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Chapter 10




Light's mind had slowly faded back into orbit by the time they all had actually settled into work. That was usually pretty easy for him to do, throwing himself into his job was a good way to forget about everything else, especially if that something else was sitting in the same room as you, in a crouching position, burning a hole in your head with his eyes.

He realized that this was about Prometheus; this was about a man that was ruining lives.

And now had murdered. One of the victims had died from Queen's Square, She had been nearest the explosion, survived the initial explosion but died later in the ICU. It was an elderly woman. Out for the day with her grand children. And she was dead.

Light flung his head into his work, not bothering to think about Ryuzaki…no, L, at the moment. He had gotten what he wanted, and that was to be a part of this investigation. He'd be damned if he let himself falter now.

L, on the other hand, was distracted. His mind was still whirring with everything. Something was off. Something…now that he knew whom Hotaru was, the son of Yagami Soichiro. The son…

Having been focused on the time of the Kira case, his memories bolted back into him. The puzzle pieces where falling into place. Light Yagami, Soichiro San's son, who made a trap in his room to protect his diary. Sayu Yagami, Soichiro San's daughter, found the trap, and died as a result.

His gut wrenched. He knew the source of those burns, he knew the reason Hotaru had been afraid of fire. Specifically. He even knew the name of the sister in the picture. That resided in Hotaru-kun's wallet. He knew how she had died.

And he felt immensely stupid.

He should have remembered. He was on the suspect list for Kira! Albeit, that list was three hundred and forty pages long, and he had long ago been removed from that list, still, he should have known! He knew that he'd sent Raye Penber to follow Light Yagami around (as well as many other people), the FBI agent that was now living in America with his wife and two kids.

L's thumb started bleeding again, he switched hands only to realize that the other thumb was just as bad.

In a way, he blamed Kira for this lapse in his normal capabilities. He felt as if he had lost his mojo after all, and Kira was the reason. He felt immensely depressed. Not only was his friendship with Hotaru gone, but also now it was all but proven to him that his mind wasn't what it used to be.

He glanced across the room towards Light, he was acting as if it didn't matter, and his back turned to him and bent over the keyboard.

It's his fault too, L thought childishly. If he hadn't been so damn charming, if he hadn't been so enthralling… L wouldn't be feeling this way right now.

But there was another part of him, that his childish animosity quelled, that side was… not happy really, but it had the potential of being that. Because he and Hotaru-kun could now spend more time together.

And then L had a wicked thought; he had reason to keep Light all to himself as well.

He was Light's boss now, and the childish part of him that had been throwing a tantrum was sated. As well as the potentially happy part. Not only could he work Light to the bone, but he could spend time with him too. L smiled and thought, I never said I was mature. He hopped out of the chair, his actions drawing the attention of the other's in the room.

"I've done background checks on everyone here, it is a habit of mine as I am not fond of being double crossed. However, I would like an hour with Light-kun, as I've yet to receive his files. Do you mind, detective?" Light slowly rose out of his seat.

"Not at all, Ryuzaki," his pseudonym dripping off Light's tongue, which could be interpreted as admiration, but L knew it to hide a bit of animosity as well. It seemed Light-kun was also in a bad mood.

Light followed the head detective from the room and into a quieter sitting room. Bookshelves lined the walls, being supplied by the hotel, and an assortment from the hotel library, was amassed untouched by L.

"I was surprised, I hope you know, Light-kun," L stated into the dim lit room. "And I am hardly ever surprised."

"What about me! Don't act like you're the victim here, you are…L, you're the one who should have figured it out." But L could tell that Light really didn't mean it; he could tell that the youth was sore that he had not figured it out, not L. "I should have known with your genius percentages, and guessing everything correctly about me." Light folded his arms as he began to pace, before coming to some kind of realization.

"You knew didn't you?" His eyes narrowed and flashed with near rage. "You were toying with me the whole time."

"No, Hotar…Light-kun. I did not know anything."

