"Having fun?" Az asked as her and the younger sister met up during one of their rounds of the balls room.

"This corset is killing me, my toes still hurt from when Cain stomped them yesterday and I haven't seen any of my friends at all." Dg ground out. She really hated these kinds of events; the food was never to her liking, god she wanted a chili-cheese dog and a Pepsi right now, the clothes were always stifling and binding, DG never understood the point of a themed dress-party and thought corsets were the evilest invention ever made, she never got the hang of drinking wine and refused to take any incase she would become drunk, the list of everything being wrong went on… and mostly, at the very top of her list… not a single person asked her to dance, not that she really wanted to, but the thought of someone caring that she was attended for the evening wouldn't have been unwelcome. DG scowled as once again a Lord Something-or-other led Azkadelia, who had promised to spend the evening with her sister, onto the dance floor.

Sighing DG wondered out of the warm room to the cool night.


The stars where beautiful… The moon was barely a silvery sliver so the shadows seemed much deeper, much darker. Like a luxurious velvet. And above her head the stars filled the sky, each shining with their own radiance. Dg sighed and wondered if her Great Ancestor felt like this during her first ball.

Like a lost little girl trapped in a bubble with laughing goblins…

DG shook her head. She really shouldn't have watched that damned David Bowie movie, trying to get a feel for what a actual ball was like… though the tights… oh god the tights… what a glorious invention for the male species….

The young woman became infinitely grateful for the cool breeze that fanned her heating check as she thought of Glitch in tights.

Still occupied with her thoughts on men and tights and dances, she failed to notice a certain Tin Man approach her.

"DG?" Cain's voice broke her thoughts rather partially, and the Princess turned to her friend, her mind still on the concept of tights and then took in the image of Cain, dressed in a set of her Father's borrowed finery… the resulting image well… She didn't know whether to laugh or be horrified… Not that he wasn't a good looking male but… he was such a fatherly figure to her in so many ways… needless to say her mental recreation of men in tights was ruined for the day…

"Yes Cain?" She asked innocently, banishing any traces of the mental disturbance from her mind.

"Uh… well… I… I ain't so good at dancing the royal fancy dances and all…" He rolled his ever present fedora in her hands, it clashed with the austere outfit… but the Tin Man made it work. "So I was hoping you'd take someone else out with you onto the dance floor for your Royal dance-thing." He shuffled around… looking embarrassed. DG smiled a fond smile.

"Sure thing Cain, I understand, I'm not so great at it either, so I won't pressure you into it… Could you find Glitch for me and ask him to come see me out here?" Cain smiled a relieved smile and left to do his favorite Princess's bidding.


Cain wondered through the throng or courtiers, half listening to the conversations of the drunk courtiers as they slurred half formed ideas and thoughts. Or the Gossiping Ladies who all hid behind their fans and whispered "scandalous" things to each other about such and such. Past the shy people gathered around the refreshment tables like flies to ease their terrible sense of self-created loneliness with finger sandwiches and copious amounts of steadily less watered down wine. And quickly past the couples so involved in each other they only had time to make it to the back of the darkened corners. Out the doorway of the ballroom. Down the hallway. And down the several flights of stars to where the music from the ball was drowned out by another.


"Glitch!" the Widower banged on the door. The Music cut and the sound of frantic scurrying greeted his ears, and soon a flushed and scowling Glitch threw open the door.

"What?" He snapped, his grease covered overalls and smudged cheeks telling Cain part of the story of what his mental friend had been up to. His suspiciously clean hands and blush told of part of the story yet to be discovered… the music was a foretelling clue.

"No, the question is, what are you doing down here when DG is up at the ball?" The hue the pale man had gone was a big indicator.

"I… I don't have any clothes appropriate for the theme…" Glitch protested as the gruff man barged into his friend's lair. The former Zipper-head immediately went to stand in front of a large cabinet where a lacy blue sleeve, the exact color of DG's dress poke out of the doors. Cain grinned knowing now exactly what the inventor was up to.

"You're pathetic…" The blonde teased. Glitch, knowing protesting would make the shame deeper gave up and sat down dejectedly. His hands buried deep in his unruly hair.

"Cain... I I can't go out there… I can't face her- them, I mean them…" Glitch turned red.

"Sure you can… hell I bet she- I mean them, wouldn't even mind the grease and overalls."

"Yes they would!" Glitch protested. "I mean why would they want a grease-covered, socially awkward, half-wit?"

"Okay… I lost track are we still talking about DG here?" Cain teased. "Because you know… I think she has a fetish for grease…" Glitch immediately colored a vibrant red at that comment.

"CAIN!" He yelped. Cain merely laughed and shrugged.

"You still have some time to change…"

"Cain, I'm not going." Glitch said resolutely.

"Oh yes you are. Because our favorite little princess requested your presence, and if you don't move your ass and get presentable, I'll drag you there kicking and screaming leaving a grease trail all the way there." Cain promised, grinning and cracking his knuckles. Glitch gulped.


DG swallowed a nervous lump in her throat. It was almost time for the Royal Dance to begin… and neither Cain nor Glitch had been seen recently.

"Ladies and Gentlemen… it is time for the Royal Dance! Will everyone clear the dance floor for the Royal Family and their partners?" A page had announced, ridding the floor of any dancers. Dg swallowed another nervous lump as she entered the floor, her partner noticeably not present.

I'm going to kill them both… She thought viperously, as a gossiping woman started to giggle when no one came forth to claim the Princess' hand in the dance. The orchestra would not start until she had a partner, and no one was coming forth. Her cheeks burned and slowly her eyes started to tear up. DG hung her head to avoid letting the court see her embarrassment.

Gently a hand cupped her down turned cheek and tiled her head up to a familiar masked face.

"Sorry I'm late; I had to scrub about a gallon of grease off." Glitch said nervously. Dg couldn't even reply she was so happy. The Conductor, finally noting the presence of the youngest princess' partner, clicked his baton and the music started.


Like before the familiar tug kicked off another heady whirl of emotions. Slowly they went, this time in synchronism with the rest of the dancers. Dg could smell the soap and grease Glitch had used prior to the ball. Gently he held her, his warm arms wrapped around her thin frame, almost pulling her off her hurt toes and leaving her to float in a magic strange, yet so maddeningly familiar, to her. As the music went on DG lost herself, pressed so deliciously up against the man. His dark eyes swallowing her blue ones in an ocean of night, till she had no memory of ever having been able to breathe. By instinct alone the couple picked up the que from the music and everything became fire and ice, singing through there veins in a sweet song that only their hearts could hear. They went oblivious to how scandalously close their bodies had entwined themselves. Only conscious of the person in their arms. Faster and faster their blood ran, as their feet lead them in a dance that was their entire universe. Her fingers grazed his clothed back leaving small trails of fire in their wake as his fingers stroked her waste. Her mouth sliding so close to his throat she could taste his skin without even unsealing her lips. He spun her out and pulled her back, almost sweating. She panted as she pressed herself dangerously hard against him once more before parting. The whispers and gasps finally filling their ears again as they left the dance floor.