Life of a 13 year old

By babylolly1995

"Where is my schoolbag?" screamed Lilly from the landing.

"It's by the stairs where you left it last night." shouted her mum.

Lilly was in a frantic state as she was rushing around the house getting ready for the first day of year 9. But this year was going to be different from any other, this year she was going to be popular. She could feel the excitement rushing through her veins. She was ready… well almost! She had even made a checklist of how to look:

Hair – straightened, not a frizzy hair in sight

Jewellery – necklace one if any, watch on left hand, bracelets if any on other.

Clothes – anything that's in fashion!

Make up – foundation in blemished areas only, light eye makeup

Lilly was ready. Suddenly the doorbell rang its usual ding dong sound. She ran to get it. It was Jason and Addy, her two best friends. They looked at her as though she were a space alien,

"What?" she asked them

"What happened to you then?" replied Addy

"Nothing lets go" she said a little embarrassed. Then clambered onto the bus along with many other year 9s mostly smoking or snogging anything they could.

"Ewwww!" said Lilly as she climbed on. The journey to school was a bumpy one. Jason and Addy stared at her the whole time. Once they got off the bus they went to the café for some breakfast. Lilly took a deep breath. This was where her unpopular reign began. Seven years ago Lilly had bought a huge raspberry smoothie when suddenly she slipped on the floor causing the smoothie to fly up in the air and falling onto Melissa Taint's body. She was never forgiven and Melissa made sure that the rest of Lilly's school days would be unbearable. But that was to stop because this year she was going to be popular. And nothing was going to stop her!