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Chapter 14- Lost

"I don't see why it has to be him, Daddy." Charlotte surveyed her father as they eat lunch at Sushi Yasuda, Charlotte's favourite sushi restaurant, even thought she wasn't actually able to eat anything.

"It'll hit him the hardest, that's why." Michael chewed some of his sushi and held one out to his daughter on the end of his chopsticks.

She blanched, "Daddy, raw fish?"

"Oh, right." Michael smiled and popped it in his mouth, "Like I was saying, Aoife, he has to go."

Charlotte pouted, "Fine, but I want nothing to do with the actual killing."

"And why is that?"

"Because he's Jeff's brother, Daddy." Charlotte stared at her father as he simply nodded and chewed some more of his sushi.

One day she'd figure out just what the hell he was trying to do.

Eadoin strolled around the grounds of her sisters mansion, the sunlight hitting her face as she tilted her head back to the sky.

"I can see why they all fall for you."

Eadoin snapped her head around to see Shannon standing in the garden, mixing something into the compost that was going to get flowers planted into it.

"Oh, it's you. What're you doing?"

Shannon smiled, "New fertiliser. Charlotte said it was Scottish or something."

"Oh." Eadoin wrinkled her nose, "It smells disgusting."

"Yeah. It's not manure or anything, Charlotte said it was fresh produce that she received from the owner of a restaurant just west of here."

"That could be why I saw her meeting at that place with all her friends, but she disappeared into the back before eating."

"Maybe." Shannon shrugged, "I wasn't lying you know."

Eadoin smiled at him, "I know. I'm the one all the guys fall for, Charlotte gets jealous of me."

"Shame I don't want you."

"What?" Eadoin hissed, "Everybody wants me."

"Not me. Guess I don't like redheads."

"I'm a brunette!" Eadoin screeched, getting in Shannon's face, "You better watch your-"

Shannon grabbed her by her waist and kissed her roughly, her lips relaxing against his as she stopped fighting him.

They broke apart, Eadoin with a smile on her face and Shannon with a smirk on his. She looked at him, the sun catching his toned body.

She slid down his body, her knees now resting on the grass and her head at the waistband of his jeans. Slowly she undid the top button and unzipped the zipper, pulling the Levi's down to Shannon's knees as he looked at her, a mix of amusement and pleasure on his face.

His mind wandered as Eadoin fellated him, to Charlotte, wishing it was her who was in Eadoin's place. The rumours he'd heard about Eadoin were true, she had one of the best head games in New York, proved by the fact that she'd only been doing it for five minutes when he felt himself near his end. Eadoin noticed this and sped up her motions, flicking her tongue over where she got the most reaction vocally. He soon came into her mouth, leaning his head back with a groan as she swallowed.

Smiling, she leant back onto her heels and wiped her mouth, "I guess you did want me after all."

Shannon zipped up his jeans, "Nah, I just wanted to see if you were as easy as they said you were."

"Jeff, I've told you, I'm fine to fly." Charlotte grasped Jeff's hand as the pilot of their private plane informed them that they would take off in five minutes.

"You give birth to our child in two months, Charlotte!" Jeff shook his head, "I told you that you didn't have to come and meet Matt."

"I want to, he's my future brother in law, baby. He has to meet me before I have Blake anyway."

"We're settled on Blake then?" Jeff smiled, "Blake Adam Hardy. Sounds good."

Charlotte smiled and remained quiet. His name would be Blake Adam Matthew Rowlands-Hardy, his extra middle name after Jeff's soon-to-be-dead brother.

"It's very nice to finally meet you!" Charlotte held out her hand upon arrival at Matt's mansion. She was impressed- after all, when she was 16, she lived in a house not so different from this one with two of her friends, "I love the location."

"Hardy land." Matt smiled, hugging Charlotte instead of shaking her hand, "I can't believe Jeff moved to New York...he had everything here."

Charlotte rolled her eyes behind his back but said nothing on his last comment, "How much is Hardy land worth?"

"It's priceless." Matt grinned, handing Jeff a beer, "Dad! Jeff's home!"

Charlotte shot a glance at Jeff, who looked just as surprised as her, "Your father is here?"

"In the flesh!" Jeff's father rounded the corner and strolled into the kitchen, "My, aren't you a pretty lady?"

Charlotte smiled, "Thank you. If Jeff had told me I'd be meeting you I would've made more of an effort!"

Wearing a one off Marc Jacobs maternity shift dress that he'd made especially for her, Chanel sunglasses and her Harry Winston pear shaped diamond drop necklace and matching earrings, the two elder Hardy's wondered just what 'more of an effort' meant.

