CSI: Club Starlight: chapter 1

A/N: Ok, so this is my first attempt at a longer story without angst. I make no promises as to how well it will go, but I really hope you like it. I know I can write short one shots with fluff, piece of cake, but for some reason, I find this hard. So, please post reviews and let me know what you think. I know I'm being a little evasive with what Greg's doing off shift, but it's a surprise for the whole team too, so you're not alone. Besides, there are a few hints mixed in if you can find them.

"What's wrong, G?" Nick asked as he pulled up to the curb.

"I'm a little nervous," Greg admitted.

"What on earth have you got to be nervous about, babe?" Nick looked past his boyfriend, through the side window and looked up at the club with a bright red sign out front that read "Club Starlight". "This is your kind of place. And hey, they got your tape and loved you! You wouldn't be here if they didn't like you well enough."

"Yeah, right. You know how many people they tell that to? You know how many people are going to be here with the same dream?"

"I know. And I also know that they don't stand a chance stacked up against your beautiful body. Hell, I don't even stand a chance against you."

Greg smiled, an almost evil smile and leaned toward Nick to give him a quick kiss. When Nick wrapped his arms around him and attempted to deepen the kiss Greg pulled away.

"Careful or you'll smudge my makeup, hun. I promise I'll make it up after shift tonight."

"Mmmm, you'd better. You're going to have a lot of making up to do when this week's out. But I figure by the end you should be able to do that. Now, get out of here so I can go home and go back to bed. I'll be back to pick you up later. You remembered everything for then?"

"Yeah, Nicky, don't worry, I got it."

Nick looked down to see Greg's hands clasped in his leather lap, trying in vain to get them to stop shaking. He reached out and put a hand on top of them squeezing them tight.

"No, Greg, don't you worry. You're gonna do fine. Just fine, I know it. I love you."

"I love you too, and thanks, for everything," Greg whispered, looking back at him with his deep soulful eyes. "If it weren't for you I wouldn't even be here right now."

"Now you know that's not true. You did this all on your own. Now, hurry up before you're late. Call me if you get done early or if you're gonna be late or something."

"I will." Greg leaned over again and gave him another quick kiss. "Love you," he said, before opening the door and hoping out of the SUV.

"Love you too," Nick said, watching Greg in his tight black leather pants, black boots, and black fishnet shirt enter the club with the small duffle bag slung over his shoulder. "How could I not?" He waited until his spiked hair disappeared into the darkness of the doorway before he pulled away from the curb and headed back home to finish the sleep he'd started that morning.

Later that night Nick was kneeling in a parking lot, his flashlight out as he looked for evidence surrounding the dead body of a woman.

"Man, what's wrong with Greg tonight? He seems off," Warrick commented as he swabbed a dark stain next to the woman's hand.

Nick looked a far distance away where Greg was searching the perimeter of the lot. His shoulders were slumped forward and he was doing a slow shuffle.

"I dunno. He's probably just tired. I think I remember he said he didn't get much sleep today when he got on shift."

"I know, this job is harsh at first. I remember my first few years there were many days I didn't get much sleep. Hell, that's still the case, who am I kidding?"

"Sorry I'm late guys."

Nick looked up to see Dave coming towards them.

"No prob, we're just finishing up with her ourselves."

"Hey, what's with him?" Dave nodded toward Greg. "He hardly noticed me when I said hi."

"He's probably just caught up in his work."

"I thought you said he was tired?"

"Eh, maybe a little of both. How should I know?"

"Here he comes."

"Hey guys. Find anything?" Greg asked, wearing a pair of jeans with sneakers and a white button down shirt loose at the collar.

"Not much. You?"

"Nothing," his voice sounded tired, and his eyes betrayed just how tired he really was.

"Alright, well, let's spiral out and see if there's anything between her and the perimeter," Nick suggested. "Dave, feel free to take her away whenever."

"Sure thing."

"Are you ever gonna tell me how things went this afternoon?" Nick asked Greg as he grabbed a mug from the counter and headed for the pot of coffee he knew Greg had brewed special.

"No. Not here anyway. Sorry."

"You mean I'm gonna have to wait until we get home? I don't know if I can wait that long."

"Can you wait a week?" Greg asked, sitting at the table with his own mug in his hands.

"A whole week? Why?"

"I'm just not sure I want to talk about it. At least night right now. I'm still processing how it went today and besides, I don't get to find out today's results until tomorrow anyway."

"G, that doesn't mean you can't talk about it."

"To me, yes, it does."

"So, Greg, how's your book coming along?" Catherine asked, when she entered the break room two seconds later.

"Oh, it's on hold for a little bit."

"Yeah, so my Mom tells me. Though she didn't say why."

"Don't worry, I'll get back to it soon enough."

Catherine headed for the coffee pots, where Nick was leaning against the counter, keeping the safe distance between himself and Greg that was required to keep up the facade that they were only friends. She reached for Greg's pot before Nick could stop her.

"Wait! You don't want that pot!" he exclaimed.

Catherine gave him an odd look.

"It's gone bad. I was just going to rebrew some more in it. Try the other one. That one's still good."

"Oh, thanks for the warning."

