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Part Two

"You're my… fairy godmother?" Sabinrella asked incredulously.

"I am," The woman, Karen, nodded. Sabinrella let his guard down a bit, once he was certain she meant no harm.

"…Uh, what?"

Karen jumped off the stovetop. She explained, "Tonight, I'm here to make your fantasies turn to reality. Whatever your dreams are, Sabinrella, I'll make it come true."

"I, uh…" Sabinrella paused. "I don't know what my dreams are."

"Yes, you do," his fairy godmother replied, finally lowering her staff. She looked into Sabinrella's wide eyes, and stated, "You want to attend the ball your stepbrothers went to."

"How did you-" Sabinrella started, but stopped himself. She did say she was a fairy godmother. "Yeah, I really want to go there."

"You will."

"But I have to clean the kitchen, and dust the ornaments and do some other things that I can't remember!" Sabinrella said dejectedly. He looked around at the mess his stepbrothers had left. With a disappointed sigh, he muttered, "I can't go."

"Well, nothing's stopping you tonight," she said, snapping her fingers with a smile.

"Huh?" Sabinrella blinked. However, as he looked around the house, he let out an astonished gasp. It was now squeaky clean! There was no food leftovers or clutters in sight, which was almost never the case, living with his stepbrothers. "Oh my goodness! How did you do that? That was amazing!"

"Fairy godmother, remember?" Karen smirked. "Now, what else do you need for the ball?"

"Oh! Um…" Sabinrella pondered the things he would need. "I suppose that I should have something nice to wear."

His fairy godmother seemed to think for a while, before waving her gold staff.

Out of thin air, an outfit appeared, laid out on top of the dining table. Sabinrella was amazed yet again, and went to examine it. The outfit was remarkable; it had gold seams decorating the sleek white fabric of his shirt, and it was nothing like Sabinrella had ever seen before.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a box had suddenly appeared by the table.

"What's this?" He inquired, studying the medium-sized box and shaking it.

"Just open it and see," Karen answered.

"Oh, my!" Sabinrella exclaimed after opening the box. It was a pair of glass slippers (that are not feminine. At all.) "You just blow me away with each passing second."

"Yeah, I am wonderful like that," she said dryly. "Now, don't get too excited just yet. You can enjoy yourself all you want at the ball, but you must stop and leave before the clock strikes midnight."

Sabinrella nodded, but did not question why. He was used to following rules, after all. However, he could not help feeling giddy at the thought of going to the castle and not having to be bossed around by his stepbrothers, even for just one night.

"Now," Karen continued. "…Let's get you to the ball."


"Kurt, I'm not interested in any of these people!" Prince Alex groaned at the man who was sipping his drink. "And what the hell is that idiot doing here?"

Kurt looked up. The other man was referring to the prince of the neighboring kingdom, the prince known as Prince Johnny. He and Prince Alex were close friends when they were little, but a small fight about their toys caused the two to loathe each other, even to this day. Nobody knew whose fault it was that caused the fight to start.

"I'm deeply sorry, your Highness, but we have invited everybody in our kingdom, and some from others, too," the Duke distractedly said. He was watching a local resident, who was dressed in a very colorful suit, shoving multiple types of food into his mouth, all at one time. "Everybody is here your Highness."

Prince Alex kept silent, surveying the people dancing. He was well aware of the fact that almost every single woman in the ballroom was watching his every move.

"Well, this blows…" the man muttered. "I don't see why I should-"

The prince's complaint stopped silent, as a blonde man walked by the table they were sitting at. He looked to be about the same age as the prince, but he could not be sure. What he was sure of was that he was breathtaking. Prince Alex was never one to stare, but he could not help himself. He wanted that man.

"God, he's still at it! What an ass!" Duke Angle exclaimed angrily, glaring at the same man still slowly eradicating all the food on the serving table.

"Yeah," Prince Alex said dreamily, not taking his eyes off the blonde stranger that was walking away. "What an ass, indeed."


"I shall go now," Prince Alex stood up.

Duke Angle was confused. "Where are you going? I thought…"


As soon as he walked inside the ballroom, Sabinrella spotted his stepfather Jay stuffing his face at a table. He decided to go the other direction. He didn't want to be recognized, even though the fact that he was cleaned up was enough to fool everybody.

Before he could even count his steps, a hand had clasped his shoulder gently. As he turned his head, he found himself face to face with the prince of the kingdom. He smiled nervously.

"Can I help you?" He slowly offered.

Prince Alex was silent. He had an expression of determination on his face. "Ah, I can't help but notice-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a voice from behind him said, "Hey there, Alex!"

Prince Alex groaned. He knew that cocky voice all too well. It was Prince Johnny. He was grinning as he walked closer.

"Hello there, tall, dark, and obnoxious," Prince Alex said. "How will you ruin my life today?"

"Oh no, I'm not here for you! I was simply wondering," Prince Johnny looked at Sabinrella, and took his hand in his own. "How was heaven when you left it?"

Prince Alex watched in horror as his biggest nemesis took the young man's hand and kissed his knuckles.

"My name is Johnny," he continued. "I'm a thief and I am here to steal your heart."

Sabinrella felt his face heat up, and Prince Johnny flashed him a charming smile.

"Oh, hell no. Back off, Devine," Prince Alex growled, prying Prince Johnny's hand from Sabinrella's and shoving the prince far, far away from this story. He said to Sabinrella, "A stunning man like you does not deserve to endure the horror that is that man."

"What do you…" Sabinrella started, but was interrupted.

"Enough talk!" Prince Alex shushed. "Now… we dance."


