Blood Mage

Chapter Six

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At the forcefulness of the Dark Lord, Harry couldn't resist a moan. He'd been thinking of letting Tom hear him scream since their time in the bath three weeks ago. Having been missing the now-Headmaster so much that he couldn't really focus in classes unless he'd been able to see him in his dreams, Harry found that the Lord Voldemort was actually someone that kept him going through the day.

If that isn't part of love…then I don't know what it is, he had figured at the time, his remembrance of it as his leather shirt was pulled over his head causing him to smile at Tom. "I've got a surprise for you," he said breathlessly.

"Oh?" the red-eyed man asked curiously, his favorite seductive smirk taking over his features.

"Nuh uh," Harry answered, "Not until we show this room a good time." He pulled Tom back to him, passionately kissing the Dark wizard. Enticing the man's tongue into his mouth with his own, he gently sucked on the warm muscle and earned himself an arousing groan. "You're addicting," the teen admitted softly as he let any and all glamours fall away from him.

"You're gorgeous. What's the difference?" Tom retorted with a chuckle and smile that reached his blood-colored irises. Aforementioned eyes became unmovable from Harry's as the teen's glowed a fiery, Avada-lime color. Letting out a pleased sound, Tom attacked the multi-haired Blood Mage's neck, tracing kisses to his ear before lifting him to sit on the desk, reaching him easily enough to trace scars with his tongue then sucking on the ex-Gryffindor's nipples. He got quite a reaction of the teen, though he was still quiet. "I want to hear you scream for me, Harry…my Krymzyn."

"You'll have to make me," was the breathy reply as a slight whimper came from the loss of contact. He lay back on the desk and buried his hands in his hair. "Don't leave me like this, Tom…"

"I wasn't planning to," was the Dark Lord's reply as he fit perfectly between Harry's legs and lay over him, pressing their bare chests together. "I had to get those stifling robes off."

"Ah," was all Harry was able to say for a response because Tom was palming his aching cock through the leather of his trousers. "Damn, damn, damn," the teen moaned as his claws pierced the wood of the desk, which he was gripping like a man hanging onto sanity. "Tom," he whimpered, squirming slightly as the pieces of the desk crumbled in his hands and his nails pierced his skin.

"Not this time, Harry… You'll not be getting pain from me…yet…" Tom said, catching the smirk on the teen's face at the last word of his sentence. "Be patient," he added, leaning up to cover the Blood Mage's lips with his own as he slid the material clinging to the teen's hips down his legs, spelling the rest into a neat pile in a chair on the other side of the room.

Lifting himself up, Harry used his magically enhanced strength to push the Dark Lord into a chair, waving his hand to rid Tom of his last clothing. "Something to keep you…occupied," he said with a saucy grin before taking the older wizard's erection into his mouth. Flicking his tongue over the head with a slight roughness to stimulate his soon-to-be-lover, he listened to the unintelligible mumbles coming from the most powerful Dark Lord recorded in history. The fact that he could reduce the man to his carnal desires pleased Harry more than he thought he was pleasing Tom.

"Fuck… Harry… Feels so good…" the red-eyed wizard finally ground out between clenched teeth, hazily noting that the teen didn't hold his hips down. Carefully, he thrust into the warmth that was the green-eyed Slytherin's mouth. Harry relaxed his throat easily, having been waiting for when the brunette would do so. Pressing his tongue to the man's erection, licking it as he was to, Harry heard the "Gonna…come…" that Tom said around a bitten lip.

Pushing the man's hips down with his forearm, Harry wrapped his fingers around the base of the man's cock. "We can't have that," he said softly, whispering it with a tone that spoke of something Tom couldn't put a finger on in his aroused state of mind. Harry picked up a question from the furthest reaches of the man's thoughts and gave a chuckle as he answered, "I'm composed because I was the one giving the blow job."

"Krymzyn…we're defiling that desk in the next five minutes." At the grin from the sixteen-year-old, Tom groaned as he roughly kissed him, raising out of the chair to push him onto the desk. Waving his hand, the brunette felt Harry shiver lightly from the chill of the lubricating charm before he had to break the kiss to release a breathy sigh as Tom's index finger slid into him. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, just…shit that's cold…" Harry answered, leaning over to bury his face in Tom's neck as a second finger entered him. "Never been prepared before…" he whispered with a smile against the man's flesh. He bit his lip when a third joined the other two, wincing when his teeth pierced his lip. A long moan escaped him when Tom's fingers brushed against his prostate. And here I thought I didn't have one, he mused to himself, remembering all the times his uncle had his way with him. "D-do that…again… Please…" he requested softly.

"Anything for my Krymzyn," was the equally soft reply before the spot was brushed again. Another lubricating charm was cast before Tom wrapped his arms around the teen and pressed the head of his cock against the younger wizard's entrance. "…Ready?"

"Just…do it…" Harry answered through a mewl-like sound before finding himself being pulled down as Tom pushed up. The teenager trembled as the erection of the red-eyed man was pushed into him and grasped tightly onto the man's shoulders. Another moan was pulled from him when the older wizard pressed against his prostate. "Damn…" he groaned slowly.

"Are you…all right?" Tom asked in a tight voice, trying to keep from thrusting into the tight heat around his cock so as not to hurt Harry.

"Peachy," Harry sighed with a smile pressing into the man's neck. "I was wondering…when you were going to…let me have…at the least…a tiny bit of pain," he added, gasping between words. "Move…"

Tom started a slow rhythm before speeding up, hitting the teen's prostate each time. "I don't…wanna hurt…you, Harry," he gasped, biting his lip as he reached between them and gently stroked the ex-Gryffindor's cock, the other hand tracing scars with a sensual touch. Soon enough, the strokes were matching the pace and, lo and behold, Harry screamed Tom's name. It was shocking enough that the teen did so that it caused them to come at the same time before Harry sunk his fangs in his now-lover's neck.

Tom moaned as the teen licked at the blood leaking down his neck like his Animagus form would. Harry, with a mental grin at the moan, traced his tongue over the bite, which had been in the most sensitive skin of the Dark wizard's neck. "Mmm… Your blood tastes good…"

"I hope so…" was spoken around another sound as Harry nipped and sucked on the mark then licked and kissed it in apology for the rough treatment. "Was my surprise your scream?"

"Half of it," Harry answered before lifting his face to gaze into Tom's eyes, his own containing a smile. "I love you."

Tom stared at him, utterly shocked – all the way to his magical core. "You…do?" Harry nodded with a smile before two strong arms tightened almost painfully around him, pulling him close to the red-eyed wizard. "I love you, too, Harry…I'm certain of it…"

"Well, if I'm right, I'm the first person to ever say that to the Dark Lord, too, so that makes my love for you twice as special!" the teen responded before warmth, not of Tom, wrapped around him. At the wonderment on the other's face, he was certain that he wasn't the only one who felt it. "It's Lady Hogwarts… She gives us her blessing," he explained as a ball of icy flame appeared beside them. "Sempiterna! I'm naked!"

A trill that sounded like a laugh came from the ball of elements before the Icefire Phoenix revealed herself. I offer my blessing, as well, Sir Blood Mage, the magical being sent into his mind.

"Harry… I'm just Harry."


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