Blue. The sea and sky, their blues are so different, yet they seem to meet in a beautiful way just across the horizon.

So here I am, once again sitting on the island, looking out and just admiring the view. But you know, something's a little different now.

Two weeks ago I stood here, semi-moping like an angst ridden twelve year old because I thought I'd never get the one person I've been in love with for the past few years.


And now he's leaning against me as we sit in front of the Paupu tree, and I'm holding him gently in my arms.

But I'm thinking, as I squeeze him softly, that things are gonna be okay.

"Hey, Riku?"

I glance down at him, feeling happy and completely relaxed.


"Do you think Tidus still checks you out?"

Huh? News to me.

"Since when has Tidus checked me out?" I ask, just wondering where the hell this question came from and how the hell does Sora's mind work? Seriously, we were just sitting quietly snuggling (what a girly word), and then out of nowhere... Tidus?

Sora sighs, "Well, actually I started checking you out when I noticed he did..." He's blushing cutely. "A few months ago."

"Oh." I say, looking at the part of his face I can see, just admiring him. "Well I haven't noticed. Besides, even if he did, I'd say I'm a little preoccupied at the moment."

Sora smiles brightly at me. "I know. I was just wondering."

"Sora, sometimes I can't help but wonder just how your brain works."

We sit for a long time more, just watching the sun set.

"Hey, Riku?"


"I'm glad you decided to quit being an idiot and be with me."

I think for a minute, just happy.

Because I make him happy.

Funny how I keep ending up being wrong about things.

"Yeah. Me too."


And on the other side of the island, a red head an a blonde hold hands, facing the twilight.

"Hey, Wakka?"

"What's up?"

"Thanks for finally understanding. I... I'm sorry I tried to tell you the way I did."

After all, just trying to suddenly kiss your best friend sometimes doesn't work in your favor.

"It's okay, ya? I prolly shouldn'ta flipped out like I did." He stops and squeezes his friend's hand reassuringly. "But maybe we can try this out. Just, you know, go a little slow."

Tidus smiles.

"I can live with that."

And he thinks to himself, 'Finally.'


A/N: Just a short epilogue. I'm sorry I'm such a sap, and a sucker for happy endings, but there you go. A little sad to see this story finished, but, you know. Maybe something else will come along soon. -insert smiley face-

Much love to you all! And happy new year!

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