"What the hell is my son doing?" King Nash XVII asked, taking a seat next to his advisor.

"I think he's dancing, your Majesty," Duke Angle answered, watching the prince.

"Well, who is that boy with him?"

"I don't…"

"You don't know?" King Nash XVII exclaimed. "Didn't I tell you to aid my son in his choice?"

"Yes, you did, your Majesty," the Duke nodded. "But you can't possibly expect me to stand by and watch your son intrusively while he dances with his partner."

"Yes, of course I expect you to do that! Now go!"


"You have got the most amazing eyes I have ever seen," Prince Alex breathed, gazing intently into Sabinrella's blue eyes as they danced. His arms were wrapped tightly around the other man's waist.

Sabinrella felt his heart skip a beat. Judging by the heat in his face, he was certain that he was blushing madly. Nevertheless, the prince didn't seem to mind as he leaned closer, meeting his lips in a sweet kiss, prompting him to close his eyes and enjoy the feeling.

As they pulled away, Prince Alex smiled and pressed their bodies closer together, not caring of the horrified stares he was getting from his admirers.

"You know, for the first time in my life, I think I am finally, truly happy."

At the mention of time, Sabinrella looked at the clock and gasped in surprise. It was almost midnight! He quickly pulled away from their embrace.

"I'm sorry, I have to go!" He exclaimed.

"What? No! Why? Where?" Prince Alex whispered, his eyes wide.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you that."

"No! You must stay, I insist!"

Sabinrella considered staying, but decided against it. If the prince knew who he really was, the humiliation would be unbearable. He was a mere local, and the other man was the prince, for God's sake. They did not belong together.

"I'm sorry!" Sabinrella cried out, shaking his head. "But I don't fit in here."

"What do you mean?" Prince Alex was adamant. "Will I see you again?"

Sabinrella did not answer the questions; he simply turned away and started running.

"Wait, fine sir! I must know your name!" Prince Alex shouted after him. He quickly made his way out, but the stranger was nowhere to be found.

All that was left of him was his glass slipper.

Prince Alex cradled the slipper in his hands, wistfully gazing at it. He heard footsteps behind him, and he knew it was the Duke.

"Do you know what that sound is, Kurt?" Prince Alex muttered.

Duke Angle blinked. It was perfectly silent, but he asked anyway, "What?"

"It was the sound of my heart falling," he stated, standing up with the slipper in his hand. "Falling for the man who wore this slipper."


"Oh, thank God!" Sabinrella said to himself as he noticed Karen waiting at his house. His fancy clothes had faded into his usual attire while he was on his way home.

"Where were you? And please tell me nobody saw your clothes morphing!" Karen screeched. "Because if anybody did, I will chop off your-"

"Nobody saw it, don't worry! Although I think I dropped my slipper, but it's no big deal," Sabinrella interrupted, slightly out of breath.


The next day, Sabinrella was woken up at 6 AM by the voices of screaming girls outside his house. He went out to investigate, and was met with many agitated faces. He stood and listened.

"I can't believe the prince fell for a man!"

"Yeah, and he wasn't even that good-looking!"

"Why would he want to find him again, anyway?"

Sabinrella blinked. The prince wanted to find him? Was that a good thing or a bad thing? He figured it would be pretty bad if the prince knew he was simply a lowly maid for his stepbrothers.

"Um, ladies?" He gently inquired, earning their attention. "If I may ask, what are you talking about?"


"Hey, Ray! Did you hear the news?" Devon called out as soon as he entered their house.

"What? That the prince wants to marry the dude that dropped the slipper, and now he's visiting every house in the kingdom for everybody to try it on? Hell, yeah."

Ray smirked. "The prince is rich as hell, man. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


"But prince Alex, don't you remember me?" Devon insisted. "We danced for hours at the ball yesterday!"

Sabinrella, who was listening intently, felt like gagging at Devon's tone of voice. Before the prince had arrived, he heard his stepbrothers talking about all the money the prince would give them if one of them married him. It was amazing, the level of how low they would go just for cash. They had talked about Sabinrella trying the slipper on as well, just for good measurement, but they had laughed it off and told him to stay in his room while the prince was there. Nonetheless, he was amused at their futile attempts to trick the prince. It was bad enough that both of them had clown feet that were much bigger than Sabinrella's feet were, but to actually make the prince think he had danced with one of them? It was hilarious.

Prince Alex tiredly said, "No, I really don't…"

"Well, let us try on the shoe!" Ray cried.

"Slipper," Duke Angle corrected him, sighing. He handed the slipper to Ray anyway. "Here."

As expected, it did not fit at all.

Devon's turn was much worse. He sat down and nearly broke his toes trying to stuff his foot inside the slipper.

Duke Angle had trouble containing his laughter. "Is there, um, heh, anybody else in this house?"

"Well, there's Sabinrella, but he's just our slav- I mean, he didn't go to the ball!" Ray nodded quickly.

"Try it on him anyway, just to be sure," Prince Alex muttered, but he was slowly giving up hope.

Sabinrella's face paled considerably. He hoped to God that the prince would not recognize him. As he sat down on the chair, he avoided eye contact with Prince Alex.

"Okay, so here's the slipper, just try it on and…" Duke Angle started, but Prince Alex interrupted.

"No," he said, and finally caught Sabinrella's eyes. At the sight of the nervous, hesitant expression he had, the prince offered, "Let me."

He kneeled down and held Sabinrella's ankle in a gentle grasp. He slipped the glass slipper on easily, earning gasps from Devon and Ray.

"Yeah," the prince smiled happily at Sabinrella. "You fit in just fine."