When Miyuki-sensei and Saotome-sensei reached the scene of Ichijo's suicide, the school had been immediately put into a state of alert. Cradling the poor unconscious Betty in his arms, Saotome turned to Miyuki and exclaimed, "Miyuki, I'm taking Betty with me! Okay?"

Miyuki, however, seemed to be frozen in her spot. She just stood there, staring at Ichijo's dangling body with wide, horrorified eyes. Her entire body shook violently as she nervously reached into her pocket, pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and slipped it in between her lips.

"This," she muttered, voice shaking as well, "Is just...sick. So...so horribly sick...oh god..." Although her back was turned to him, Saotome could tell that Miyuki was crying. Sighing, Saotome ran out into the hallway, looking for a safe place to drop off Becky for now. Cursing under his breath, Saotome thought, 'God...how the hell did this happen, anyway?'

"So...Ichijo-san killed herself, huh?" Rei muttered to herself once Himeko, who was on the verge of tears, told her the fateful news. The entire student body had been ordered to gather outside on the track field while the ambulance and the police arrived to investigate out the scene.

Taking off her glasses to brush them off, Miyako said, "Well...it is quite unfortunate, but we cannot let such a blunder dampen our spirits! We-" Suddenly, Miyako realized something. "WHERE THE HELL IS BECKY-CHAN! BECKY-SENSEI! WHERE IS SHE?"

"HOLY CRAP! FOR ALL WE KNOW, ICHIJO COULD HAVE HAD A GUN ON HER AT THE TIME! BECKY MIGHT'VE BEEN-" Himeko screamed hysterically, tears streaming from her eyes. Before anything could be done, though, Saotome-sensei walked up to the group, still cradling poor Becky in his arms.

"She's fine," Saotome replied, "When we found her, she had just fainted. It did look like she had thrown up before that, though..." Taking a good look at the sleeping little blonde girl, Himeko smiled weakily and whimpered, "T-Thank goodness...she's alright..."

However, Becky wasn't alright. She was far from it. She may have fainted, but the pain was still as strong and unbelievable as ever within her heart. Ichijo had commited suicide by hanging right in front of her eyes, and even admitted her own love for the ten-year old beforehand. It was something Becky could never forget.

Especially...because she had loved Ichijo, too.

A/N: Alright, there you have it! A two-chapter fic with a sudden random plot that burst out of nowhere right in the beginning. I may make more Ichijo X Becky in the future, too...I'll try and write a happier PaniPoni fic later on too...