At long long last after triumphs and fails I have finally finished my epic challenge that was my first ever fanfiction. It's been tough I must admit and I never thought I'd actually get it finished, but I've learnt alot from the process and learnt to not bite off more than I can chew. I however hope you have enjoyed it, it's not perfect I know that but after a couple of years ha I still do believe Elphaba and Glinda are a beautiful pairing and I wanted to give them this story. With that I hope you enjoy the read.

Despite the initial protests and ripples of riots that erupted throughout regions of Oz, the amount of same sex marriages that were carried out in the first week alone of it being legalised was great. Yes there were some ugly moments, as to be expected. For this was something people didn't openly speak of, didn't make the request for legalised marriage because the deemed it to be impossible. But then came along Glinda the Good, a leader that brought grace and comfort to her people, once and for all. She had her way at pleasing a crowd and whatever she approved of people would accept. That had always been the case since she was a little girl, she would charm her way to get what she wanted by simply shining those bright blue eyes to her popsicle. It made her popular at school, all the way through to Shiz University. It sure worked on Elphaba. She had been accepted for who she was; God knows the people of Oz had even warmed up to Elphaba because of her. Elphaba would never please a crowd like Glinda, she didn't have her charisma or charm, but Glinda approved of her, therefore the people had begun to. Through the grapevine, selected groups of people rejoiced under their power. That finally they felt they had a voice, they felt that they had an Oz they could believe in and fit into. With this knowledge, they were both content that they had made a difference to at least one person.

Now that they were newly weds, they looked at each other with a new admiration. It felt right. They were together. Married at last. Both were content with their lives. Calling the other wife warmed their hearts in ways they would usually roll their eyes at. Well in Elphaba's case anyway. Grasping her hand, Elphaba guided her to the newly decorated nursery and basked in adoration at Glinda's eyes widening.

"You like it?"

"I love it. Oh it's perfect isn't it?" She grasped hold of her wrist and squeezed excitedly. Elphaba watched as Glinda went about the room marvelling in all the little details. She was talking aloud of all the different belongings the baby had and how she couldn't wait to see her with them. Leaning against the door frame, Elphaba was just happy to watch in silence. Smirking to herself she couldn't help but see a young Miss Galinda Upland before her. Like this was her first day at Shiz all over again and how excited she was then too. She talked at a rapid pace back then too a trait she doubted would ever falter when excited. Sometimes she wished she could just relive moments over and over again. How different they were back then, they had grown because of each other and Elphaba had to remind herself that this woman before her hadn't just given her happiness but she had given her her confidence also.

Her rambling at long last had come to an abrupt end as she spun around clutching a knitted rose pink blanket to her chest. She paused when she saw the daydreamed expression on her wife's face.

"You did all this by yourself?"

"I'd love to say yes but I got a few cuts and bruises attempting just that. I got some assistance. Lerot was a great help." She said holding up a sheepish cut finger.

"Well you did good." She smiled, wrapping her arms around her neck. Elphaba kissed the tip of her nose.

"Anything for my sweet." She smiled back and Glinda went on tiptoes to kiss her.

Glinda yawned curled up on the sofa, Elphaba reading a book. Her head rested on her lap, she was ready to turn I for the night but the idea of moving right now was too strenuous.

"I think I'm going to fall asleep right here." Glinda declared sleepily.

"You can if you want." Elphaba rubbed her free hand up and down her back to soothe her.

"I don't mind turning in for the night too if that's what you want." The response that came was an inaudible murmur. Snapping the book shut Elphaba whispered to the petite blonde.

"You're not going to move either way are you?" Another inaudible murmur.

"Would you like me to take you to bed Your Highness?" With a smirk this time she murmured again. Then with a swift scoop in the air, Elphaba got hold of her in her arms and earned a squeal from the blonde.

"Elphieee." She whined.

"Like you weren't hoping I was going to do just this." She said carrying her bridal style to their bedroom just down the corridor.

"You know me too well." She fluttered her eyes shut half asleep.

When they were at last in their bedroom Elphaba readied her night clothes for her and Glinda just finished combing her hair thanked her. Changing into them all too quickly, eager to sleep, she climbed under the bed covers.

"I'm exhausted today."

"You can tell." She laughed as Glinda's head hit the pillow, her eyes snapping shut right away. Elphaba turned off the lamp and climbed in after her.

"Sleep well." Elphaba kissed her forehead and Glinda with her final bit of energy for the day crept near her and rested her head in the crook of her neck, her favourite place to be.

Elphaba awoke the next morning unusually early and her first response was there was something wrong. Feeling herself being shaken awake, she snapped her eyes open to see an alarmed looking blonde standing over her.

"It's time." Was all she said.

"What time?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

"Time time." She replied a little too urgently. Elphaba sat upright in the bed and stared at her wide eyed, finally understanding what she was implying.

"The baby?" Glinda nodded worry etched on her face. Dashing out of bed, Elphaba ran her hand through her hair and took hold of the blonde.

"Ok sit." Glinda did as she was told as Elphaba clumsily danced around the room.

"Maybe we should alert the guards they can get a carriage." Glinda helped out.