"Yeah right, like I can believe you!"

"I never lied to you, we both agreed that our jobs were an off topic," L sighed. But Light just snorted, before returning to his pace. "But you are right, I should have figured it out. I should have known who you were. You were the son of the man who once worked on a case with me…"

He would be leaving out the part about Light being suspected of being Kira, something told him that the news he was a suspect would not make Light's mood any better.

"On the Kira case…" Light said in confirmation. L looked stunned that Light knew.

"I was under the impression that your father hadn't told his family what case he had been working on?" Light turned around to raise an eyebrow at L.

"I figured it out," He said flatly.

"Ahh, to be expected," L nodded almost condescendingly until Light turned to look at him again.

"So then… you know." Light asked worriedly. L could tell he was worried only because of slightly twitch of Light's long fingers, because his face remained as unmovable as stone, and just as cold.

L replied only with a nod.

"…How much?"

"Pretty much all of it, the loss of Yagami san was a devastation to the team, he was very upset when his daughter… your sister died." L watched as Light's face twisted with vulnerability and he slowly sunk onto the love seat across from L. His eyes rose to meet L's before he looked away quickly and sunk his face into his hands.

"So now you know everything about me, right down to the skeleton's in the closet," L shifted uncomfortably. He suspected he wouldn't like what was coming next. "What about you? Do I get some kind of information for compensation?" L shoved his bloody thumb between his teeth.

"I don't tell the people I work with about my personal life." Light just sat there, eyes slowly widening to the same diameter of L's

"Are you kidding?"

"You've got to understand Light-kun, this is a dangerous job."

"So basically, you would have told Hotaru, but you won't tell me!" Light's brow furrowed with anger, a fury flashing in his eyes.

"I wouldn't have told Hotaru either. In the business, that could have been dangerous to Hotaru-kun as well."

"So basically, I know nothing about you, and you know everything about me. That's fair." Light's teeth clenched to try and hold in the childish and vindictive words that were begging to be spewed from his mouth.

"I will tell you what I can, would that appease you?"

"Oh, let me guess, you like sweets! Is that it? I already figured that one out, thanks," L was amazed at the composure he was able to keep, he supposed it was because Light was being so childish that he had to take the role of the adult.

"I will not argue with you anymore, we will not tell the other's that we've met before, and you will stay after to catch up on the case," L informed Light more than ordered him, although he expected it all to be followed accordingly.

"Yes, sir," Light ground out between clenched teeth.

"Light-kun has no reason to be angry with me."

"No, I don't," Light agreed, "How could I be mad at someone I don't know?"

The question hit L like a brick to the face.

Light just glared and asked, "Can I leave?"

"Yes," L seethed, hiding it well. Light shut the door a bit too firmly behind him and stalked through the living area, earning a few wondrous stares from his coworkers as he passed through. A loud thunk hit the door, making it bounce against its frame.

Matsuda rushed over to the door and knocked. A muffled yell came through the door, the monotone unmistakable, if not for the slight edge and force the words were said with.

"Go back to work, Matsuda!"

Watari showed up shortly after, looking thoroughly run through the ringer. He presented L with the file containing Light's information. L absently took it before plopping it down and not paying attention to it again.


"Yes, L?"

"I need some shortcake."




Light was on the phone with the forensics department, he had a strong idea that L probably had a lab set up somewhere so they could do their own forensics, but he just didn't want to ask L about it at the moment.

The forensic department was currently linked to his computer and he was watching as they tried to refine the grainy image of Prometheus.

So far all they could tell was there was an olive green jacket and a black mask, he leaned back in his chair, most of his coworkers were watching on their computers the same video. Thanks to him, he thought haughtily, Chief Zaki kept eyeing Light the whole time he worked. He didn't understand the man; he had proven himself time and time again, why was he so hung up on treating him inferior to the rest?

After all, even older doctors went back to medical school to relearn things when they realized those coming out of school now knew more than they did.

