AN: The title has nothing to do with the story, but my friends were thinking of forming a band and it was going to be their name, and I dunno, guess it just stuck in my head.

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Sky High Colours.

New Years Eve in Hollyoaks. Nothing special. Nothing new.

And the aching in my heart just wouldn't go away.

The aching for the man who stole my heart and took it all the way to Dublin.

God, how I missed him.

His smile.

His touch.

His laugh.

His voice.

His kiss.

Just him.

Yet here I am, in the loft with Elliot. You know, if it wasn't for the glasses and the silly hat and the fact that I couldn't get over a certain brown-eyed boy, then maybe Elliot would have been my type.

But he wasn't.

And now I've got no one but my geeky college friend to bring in the New Year with.

We're both already half way to being out of our heads.

And it's only nine.

God! How pathetic.

I can see my mum and sisters the other side of the bar, already making a show of themselves, all except Tina of course.

There she is nursing a glass of red wine and staring into nowhere.

I wonder what's bothering her this time?

And there's that stylist from Evissa.


Weird name but he's got a nice bum. Although there's just something about him. He keeps glaring at mum. Don't even think she's noticed but I have.

It's starting to creep me out.

Then there are all the usual suspects on the dance floor.

Sarah with her tongue down Rhys's throat. Looks like she got over Craig quickly enough.

And Hannah, dancing with that Danny boy, with an actual grin on her face, and I can't help but smile.

Kris and Zoe.

Kris. That guy's just got a special talent for getting under my skin.

Katy and Justin are practically glued to each other.

I haven't really talked to Katy in a while. Guess we just drifted apart.

Everyone else must have gone to The Dog, but it's still pretty busy in here.

I scan the room once more. I mean Elliot's a nice guy, but I really don't think I can start 2008 with his drunken ramblings about atoms, and all that science stuff he's into, constantly drilling into my ear.

And it's whilst I'm scanning the bar that suddenly I sober up.

Everything in my line of vision goes blurry, but the figure standing at the door.

My senses seem to heighten and even from this distance I can tell he's still wearing that aftershave that I always loved.

I can see the sparkle of his heavenly dark eyes.

And if I try hard enough, when I lick my lips subconsciously, I can almost taste him on my lips. Even after all this time.

My heart rate is climbing dangerously high, and I swear I'm almost spinning.