"The guards of course. Guards!" Elphaba hadn't even changed and she was out the door trying to get somebody's attention. Glinda shook her head at her urgency and if she wasn't in discomfort she would have laughed at the sight.

"Yes you. Call a carriage Glinda's in labour." She pointed at a bulky looking guard. He nodded but stayed still.

"Move!" She yelled and he jumped on the spot before alerting the rest of the guards. With all the commotion Mary raced up the stairs, holding onto the bottom of her dress in the process.

"It's happening now?" She questioned, as frantic as Elphaba. Elphaba nodded wildly.

"Then change woman." Mary snapped her hands together.

"You can't go out like that. Quickly now." Mary and Elphaba raced back to the bedroom where Glinda was bending over the chest of drawers looking for garments to change into.

"No no no no." The both chorused together like a flock of hens. Setting her back down on the edge of the bed, they helped Glinda change into some clothes quickly. Mary noticed that Elphaba however was still in her pyjama's and cried in panic.

"For the love of Ozma change would you or you'll be getting in the carriage behind her." Elphaba frowned at the demand of the older woman and threw on any old thing.

"How often are the contractions dear?" Mary asked calmly. Finally pulling herself together now that Glinda needed her.

"About every ten minutes." Glinda breathed.

"Ok then dear well you know what to do, remember what we said, in through the nose nice big breath and let it out slowly if the pain worsens." The blonde nodded back doing these very steps as Elphaba at long last was dressed and ready at her side. Just at that there was a knock at the door as the Guards were ready to take over.

"Ready dear?" Mary asked and Elphaba on cue readied her arms for her to take. They made their way slowly to the door. Once there, the Guards assisted her and with their strong arms had guided Glinda to the carriage waiting for her outside.

"We need a bag of all her stuff." Elphaba panicked.

"The guards will take care of it, now get in there. I'll take the next one." Mary patted her behind to hurry her into the carriage and Elphaba sat opposite Glinda for the journey. Squeezing onto her hand for support there was not a lot she could do but be there for her as she prepared to deliver their baby.

"It hurts."

"I know my sweet, but I'm here. I would take away the pain and do it for you if I could."

The blonde threw her head back against the pillow and breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth nice and deeply. Elphaba rubbed her back and made sure she was nice and cool by putting ice chips against her head, cheeks and the back of her neck when she requested it. She felt so helpless, Glinda was struggling with the pain and all she could do was reassure her as best as she could. She wished she could do more. She had such respect for how she was dealing with it, despite how uncomfortable she was, she was handling it very well. She loved her that little bit more in this moment, if her love could get any stronger.

As the midwives busied around the room, they inspected her once again and with the clap of their hands and for one of them paws announced it was time for Glinda to push.

"I need you to give us a nice big push for us." She readied herself at the bottom of the bed. With a load groan to accompany it the blonde gave a big push as requested and the midwife encouraged her onwards.

"Good. Very good. That was a nice long one, take a breath and do it again for me." Glinda squeezed hard onto Elphaba's hand.

"That's my girl." Elphaba whispered into her ear. She flung her head back exhausted already. Her body was so tired and the pain was worse than she imagined. Tears threatened to fall, but she had more pressing matters to see to.

"And push."

"I can't do anymore." She breathed heavily. Shaking her head she couldn't see how she possibly could.

"Course you can, this baby of yours wants to get out it wants to meet you now a couple more times."

"Hear that, a few more times and our beautiful baby girl is going to be with us. You're doing so well Glin." Hoisting herself up a bit more, determination on her face Glinda breathed in a deep breath and gave a big push. The midwife rejoiced readying her hands to cup the baby.

"One more and we're there." Glinda cried out in pain but relive etched on her face when she heard the sound of a newborn baby girl fill the room. She dropped her head back onto the pillow and regained her breath as best as she could.

"I did it?" She questioned.

"Yes you did baby. You did so well. I'm so proud of you." Elphaba brushed her hair back from her sweaty forehead and beamed down at her. The midwife glanced up at Elphaba and asked if she wanted to cut the umbilical cord. It wasn't until she was handed over the scissors and went to the bottom of the bed to cut did she see her daughter for the very first time. She blinked at the sight in awe and wonder.

"The cord Ma'm." Elphaba shook out of it and cut. Then the midwives went about cleaning the baby off Elphaba all the while staring in disbelief. Noticing the expression on her face Glinda darted her head up in worry.

"What's wrong? Is the baby ok?" She asked urgently.

"She's beautiful." Elphaba slowly turned to her and reached out for her hand and held it tightly. Words could not express what she was feeling now and she wanted Glinda to see for herself. A single tear rolled down her cheek as the midwife came over with a pink bundle in her arms, she handed her over to Glinda first. She propped herself up on the bed and gazed down at a beautiful healthy little green skinned baby girl in her arms. Just like her momma. Glinda Upland gasped in admiration. Their little girl was perfect and she was there's. Elphaba kissed the crown of the blonde's head as the blonde laughed happily letting tears run down her cheeks.

"Hello beautiful girl. We're your mommies." She laughed at the sight of her green skinned baby staring up at them scrunching her little face this way and that before finally resting her eyes upon the two people that were going to love and care for her above anybody else.