It felt like there was an impression of the tree bark permanently on his ass

It felt like there was an impression of the tree bark permanently on his ass. It was early dawn and the sun was just beginning to show its rays over the horizon. It wouldn't have been as warm if it wasn't for Kagome's warm body pressed against his bare chest. He kissed the top of her head and sat and waited for her to wake up.

Thoughts flooded through his mind of the night before. He smiled. He now knew where he was in Kagome's heart and it made the butterflies arise in his stomach, but they were quickly dampened when he thought about the fact that Kagome was still confused about her love for him. He knew that he loved her and always will, but Kagome on the other hand… His thoughts were interrupted by someone's voice calling Kagome's name.

He recognized the voice, and a moment later another familiar voice called her name. Oh no. Her companions were looking for her after she didn't come back last night and they brought the dog with them, and here he and Kagome were sitting half naked straddling each other.

"Kagome, wake up, babe." Koga lightly rubbed her back and whispered her name in her ear. "Come on babe, we gotta get clothes on." She lightly stirred, but didn't wake up like he had hoped. But then the thought occurred to Koga, 'Why would he care if the mutt saw them?' He had the idea to just stay like this, just to put the mutt in its place, but discarded it. He knew Kagome wouldn't like that.

He repeated her name in a bit louder voice, but she once again stirred, but didn't wake. He needed to take drastic measures, Koga lifted Kagome's chin to his face and began to kiss her, sliding his tongue into her motionless lips, which caused her to awaken and gasp.

When Kagome understood what was happening and who it was she smiled and kissed him back. She enjoyed her lightly sweet morning kiss with Koga, but before they separated Miroku came out of the forest line and looked up at the couple, and saw their attire, what they were doing, and the odd position they were sitting in and his eyes presently widened.

Koga smirked and turned to the monk "Good morning. You mind giving us a minute to get ready for the day?" And without a word Miroku spun around, still in minor shock and ran to detour Inuyasha from the scene that awaited right ahead.

The pair turned to each other and laughed, "Do you mind bringing me down so I can put my shirt on before anyone else finds us like this?" Koga smirked "I prefer you like this, but if you must." He wrapped an arm around her and with one light jump, safely landed on the ground and set the girl down. Kagome quickly slipped on her shirt and picked his armor up from the ground. "Need help putting this back on?" She smiled looked up at him. He smirked "I would love the help."

She slid his armor up his arms slowly, making sure he watched her and kissed his chest gently before covering it up with the hard armor. She made sure to latch the sides very slowly, trying to make her time with. She knew she wasn't going to see him soon.

Right at that moment a cry arose and through the bushes crashed Inuyasha, his face red and anger clearly showing on his face. He growled murderously, as he shook with anger. "You! Wolf! I'm going to kill you! How dare you steal my Kagome! You are never to touch her!" Inuyasha raised a hand and cracked his knuckled, making a quick lunge towards Koga, who presently stood there with a smirk, but right before Inuyasha made it to Koga, Kagome jumped in front of him with a murderous glare of her own.

With all the breath she had she yelled at the top of her lungs "INUYASHA SIT!" With a large thud the dog demon's face impacted with the hard ground. A loud grunt came from the body shaped crater that was only inches away from her feet. When the white head came back up, swaying in dizziness from the hard hit. "Inuyasha! Don't you ever say such things! If you ever again threaten Koga's life, I will make sure I sit you so much you almost lose yours! And if you EVER claim that I am yours, without my consult, I will never speak to you again!" She huffed in anger.

Koga smiled at the scene that had unfolded in front of him. He was very ready to fight the dog demon, but before he could react Kagome jump in front of him and made his day with the words that poured out of her mouth to the unsuspecting Inuyasha. All the anger that radiated of f of her made him smile, she is normally such a calm girl, but she let all her anger out in one burst and she turned red in the act of doing so.

By now the whole ground had found them and were at the tree line, watching the outburst from the very very angry and now flustered Kagome. They had come after Inuyasha had forced his way past Miroku, who had done all in his power to keep him from barging in on the scene that would for surely crush the poor boy's ego, but Inuyasha quickly overpowered him and ran in and was presently five feet under ground taking the mental beating of his life from little Kagome.

As Kagome began to shoot her second round of word bullets before Koga put his hand over her mouth to quiet her and get her attention. "I think you've said enough, Kagome. I think its best if I leave now and check how things are at the wolf den. I'm sure everything has gone to ell with just Ginta and Hakkaku there. Remember to consider what I told you." He bent down and quickly placed a light kiss on her lips and whispered in her ear "Thanks for the fun time, babe." With that he turned in the direction of the den and sped away before anyone could take another breath.

After Koga had left, everything returned to some semblance of normal, all at camp, except for the sulking Inuyasha, who sat in a tree, his pride still hurt from earlier. No one spoke of the morning's happenings, or asked what happened the night before, but there was an uneasiness still floating in the air.

But as things settled into late afternoon Sango had set her sights on finding out what DID go down the night before between Kagome and Koga, and she was going to get it straight out of Kagome's mouth. So Sango composed her devious plan to lure Kagome down to the hot springs alone and get the dirt.

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