Have you completely lost you mind!?" Sam snapped.

"Didn't we go over this already?" asked John.

"Damn it John, I'm serious. Did you even listen to what you were saying?"

They were all sitting in the briefing room; John had just finished laying out Ford's plan. Sure it was a little unorthodox, but it could maybe work.

"You're talking about an alliance with the Wraith."

"Not all of them, just a select few. And it's not like we've never done it before."

"And look how well that turned out," mumbled McKay.

John took a deep breath. "Look. Ford hates the Wraith. If he's willing to work with them, then I think it's worth a try."

Sam sighed. "It's just…Wraith that don't feed on humans? I thought that wasn't possible."

"Well technically it isn't," said Rodney. "The way Ford tells it these Wraith haven't quite perfected their science yet, and they need our help. But in exchange they're willing to help us with whatever we need."

"And what is Lieutenant Ford getting out of all this?"

"Craploads of the enzyme," said John. "And he's willing to share."

They all continued to stare at him like he was a crazy person. Rodney shivered involuntarily at the memory of what happened to him.

"Sheppard did you forget that some of us almost died the last time we used that stuff?"

"Well maybe if you hadn't OD'd…"

"Damn it John!" Sam shouted. "What has gotten into you? You can't honestly expect us to use the Wraith enzyme?"

John shrugged. "Why not? The Wraith have refined it. All of the pluses, none of the negatives."

"Are you sure John?" Teyla asked.

"Fairly. Look, I haven't seen Ford like this since he started on the enzyme. He's controlled, calm. The doctor even said he was doing better. Look, I think we need to give this intel a chance. Ford went through a lot to get to us. And if we could ally ourselves with these Wraith, we might be able to defeat the others."

Sam shook her head. "I can't believe I'm even contemplating this, but, ok. You have a go. But I want to hear back every two hours, you got that?"

John nodded. "Absolutely." He turned to the rest of his team, exchanging a look with Ronon, who seemed as eager as him to get their hands on the enzyme. Ronon had actually enjoyed it, well parts of it.

"I really hope you're right about this John," said Sam as they left the briefing room.

He glanced back at her with a reassuring smile. "When am I ever not right?"