As for catching up on the case? It had taken him all of twenty-three minutes. He really didn't want to be stuck behind later.

He reasoned with himself that it really wasn't L's fault, and he really shouldn't have gotten so angry with him, but his pride had been hurt. And really, it was unnerving to think that L knew all that he had so painstakingly covered up, literally. His hand absently went to his neck where he touched the collar of his turtleneck.

Watari approached a few minutes later, delivering a cup of coffee. Strong and black. L must have told him.

"Ryuzaki will be sending the others home shortly, is there anything you would like for dinner?" Watari asked kindly, giving a small smile.

"Oh, I won't need to be staying, I've already caught up," Light responded with a bright smile up at the older man.

Watari nodded reluctantly before going to inform L.

If he tries to make me stay

"I think that is all for today, the image from the camera is inconclusive right now. You may leave," L said, barely loud enough for all to hear. Matsuda sprung up and clapped Light on his 'safe' shoulder before grabbing his jacket, "Light-kun, if you could wait a moment?"

Light sighed; he's actually going to do it. Chief Zaki glared at Light as he left with the others. Light rose to his feet to face L.

"What is it, Ryuzaki?"

"I would like to go over some of the facts with you, it needs the assistance of a fresh mind."

"I've been here since one," Light lifted his wrist to inspect his watch. "It's 11:30. I'd hardly call my mind fresh."

"Regardless, I'd like you to stay," L said, and Light sighed.

"Fine." L beckoned him over in to the small room again where he had been working.

"I'd like to go over a few stills with you…."




L had allowed Light a few minutes of break from the tedious chore of going over the thousands of faces in Queen's Square the day of the bombing. And Light ran for the door.

"Where are you going?" L said, not liking that Light was escaping so easily.

"For a walk, my legs hurt because of that damn chair"

"You should sit like I do."

"Hmm, I don't think so."

Their fight had been on temporary truce while they worked. Nothing mentioned of what was said earlier and the tension was…acceptable.

But now that Light was given an opportunity for a break, it seemed that he had only pushed pause on his anger. Almost sneering at the detective, he stepped through the door.

L sunk lower into his depression. After about four and a half minutes L rose to his feet and stepped into the hall. He and Light had to talk. If they were going to work together, this kind of behavior was intolerable.

He reached the elevator, and unless Light had gotten off only a few floors below, he'd had gone to the roof. Other wise he would have been able to see the elevator indicator still heading towards to the lobby. He would check the roof first, as he had mentioned that there was a pool up there to Light earlier.

The horrid music of the elevator made L sink into his spine more than he usually did, a look of discontentment crossed his face and he eagerly erupted from the elevator when it stopped on the top floor. He would have to get Watari to tell the Hotel they needed to change that bad music.

He looked up, the heavily leaded glass of the atrium adding a touch of Victorian architecture, but it let little of the stars through their heavy green and clear glass.

He supposed that the view would be different during the day when guests actually used the pool. He wouldn't know, as the only places he had been to while in Japan was the private airport, his hotel room, the bakery and Kiyoshi park, oh and that little confectionary at the end of Ringo street. He let a small smile grace his face at the thought of it until a distant beeping could be heard.

Keys of a cell phone, L predicted. He crept closer to the noise, wondering if he could sneak up on Light without being heard.

He saw Light sitting seiza on the ground in the midst of dozens of deck chairs. He held what L recognized as his cell phone, and was just about to finished dialing. If Light caught him, he would catch hell, but L could neither bring himself to move forward or to leave, so he waited. The ringing on the phone was loud enough for L to hear, the sound reverberating off of the dome structure around them.

One ring. Two rings. Three, four, five rings, then the answering machine picked up.

The only thing L could discern was a cheery greeting, it was someone female, and young by the sound of it, Light's reaction was to sink to the side of his legs, so that he was sitting on the floor, one hand holding him up in a fist. The recorded message ended and Light waited for the beep.

