her hotel room late that night, she was greeted with the angry form of Candice Michelle sprawled across her bed. "Maria, I cannot believe you," she whispered into the darkness of the room.

Maria slowly closed the door behind her. "What are you talking about?" In truth, Maria really didn't know why Candice would be upset with her. Unless…

Unless Mickie told Candice that she liked Randy.

Shit. "Candice, what exactly did Mickie tell you?"

"She told me that you're dating John," Candice revealed, sitting up on the bed.

"Is that a bad thing?" Maria wondered out loud, keeping in the sigh of relief that was hiding inside of her, knowing that Candice had no idea about the whole Randy scenario.

"YES!" Candice yelled, storming up off of the bed and turning the lights on.

"How is that bad?"

"Um…because you didn't tell me! I can't believe that I had to hear it from Mickie! You're my best friend, Maria," Candice said with a hurt expression on her face.

Quick to come up with an explanation to somehow turn this all on Candice, Maria said, "But you ran off with Randy. It happened after you left. Besides, you were the one who said that you wouldn't even be here tonight."

"You should have called me the instant it happened, Maria!" Candice whined. "We're best friends! I told you when Randy asked me out."

And I still can't believe that they make me play the dumb one on television. "It was late. I wanted to get back here."

"Maria, that was six hours ago! It's damn near two in the morning right now! Where on earth were you?"

Earlier that night

"I tooooollllllld you," Mickie kept chanting in a singsong voice. Suddenly, she stopped. "Wait."


"What about Randy?"

"What about him? He has Candice."

"Maria, you can't do this to John! You're using him."

"Mickie, you cannot tell Candice about this."

"I won't, but John…"

"That's exactly it! John is in on the whole thing. Really, I promise you. Look, if you talk to Candice before I do, go ahead and tell her that I'm with John. I don't care. It's one less thing that I have to do. But please, Mickie, do not under any circumstance tell Candice about this."

Mickie sighed. "I won't."

Twenty minutes later

John and Maria were driving around, talking about their little predicament. Or rather, Maria's predicament in which John was just an innocent bystander who had been dragged like a swimmer caught in a riptide.

"You know, Randy is my best friend."

"You know, Candice is my best friend. I'm not an idiot, Cena."

"I know, but bros before hoes."

"And chicks before dicks. Yet, here we are."

"You've weaved quite a tangled web here, Miss Muffet."

"Well, let's just hope that we don't get caught in it like little flies."

"You know that things like this always blow up in people's faces."

"I know. Isn't that…Randy's car?"

"Yeah, it is. That's strange. He left with Candice, right?"

"Yeah. The sad thing is, this is totally her scene."

They had spotted Randy's car parked in front of a local strip club. "John?"


"Let's go."

"You want to spy?"

"Let's not call it spying. Let's call it…investigating. If Randy wants to play this little game with me, then I'll play my own."

"I think I'm going to enjoy the more devious side of you, Maria," John grinned, pulling into the parking lot of the strip club.

While John was in awe of the place, Maria was shooting daggers at Candice. Maria had skillfully picked an open table in a dark corner, close enough to spy but far enough away where Randy and Candice wouldn't notice. Her eyes rarely left the couple. Actually, Candice seemed to enjoy the place more than Randy was. He looked bored and kept checking his watch every couple of minutes. After a couple of hours, Randy and Candice left. Maria waited half an hour before calling John over to leave so that Candice would be back at the hotel before she was.

Maria shrugged and walked over to her bed, tossing her Prada wristlet on the red covers. "Out with John.