She was an ethereal beauty, desirable, rich and powerful, every man's dream.

To them, she was an alien.


"Jeff, pass me my jeans and a gypsy style shirt." Charlotte placed her diamonds safely back in their boxes, their positions being filled by simple platinum studs and a thin chain with a platinum 'C' hanging from it. Her hair was held back off her face by a brown scarf, the rest of it loose and cascading down her shoulders and stopping half way down her back.

Jeff handed her the clothes with a smile, "You're going country?"

"Ha ha. Not that shirt, the orange one next to it."

"You look really pregnant today."

Charlotte laughed, "Thank you. Pregnant on my birthday, jeez!"

Jeff's face drained of colour, "Birthday?"

"Yes, on the 19th. What've you got me?" Charlotte pulled on her jeans and then her shirt. She carried the baby weight more on her back, as traditional baby boy bumps went. When her friend had been pregnant with a baby girl, she had carried it all on the front, with the bump starting underneath her breasts and finishing just below her navel.

"Umm, I'm not telling you!" Jeff joked, thanking God that he still had time to get her present. Harry Winston was always a safe bet.

"I hope you haven't gotten me any new diamonds, I have enough." Charlotte looked at him as she smoothed her shirt over her protruding stomach.

"Actually, I haven't."

"Are you coming yet?" Matt shouted up the stairs and Charlotte turned to Jeff, laughing;

"That's what she said."

Jeff laughed as she floated out of their room, happy that the woman he fell in love with was finally coming back.

As they walked over Hardy land, Charlotte once again looked at Matt, "How much did you say this is worth?"

"It's priceless" Matt replied, turning to face her with a smile.

"Everything has a price." Charlotte said, re-tying the scarf to hold back her hair.

"And this land's price is priceless." Jeff's father smiled at her, "Maybe in your world everything and everybody has a price, but not down here. Life is different, you do what you can do to get along and make the most of it, try to have fun if you can do. There's no rat race, no push and pull down here, no corruption like you were undoubtedly raised around. Around here, we're very grounded and down to earth, we take nothing for granted because you never know when it's all going to end."

Charlotte simply smiled at him as a firefly landed on her shoulder. Gently she cupped it between her hands and then clapped them together, "Yes," she smiled, "You never know when it's going to end."

Michael leant back into his chair and leafed through the papers on his desk. Charlotte's mother had recently applied for a name change, to add her new husband's last name onto hers. He knew that she'd had another daughter when she was in her early twenties, who by now would be a little younger than Charlotte.

Charlotte's mother had been the Don's daughter, the apple of his eye, the ultimate way in. He'd killed her family, of course, he did what he had to do.

They were set to become the power couple of the mafia- instead, they caused such a war, that it would take Charlotte and Randall to top it.

Charlotte rested her back on the tree trunk as she sat on the floor. She hated getting dirty, but if that's what it took to win over the Hardy's, she was prepared to do it.

"How old are you honey?" Gil looked at Charlotte as she shredded a piece of grass.

"25 on the 24th of May." Charlotte smiled and raised her eyebrows at Jeff, "I can't believe you forgot my birthday."

"Today's the 16th!" Matt pointed out, throwing grass at his future sister in law. He figured that she liked him by the way she talked to him and smiled. He was wrong; she already despised him and wondered how the hell he'd come from the same family as Jeff.

"I told him it was the 19th before because I thought he'd forgotten my birthday. I was right." She laughed, tossing back her mane of hair as her cell phone rang.

Jeff squinted at his soon to be wife, the tree she was sat under had the sun directly behind it and it hurt to look at her, "How do you get service out here?"

His question went unanswered as she heaved herself up off the ground and began to wander back in the direction of Matt's house, talking in a hushed tone as she went.


Shannon hung up the phone and relaxed back into his hot tub. It had been a long time since he'd been home to North Carolina. Ironically he'd grown up in Charlotte, and had heard of the Hardy brothers long before he'd seen them. As he checked the time, he smiled to himself.

He'd heard of them, seen them, idolised them even. Now, he was going to kill one of them.

Behind the wheel of Jeff's Corvette, Charlotte felt at home, safe even, probably because the car smelt like Jeff, it felt like Jeff and had everything to do with Jeff in it before he met her. That drove her wild, to know what he was like before her. She wanted to know everything, to fully understand him, to be his.

Of course, she didn't usually use his car to drive to Shannon's house and discuss murdering his brother, but according to her father, these things had to be done.

Sighing, she pulled out of the driveway and flipped the sun visor down. As she looked in the mirror, she wasn't sure who the hell was even looking back at her any more.