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Falling into Koga's Arms

Kagome was sick of it! She was totally and utterly sick of Inuyasha being a stuck up prick all the time! It bugged her to death! She just couldn't stand it anymore! So she was going to take action this time!

Inuyasha had been yelling at Kagome and the others to hurry up non stop for hours now to hurry up. They weren't as fast as him and couldn't always keep up to his standards of "making good time". They hadn't found a jewel shard in over a week, so Inuyasha had been pushing them harder and harder every day. All three humans and the one little kitsune were about to collapse.

Finally, Kagome just yelled "SIT!" and Inuyasha got a huge mouthful of dirt. "What the hell was that for!" he yelled in rage. "For not letting us rest for the past few days! We are completely exhausted and we won't go another step. Miroku get camp set up we are going to rest here!" Kagome rebuked. Miroku and Sango got to work immediately.

"No, we are not going to rest yet! We need to find a jewel shard first!" he was answered with a "SIT!" from Kagome. "What the hell! Stop sitting me! I just want to find the shards before Naraku does."

"Well that gives you know good reason to work us to death! Just give us some time to rest. I haven't sensed shards for a while, anyway." She said a little more lightly this time.

"Well then I guess the only thing you are doing for us is slowing us down. You are only good for your shard detecting power anyway. Also, I am really sick of protecting you all the time! I mean look at Sango, she protects herself just fine. Look at Miroku; he too, can protect himself! Hell, even Shippou can, but you can't. GAH!" After he had said that it really hit him. What he just said was the most hurtful thing he could possibly say. He basically told her she was worthless.

He closed his eyes as he waited for another sit and another face full of dirt, but it never came. It was quiet. He slowly opened his eyes. Everyone's faces were in shock, every mouth was practically on the ground. Except for Kagome's.

Her head was slightly bent down and her bangs covered her eyes. The parts of her face he saw were completely stone and he couldn't read her expression.

"Kagome I'm so sor-" he was cut off by Kagome whose voice was dripping with hate. "Shut up! I don't want to hear it!" Her head slowly rose to where he could see the anger and hurt in her eyes, but it was still cold as stone. Tears were now streaming down her face.

"I didn't mean i-" he was cut off again by her. "I said shut up! I guess that if I am nothing but a nuisance to you I will just go." As she said that she turned around and headed toward the forest. "If you follow me I swear to god Inuyasha I will never, ever forgive you!"

"Kagome wait!" Shippou yelled. But Kagome kept walking right on into the forest not even looking back. Shippou began to run after her, but Miroku grabbed him. Shippou began to cry and kick, but the monk had a good grip on him. "Shippou stop. She will be back soon, she just needs time to herself and to teach Inuyasha a lesson." He spoke softly to the kitsune until he stopped crying and kicking. "You promise she will be back? What if she gets hurt?" he sobbed. "Yes, and don't worry about Kagome she is strong and persistent. She just needs the night to herself.

As soon as Shippou settled down Miroku set him on the ground and went back to setting up camp with Sango pretending not to have seen or heard what had just gone on with Kagome and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was still standing in the same spot and was still dumbfounded by Kagome's words and actions. Also, his own words and actions made him want to just kill himself.

"Inuyasha! Look what you did! You drove off Kagome and she might not want to ever come back! It's your entire fault! I will never forgive you, I hate you!" He ran up to Inuyasha and began to beat on his leg.

Inuyasha didn't even look at Shippou and ran off into the forest. But he went the opposite way Kagome did. He decided that he would spend the night in the forest by himself. He didn't want to talk to any body. He just wanted to be alone.


She was ready to murder him! Not being strong, comparing her to the others, and telling her she was only good for one thing! Come on! How could he be so mean to her? She was trying wasn't she?

So she left. As simple as that. She left. She decided that a few days by herself in the woods wouldn't be that bad. Hell, it might be fun.

She would show Inuyasha that she can do stuff by herself. She might even get a jewel shard and prove him even more that she didn't need him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the barking of dogs. What? Why were dogs barking? Is that a bad thing? Should she run? Her questions were soon answered.


Koga had already gone to bed when all the wolves had started to bark, growl, and howl. He was tired and he only had a little time to sleep before he had to get up to take his turn as look out. He told the wolves to go get the intruder and come back as soon as they were done.

After a half hour it was Koga's turn as look out and he switched places with Hakkaku. Hakkaku informed Koga that the wolves weren't back and that he should check on them. He assured him he would find the wolves and that ha should go to bed. Koga stood up and shook the sleep out of his eyes and spun up a cyclone with the jewel shards in his legs and followed the wolves' scent.


Soon she was face to face with a pack of about ten growling wolves. They were big, brown, and looked mean. She was about to high tail it back to camp when she remembered that she had a job to do a pulled out an arrow and pointed it at a extra big one.

She was about to let it loose when she noticed that they stopped growling and just stared. All of the wolves' heads were slightly tilted to the side in one direction or another. They just stared and gave her that same look that Inuyasha gave her when he wanted something. The puppy dog pout. They all had big giant cute looking eyes that said "Pet me!" It always worked on her and she was about to give in now.

One of the smaller wolves moved closer and she pointed the arrow at him. He came closer and closer, until he was close enough for her to reach out and touch it. It came right up to her with that cute face that made her want to cry. She could have sworn that its lip was quivering. It just came and lay at her feet.

It didn't do anything but sit on her feet with its head in its paws. She didn't know what to do she didn't know if it was a trick or what but it was one good trick because she definitely falling for it. She just couldn't point the arrow at that cute face anymore. So she slowly bent down to pet it. She gently touched its back. It didn't do anything. It just lifted its head up to look at her.

So she pet it more and more. It was amazing how soft the wolf's fur was. She sat on the ground next to the wolf and just sat there and pet it.

When the others came and lay around her she was a little nervous, but they were all really tame and she was really comfortable around the gentle giants. After about another half hour of sitting there with the wolves she heard a large gust of wind blew around her and the wolves. The breeze quickly disappeared and soon afterwards there was a rustle I the bushes and she popped up onto her feet in battle stance. The wolves were fine though.