The witch embraced the blonde in a way that only she could make the blonde feel so complete. Both closed their eyes and appreciated the moment, both playing with the other's hair with their fingers.


''Yes?'' The silence that followed caused Glinda to open her eyes and look up at her friend. What she saw was sadness reflecting back in her brown eyes and it broke her heart.

''Elphie?'' She stared back silently and fought back her tears, as the sound of guards nearby alarmed them.

''Be braveā€¦ for me.'' Elphaba tucked a loose strand of Glinda's hair behind her ear. ''Elphie what's going to happen?''

''I don't know.'' She lowered her hand and felt the blonde reach for them both.

''Let me stay with you.''

''No you mustn't.''

''Elphie it's going to be ok what ever happens we can be together.'' Elphaba smiled at Glinda's positive view on life but immediately shook her head.

''That's impossible.'' The sound was growing closer and closer by the second and as they reached the doors they pounded against it with their weapons, causing Glinda to jump. Elphaba held her briefly and kissed her forehead. Glinda lingered her embrace. ''Go.'' Glinda frowned.

''What? Elphie I'm not leaving you.''

''Glinda go its too dangerous if they find you-''

''I don't care I can't leave you in the hands of those guards if they don't hurt you The Wizard will.'' Elphaba pulled away and headed for her broom.

''Glinda for goodness sake go, this is never going to end, this is how my life is always going to be and even you can't stop that.'' Glinda reached for her hand and spun her back round.

''Why do you always have to be the strong one, let someone help you for once.'' Elphaba shook her off and practically pushed her against the wall.

''Stay here if you won't go then.''

''Elphie.'' Glinda felt the tears fill her eyes as she knew what the consequences would be. Elphaba stroked her cheek and slowly leant in and captured Glinda's lips with her own. Glinda's eyelids fluttered shut as she kissed her back.

''Use the Grimmerie.'' Elphaba whispered in her ear and when Glinda finally opened her eyes she had walked away and was ready for what was going to happen. Glinda sank to the floor as she saw from the furthest side of the room Elphaba's bravery at show and the determination to do her best. But her best wasn't good enough she shrieked at the last moment of pain and slowly sank to the floor just like Glinda. Glinda stared back in horror and felt tears escape her eyes at last. And then silence, a deafening silence that filled the room, she had just witnessed the death of her beloved Elphaba.