A/N Penny and Seaweed are adorable. This can't be denied. I don't have a terribly good hold on them, so I've been hesitant to write, but what the heck. It's short, right? XD

(The first line that trickled out onto the page when I started writing was 'He liked the way her hand looked held in his, white fingers snowflake-delicate against the backdrop of his skin.' I like it, but it doesn't fit. It's like an easter egg for thu.)

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She seems so sweet and shy when you first meet her. And she was pretty, in a pale and slightly fragile way; Seaweed flirted initially to give her a bit of a thrill, but it wasn't anything like a hardship. Penny was sweet and pretty and a little shy, and when you got to know her a little bit more it became clear that she was a little dense as well (bless her heart).

If that was all there was to her, he would have left it at enjoyable, teasing flirtation like he had with many other girls. But dig a little deeper and there was more to Penny Pingleton than met the eye.

Maybe it was her upbringing, but somewhere she'd learned to let someone be in control without letting herself be flattened. She was perfectly willing to let others take the lead, but when push came to shove she could get very angry, as her defenses shot up like a territorial porcupine. (Tracy just got a wounded, crushed look like the offender had broken her heart in not living up to her sunny expectations. Link and Seaweed pitied each other.) Seaweed was supremely confident, and completely sure of and content with who he was. He was disinclined to give up his way, and surprised to find that if you pushed Penny enough, she pushed back.

(Most girls retreated. He found he preferred a face full of quills to one stiletto in the back.)

Besides, even if she wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, she was recklessly, fearlessly loyal to all the right things and people--and everyone who knew her well respected her for it. (His mother liked her. That was no small thing to Seaweed Stubbs)

She was complicated, and confusing, and it took a while to see past her shell. (Link was driven half to distraction with how everybody who met her loved Tracy, but Penny was kind of like Seaweed's secret.)

"Seaweed? Are you okay?" He blinked out of his contemplation to see the object of his thoughts peering up at him, perennially confused blue eyes worried. He laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

"Nothing to worry you, baby."

She frowned at him, that stubborn core coming to surface. "If you're worried it worries me too! I thought people were supposed to talk about things when they..." she shrugged, suddenly shy. "You know."

"Are...going to get ice cream together?" he suggested, equal parts helpful and facetious. She nodded, eyes wide and entirely serious. He stopped at smiled softly down at her--complex and loyal and miraculously his. "I was just thinkin' about how amazing it is that you love me even half as much as I love you."

She flushed bright pink but gave him a saucy smile. (confusing, complicated...) "More than half, Seaweed."