I thought that most of those suicidal fics are not good enough... so I decided to whip up somethig that's... suicidal? Really? And Ed will feel alone, and lost... and will want to end his own life.

Edward Elric.

What is this? Why am I chased like this? I wasn't the one who hurt that officer. Why the hell would Roy, Winry, Teacher and Al chase after me? I'll never forget that look... that look of hate. Hate towards me. And now, all I can do is to hide here... with a party going on downstairs. That innkeeper was kind enough to take me in for the night. Because he was drunk. I bet the next morning, I'd be exposed again, to the people that are persuing me. I'll end it. End it right here. Right now.

Edward blinked, sitting on the bed. This was a good inn. The floor is carpeted, and there's also a nice, clean and white bathroom. Edward thought about how desprate he was to get away just now, and in turn, the soldiers fired randomly at him. Meaning to intimidate, but just as he disappeared into the woods, a stray bullet caught him. Edward now held the wound inhis hand, alrady bandaged with a few strips of cloth. That had been 2 days ago. He even heard Roy yelling when he disappeared.

"Darn! He got away!"

Did he know that Ed was shot? No. He didn't know. Edward had crawled all the way here... and the drunk innkeeper had let him have the last room at the back of the second floor. With a tub. And he needs the tub. Edward walked over to the bethroom and turned on the tap to fill the tub. He heard some noise below, like welcoming. Edward went to the window. And he saw Roy. With Winry, Alphonse and Izumi. And Riza Hawkeye. With like, 5 soldiers behind him. Roy was holding up a picture of Edward. And asking the innkeeper. The innkeeper laughed and shook his head. Edward sighed. Then Roy pointed to the people behind him, and the innkeeper beckoned them in. Edward tensed. They're coming in. I've to do it quick.

Edward stepped into the bathroom. The tub was filled halfway, but he didn't care. He took a razor from the sink and stared at the sharp edge. Then he sat down beside the tub. He closed his eyes and placed the sharp edge of the rasor on his left wrist. Edward enjoyed the feeling of his pulse beating so slowly... and in a nice rhythm. And he slid the razor sideways. It hurt. Edward opened his eyes and stared as the blood flowed down his arm to the ground. Then it dripped. The tub was 2/3 full. Edward cut deeper, moving the razor back on forth. Then he dropped the razor.

Edward felt sick. He can't breathe and he was hyperventilating. Edward saw that the blood in his wrist was still flowing, and his hand had already turned white. But the blood was cloting. He heard a room door slam below him and he slipped his hand into the warm water. The blood spread through the water, turning it red in an instant. With the water, the blood couldn't clot. That will ensure that his blood will keep flowing... Edward's eyes were heavy as he looked at the blood issuing from the deep cut in his wrist. Then his head fell forward and he slept, letting the blood flow into the water into the tub.

Roy Mustang slammed the door and yawned. Winry was taking the second last room at the end of the hall on the first storey. Its 10 pm now, and his search wasn't going too great. It seemed that someone was bathing above him. There was a sound of rushing water. Roy was taking the last room at the end of the hall. Izumi the 3rd last, Al, then the 5 soldiers. Roy took off his uniform and hung it on a chair before climbing into bed. He yawned, and after about 30 minutes of tossing in bed, he fell asleep.

Drip... drip...


Roy blinked awake. It was still dark outside the windows. Roy sat up, listening to a small dripping into the tub in his bathroom. The tap upstairs was still running. What time is it now? Roy stared at his pocket watch. Its already 11 pm. That means he had only slept for 30 minutes. Roy looked up. Why is that person's tap still running? And is his tap dripping?

Roy opened his bathroom door and switched on the light. The tap was not dripping. The ceiling was leaking. Roy caight sight of the water dripping from the ceiling into his tub. It was red. Blood. Roy looked up and realised something wasn't right. And he opened his door to see Winry, Izumi and Al outside in the corridor, looking bothered. "Someone's still bathing at this time? Its really noisy and its a waste of water." Winry said irritably. Roy stared at the trio and shook his head. "Something's not right about the room above mine. The person living above had kept his tub on ever since we came in. It had been an hour since the tap was running. And when I went into my bathroom, the ceiling above was leaking with blood." Roy said, gluping. "We better run up to check."

Winry and Izumi looked worried and nodded, while Al remained silent. Then he rushed up the stair and ran to the end of the corridor. "Oh god..." Roy said. The carpet in front of that room '73' was wet. Water was flowing out of the room. Roy knocked on the door. "Hello? Is there anyone in there?!" But there was no answer. "Hello?" Roy asked again, but there was still no answer. Roy rammed the door with his shoulder. The door quivered and Roy rammed at it again. The door was flung open. Roy ran in, and noticed that the bathroom door was open, and red water was flowing out into the room. A pair of legs, with shoes, can been seen from his angle. I know those boots... no... it can't be...Roy and the other three ran into the bathroom. And Roy almost collapsed on the ground.

Edward Elric was sitting beside the tub, a bloody razor on the ground beside him. His left hand was dangling in the water, blood still flowing from a cut in his wrist. Roy ran forward and pulled the boy's hand out from the water. His hand was cold and pale. So was his face. "Fullmetal! Fullmetal! Ed! Wake up!" Roy yelled as Winry ran in after him. "Ed!" She screamed. Izumi and Al stood at the doorway, shocked. "Nii...san...?" Alphonse said, staring at his brother's limp and pale body in Roy's arms. Someone turned off the tap. The water stopped flowing.

Izumi Curtis covered her mouth. Roy was shaking the boy in his arms and shouting his name. "Edward Elric! Wake up! Shit... call an ambulance!" Roy placed two fingers on Edward's clammy and pale neck. There was a small pulse, stopping a little here and there. Roy heart skipped a beat. "He's still alive! Get an ambulance! Ed... hang in there!"

"Why are you so stupid..."

Edward Elric lay on the stretcher, an oxygen mask covering his face, and a saline drip already hanging off his arm. He was given an injection for his bullet wound immediately as it has been infected. Now he was being rushed to the hospital at full speed.

Roy sat outside Edward's ward after the operation. They had to fill 3 packets of blood for him. That was how much blood Edward had lost. Roy couldn't face the boy. After some thorough checking, the officer admitted that he hurt himself, and put the blame on Edward Elric, resulting in this. Winry sat inside the ward, asleep beside Ed's right arm. Ed was still unconcious, even thought 3 days had passed.

And it only made Roy, Winry, Al and Izumi think the worst.

Might be continued...