Catherine poured herself a cup from the other pot before she left the room.

"Thanks for saving my coffee."

"I was planning on having a second cup, I wasn't about to let that awesomeness escape."

Greg grinned for the first time that night. "Yeah, this is already my third cup since I've been sitting here. The case is driving me nuts. No evidence to look through or process makes me one hell of a bored guy, which in turn makes me one hell of a tired guy."

"Apparently so does dancing," Nick said with a wink.

"It's your turn to do the dishes, G," Nick said when they got home the next morning.

"I need sleep. I can't believe you'd deny me the one thing that will keep me together this week. You'd actually do that," Greg pouted. "And here I thought I loved you. I thought you were right for me."

"Awwww, G, come here." Nick pulled him into an embrace. "I already did the dishes. I'm just pulling your leg. Besides, I thought it was my job to keep you together this week. Whatever happened to me in this equation?"

"That is your job. Your job to make sure I get the sleep I need. Imagine this is like that National Novel Writing Month thing that my cousin's doing. You know, where you have to write a whole novel in one month, and it's everyone's duty to take care of the writer, doing the laundry, dishes, all the cleaning, and cooking, giving them foot massages..."

"You want a foot massage? Cause that doesn't fit with writing. But it does fit here...And don't worry, I got your chores covered for the week. I just hired another hot guy to take your place while you're gone."

"You did not!" Greg exclaimed, reaching out to slap Nick across the face but instead, grasped his chin when their skin came into a light contact. He kissed him, long and hard until Nick was nearly winded and gasping for breath. "You love me too much. You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't dare!"

A guilty expression came over Nick's face once he got his breath back.

"Um... I already did. He's in the bedroom now. Just waiting for me."


Greg wrenched out of his grasp and stormed off towards the bedroom they'd shared going on two years. Nick didn't move from his spot as Greg disappeared from view. He waited... and then a burst of laughter caught his ears and he grinned before jogging down the hall after his boyfriend.

Greg had his arms wrapped around a cardboard cutout of Elvis dancing in his Las Vegas getup.

"I thought... you know... that maybe you could use some inspiration... or something..." Nick, without moving much, reached for the disposable camera on the dresser and snapped a quick picture of Greg dancing with Elvis.

"You see, Elvis really is still alive," Greg said with a grin, leaving the cardboard man in favor of his own real life man. "Now, put that camera down. I know what you'd do with those pictures."

"And what would I do with them, G?" Nick asked with feigned innocence.

"You'd either post them on Photobucket, or you'd pass them around the lab. And you know they can't know about this. And then how would you explain about being in my bedroom. Huh? Or how would you explain me being in your bedroom?"

"Actually... it's Elvis's. He invited us over for dinner and thought he'd show us around the place."

"Yeah, right. I'm sure Warrick will fall for that one head over heals... but hey, I like Elvis's style..."

Greg wrapped his arms around Nick and let their lips collide in a smooth sultry kiss as his hands wandered south on Nick's body. But Nick pulled away before it got too hot and steamy.

"Greg, remember what we agreed on two nights ago?"

"Please don't bring that up now. Please?! Not now! Now is not the time..." Greg pouted with a sense of urgency to his voice.

"We agreed. And we're not going back on that agreement. You need your sleep. End of story."

"Niiiick, come on, you know you'll enjoy it, you know you can't turn me down! You never could."

"Oh, believe me, this is hard, and I'm doing my best. But we agreed. No sex for a whole week. You're already not getting the proper amount of sleep, and I don't want to make it worse. We don't need you falling asleep at work. Or at the club."

Greg whimpered as he fell forward and rested his forehead on Nick's shoulder.

"You're cruel. You're so cruel. The cruelest boyfriend I've ever had. I can't believe I ever agreed to something as stupid as that. Now I'm gonna be hard as a rock all week. How're you going to explain that when we get to work? Huh?"

"Well, since it won't be me who's hard as a rock, I won't have to explain anything," Nick smirked.

"Right. Cruel. I'm going to call my mother and complain, if you don't mind."

"Just think of Ecklie."


"Think of Ecklie doing it with some girl."

"Ewwwww! Thanks Nick, I really wanted to think of that. Now I'll never want to have sex ever again... well, at least for a week probably. Though with you around... I'd say chances are good... very good, I'll be on you again real soon, cowboy."

"Mmmm... then I'd say my job is done."


"It worked, didn't it?"

"I'm confused."

"You said you'd be hard for a whole week. And now you won't be cause you thought of Ecklie."

"Oh, I hate you. I so hate you."

"You love me. You know you do."

Greg melted, looking up at Nick with his deep chocolate pools of eyes. "Yeah, you're right. I do."

He kissed him again, long, slow, and sweet before Nick swept him off his feet and carried him over to the bed.

"Sleep, baby. It's going to take you at least an hour to get ready to go and you have to be at the club by noon. Which means you should have been in bed hours ago."

"Mmmmm, yeah... too bad we had to work."

Nick helped him undress, pulled the covers up over him, before he got ready for bed himself and climbed in behind Greg, holding him close.

"I love you," he whispered into his ear.

"...love you too..." and seconds later Greg was snoring softly in the early morning hours.