Chapter 1: You know?

They had just finished a case about a soldier who had been killed after he refused to give up the location of his platoon; Booth was standing at the memorial with his eyes closed, it hurt him to have to stand at another soldier's grave. He remembered the war all too well, the taste of sand in your mouth, eyes tearing as wind in sand get in them, couching as the sand went down your through, and then the utter stillness. Everything getting quiet and still the moment before the trigger is pulled. Blinking to get his thoughts back to the present time Booth sighed and walked toward the casket to salute the deceased soldier. Turning around and heading back towards Bones he failed to know that he wasn't the only one in pain over a soldier's death.

Bones knew that this was hard on Booth; he would get so caught up what it was like for him as a sniper. As bad as it sounds she was glad that Booth always got caught up in his own memories to notice how she was feeling during a case that had to do with soldiers deaths. She felt each death like it was a member of her family who had died, not some stranger who she had never met. Lost soldiers who are found create horrible memories of a time when Bren was different, when (even though it is harder to believe) she was even more distant, a time that she wishes she will never have to go back to. But being at all of the soldiers' memorials and hearing Booth talk about his days as a sniper make the memories come back.

Booth came back to Bones and gave a small smile, "Thanks for coming to this with me Bones," Booth thanked sincerely.

It took Bren a moment to answer and she game Booth a shy smile and replied, "It was my case too Booth and I will always come with you."

Booth squeezed Bones's hand, drinking in the comfort that the feel of another person brought him, unknown to him he was having the same effect on her. Glancing around him he noticed that his old commander was there. "Hey Bones look, its General James, he was my old commanding officer, would you mind if we went over there and said hello?" Booth asked.

Bren had already noticed the two men who stood side by side. Both wearing matching grim faces and freshly pressed uniforms that held various medals proudly, one man having more medals then the other. The man with more medals had been Bren's commanding officer, who also happened to basically control all of the army. "Sure Booth, I can wait over here if you want" Bren replied hoping that he would let her stay.

"Don't be ridiculous Bones, just come on and meet him" Booth said pulling her over to where the two Generals were standing.

"Agent Booth! It is good too see you, even thought these are not ideal circumstances" General James greeted Booth, not yet seeing Bren who was standing next to Booth with her head down.

"General James, it's good to see you too" remembering that Bones was next to him, Booth made introductions "Sir I would like you to meet my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennen."

At the mention of Brennen's name the other man started to listen in to the conversation, not sure if it was really Temperance Brennen who stood before him.

"Hello Sir" Bren greeted meekly, giving her hand for General James to shake.

"Dr. Temperance Brennen, that names sounds familiar" General James pondered while he shook her hand.

"It should" The other General answered. "This is one of the best people I have seen fight anyone. It has been a long time Brennen, it is nice to see you, and you are looking good."

"Hello General, it has been a long time, even though I am not positive if is has been long enough" Bren replied.

Booth did not like hearing another man say that his Bones looked good; however when she called him general his curiosity outweighed his jealousy. When she said that she hoped not to see him this soon that made his curiosity grow even more.

"Wait a minute, Cooper are you telling me that this lovely lady standing in front of me is that Brennen? Backhand Brennen?" General James asked, unable to believe that it was true.

Booth seemed at a loss, he did not know what was going on. The name Cooper sounded familiar to him though and after some thought it clicked. That man was General Cooper, the man who basically ran the army, and he knew Bones.

Bren grimaced at the name Backhand Brennen, and tried to avoid Booth's curious look. "Yes that is me. It has been a long time since I have heard someone call me that though," Bren answered.

"Well I can't believe that you are standing here talking to me. I mean I have heard so much about you! Coop here always talked about how you were the only girl and yet you were the best." General James went on, either not noticing or not caring about the uneasiness of the topic.

Bren just smiled slightly as General Cooped started talking again, "Ok, well enough about that even though it is true. That nickname, however ill named, did fit you Brennen. All the guys on the team thought incredibly highly of you, in the beginning of course they thought that it would be them having to rush in and save you instead of the other way around."

Brennen laughed at that. "Oh trust me I knew exactly how they thought of me in the beginning, the way most people know I got my nickname is not the only way, some of the guys can testify to that." Suddenly remembering her very confused partner Bren made introductions, "I almost forgot, General this is my partner Special Agent Seeley Booth. Booth, this is General Cooper."

"I gathered that thanks Bones, it's an honor to meet you Sir." Booth said saluting, amazed that Bones knew this very powerful man.

General Cooper saluted back, "Nice to meet you Agent Booth, I guess you already know about Brennen's military experience?" He asked.

"Actually I am not that familiar with it, would you care to shed some light on that." Booth asked as his curiosity took over.

"Brennen I see you are not gloating about how well you did and how you are a legend" General Cooper observed laughing.

"Well to be honest General, looking back I see that there isn't much that I should be gloating about. What I did makes me a monster in some peoples minds." Bren confessed.

"Nonsense! Who ever called you a monster should be ashamed. Now Booth I am going to tell you a little story about your partner here" General replied before telling his story…

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