She gave him a hug, smelling his newly washed green sweater. The sweater she had given to him so long ago. Promising that she would be his forever, and only his. She hated herself for sliding from that. For taking a step away from that perfect guy. In a way, she was proud of herself. Never again would she have to wonder about the possibily of someone else. She had experienced it and now it was over. She would go back to Nate, the only guy she could see in her future. "I love you" She whispered in his ear. Blair kissed him on the neck, lingering on his skin until her lips make their way up to his own mouth. He held her head, kissing her back, deeper than the one she had given him.

"I guess..." He said looking down at the ground for a second "I love you too" And then he slid his hands under her shirt.

It wasn't what she had expected her first time to begin with. I guess...It was almost a joke, she felt like laughing, but it was the truth and it hurt. But if she was ever to put Chuck behind her, she had to take what she could get. And this was the best he could do for her at the moment. He was willing to work on it, and she was willing to help him. "Its okay" She smiled, afterwards, curled up in his arms "We have time. I'm not going anywhere"

Serena's jaw dropped as she saw her best friend jump and down, explaining her night with Nate "I'm so glad he was my first" She lied, hoping that she could cover all this up, fix it.

"I'm glad you waited, B" Serena was happy for her best friend but sad that she could never be that happy about her first time "You two are going to make such beautiful babies together" She said half jokingly, laughing a little.

"God, I know! Imagine how happy my mom would be if me and Nate produced something actuall worth while. For the first time in my entire life, she could be proud of me"

"Blair, she's already proud of you. You get good marks, your never getting into trouble, and your beautiful"

"Not as beautiful as you. If you were her daughter, she would worship the ground you walk on" Serena knew it was ture, even thought she would never admit it "Even now, your more of a daughter to her than I could ever wish to be"

"Blair, thats not true. You are her daughter. She went through nine months of swollen feet and weight gain, and sixteen hours of labor just so she could hold you in her arms"

"A disappointing end though" Blair shook her head, trying to erase the image of a frowning Nate, looking down at the ground as he told her he loved her "Love is more complicated than you think"

Serena could see it in her eyes, without knowing the intamate details, she knew what all this was about "Blair, everyone loves you. Don't worry so much about it, okay?" She was trying to fix all this, she really was, but it didn't help her, not one bit. Becuase the person Blair loved the most didn't love her, at all.

Blair touched up her mak-up before heading out the door. She walked past the window facing the street and something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It was a limo with a young guy peering out of its window "Oh crap" She muttered to herself, feeling the blood in her vains boil. She could never has one day without this shit happening "I'm going to kill him" Slipping her coat over her shoulders, she walking down her front steps, straight at the limo "Chuck, you bastard!" Blair yelled across the street "I told you, we are over!"

"What? You don't want to come back for thirds?" He grinned, stepping out of the car "I actually came to give you a ride to school. As a way to make up for this whole mess. Can't we just be friends?" Chuck looked so handsome in his school uniform, Blair thought. He had his hands behind his back, and seconds later, a bundle of flowers appeared infront of her "Just to show I'm sorry"

Blair plucked them out of his hands and got into the car. They were friends, and there was no reason not to have him drive her to school "Lets go then" She said to him as he slid in beside her.

"Wonderful, I like it when a plan comes together" He smiled at her, and pushed aside a strand of hair in her face "Lets go then"