"…Hey Sayu, Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while… I got promoted again…Dad says it's to be expected, but you know how he is. Mom has not been the same since I moved out…" L's ears strained to hear Light's soft sad voice. "Anyway, I've been pretty busy working on this case, it has us all running around in circles…" There was a long pause and L held his breath.

"Oh, ha, I met this guy a little while ago. He's really out there. I think you'd like him. He's no Hideki Ryuga, that's for sure, but he's really smart and he loves sweets just like you…" L could hear the smile in Light's voice

"He confronted me about you today. He knows what happened. What I did. And I guess I'm kind of freaking out about it. He actually told me after we had just met, that I was his first real friend. Can you believe that?" L heard Light laugh a tiny, forlorn laugh and then he continued, "But I kind of realized that, excluding you, he's my first real friend too."

"So when he told me that he knew what had happened, I got a little angry at him… And I really shouldn't have. Now… I don't deserve any real friends." Light's voice choked and L had to stop himself from ending this masochism by stepping forward.

"I'm so sorry, Sayu. I don't know why I was so stupid. I'm so sorry. It should have been me. If I had gotten home a few minutes earlier, it never would have happened," Light's head hung slightly, auburn hair falling around his face, "I hope you can forgive me. I love you... I miss you." Beep.

L couldn't decide what to do, the rational part that didn't want his head chopped off told him to run, but his heart told him to stay. Usually it would have been no contest. Logic rules all. But today… with the way Light sounded…he had to do something.

He stepped forward and out of the shadows. His feet slapping gently against the tile like the waves in the pool. Light immediately noticed. He jumped up and wiped his eyes fiercely and quickly.

"What are you doing here?" his voice was hard, completely the opposite of the way he was talking to his dead sister on the phone.

"I came to talk with Light-kun."

"Were you eaves dropping?"

"Such a funny word. Did you know it derives from the Anglo Saxon fine of listening in through the walls of other people's homes?"

"Well, they should bring the fine back," Light snapped, crossing his arms. L found that there was still pink under the chocolaty eyes, slightly puffy from tears. It was strange to think that Light Yagami had been crying, or at least, on the verge of it.

"Hardly possible, as the Norman Conquest all but erased Anglo Saxon law 1000 years ago."

"Oh shut up L, why are you here?" Light shook his head and pocketed his phone, "And how much did you hear?"

"I am here to repeat myself it seems; I wanted to talk," L stated, "And I heard everything."

"Do you want my first born too?"

"You are confusing me with God, Light-kun. Better not do that as I already have a slight god complex," L replied.

Light raised his hand, fingers curled into a ball, as if to hit L. The detective stared the youth down, not flinching in the least. But Light didn't follow through and let his fist fall limply to his side and spoke, looking away into the dark sky though the translucent glass.

"I would very much appreciate if you didn't tell anyone."

L blinked, "Why would I tell anyone?"

"And I would also appreciate it if we never spoke of this again." Light was not proud of such a thing; keeping his sisters phone around and paying for the service just to…just to hear her voice every once in a while…no one knew about it. Not even his parents. And yet Ryuzaki knew now, Ryuzaki knew almost everything now…

"Aren't friends supposed to talk to each other about their troubles?"

"Friends are supposed to share equally."

"I thought we were doing fine before our true identities were revealed. What has changed so drastically? The fact that I know you better?" L cocked his head to the side, "I would think that knowing you better would enable me to make a better friend?"

"You can't expect me to be satisfied with that. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly a passive person," L beamed at Light's response.

"Of course I noticed, but you must also realize that if I could share, I would," L paused a second before continuing, almost uncomfortably, although he didn't dare show it, "And perhaps with time, I will."

Light looked back at L with a tiny, true smile and L knew that he'd lifted Light's spirits.

And he hadn't even had to tell the orange joke this time.

"But for the moment, let us return to Prometheus," L said, gesturing toward the door that led back inside, "I believe I understand a little bit of why you have so much conviction in capturing him."

And so, L and Light headed back to the room, together.







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