Chapter 1

After their defeat at The Fire Nation, Aang along with Katara, Sokka, and Toph, and the new member of the Gaang, Haru, Teo and The Duke, flew to the Western Air Temple. All were quite thinking of the one's they left behind. Katara was resting on the Appa's saddle looking out at the passing sky. She squinted her eyes as she looked out.

"What is that?" She said seeing something in the distance following them.

Sokka walked over and looked out to see what his sister was looking at.

"It looks like a war balloon." Teo said, looking along with them.

"Why would there be a war balloon following us?" Sokka asked

" Do you really want an answer genius" Toph said.

"No I mean, there is no reason for one to be following us for this long." Sokka explained to Toph, "If they've been following us since we left the capital then they should have already attacked us."

"Maybe it's a tracker." Haru said, "Following us then reporting back to tell others where we are going."

"Either way" Aang spoke up, "We can't have it follow us. The Western Air Temple is the closest, and safest place to rest until we plan our next attack."

"Aang, Katara," Sokka spoke up, "We need you to make a cloud cover up. See if we can get it off our trail."

Aang stood up as Sokka took Appa's reigns. Together, Katara and Aang bended the clouds around Appa.

It wasn't long before they reached the Western Air Temple. Toph lifted her hand up and made a platform for everyone to get off Appa. Haru and Sokka helped Teo off, and The Duck jumped on the plat form with them. Katara got off Appa, still looking out in the distance.

Aang slide off Appa and walked over to Katara. "I'm sure we lost it."

"Something is me is telling me we haven't."

"So what do want us to do." Sokka said as he walked over to Katara.

"Maybe one of us should stand guard each night?" Aang said "Not just because of the war balloon, but just for the sake of it. We cannot risk anyone knowing we are here."

"I'll take the first night." Katara said.

"Are you sure?" Aang asked, "I was going to suggest I would..."

"No Aang," Katara said, "I want you to get some sleep. Everyone else too. We all had a long day, I don't mind staying up."

Everyone one looked around. No one was complaining, and if Katara wanted to, none of them had a problem. They all started to get ready to go to sleep. Unpacking their belongings.

"Hey Teo," Sokka said, "First thing tomorrow, I promise you I'm gonna build you a chair. Might not be like your Dad's but It'll do."

"Really? Thanks Sokka " Teo smiled

"Katara are you sure you don't want me to stay up with you?" Haru asked

"I'm fine Haru." Katara said, "Good night everyone."

It was late, and after their long day Katara was exhausted. She didn't mind volunteering to stay up and keep watch. However she dozed off for a bit that night. She awoke with a start. She thought she heard something. She grabbed her water skin and headed over to where she thought she heard the noise. She moved away a tree to see the War Balloon that had been following them. No one was in it. Where were they,

"It's you." She heard a voice say. It didn't take Katara long to recognize the voice. She turned around to see Zuko standing right behind her. She opened her water skin and shot a stream of water at him, knocking him off the cliff. Katara ran over to the side to see Zuko holding on to the ledge. "Listen I have to talk to you about something! Please just let me explain myself."

Katara could have easily walked away leaving Zuko to fall to his death. But she gave a sigh and reached out her hand, pulling Zuko up. "Are you alright?" She asked

"Yes," He said catching his breath.

"Good." Katara said, right before pulling out a water wipe hitting Zuko.

"What was that for?"

"That was for attacking my village," She struck him again with a water blast, "That's for what happen at the North Pole." She created Ice disk and threw them at Zuko, to which he dodge, "That is for tying me to a tree." She created an ice dagger and and threw it toward Zuko, catching the collar of his shirt, pinning him to a tree. "And that is for what happen at Ba Sing Se."

"Are you done?"

She created one more ice dagger and walked up to Zuko. With the dagger in his face she asked "Why are you here? It's bad enough that all of our fathers were captured today, now you've come and you are going to report back to your father about where Aang is?"

"Will you shut up you Water Peasants!"

"Yeah I am so going to listen to you now after you insulted me."

"Look I don't know your name what am I suppose to say."

"How about 'Hey what's your name.'" Katara said, "And it's Katara by the way."

"Fine, Katara," Zuko said, "I need to talk to the Avatar."


"I just need to tell him something."

Katara thought about it for bit. She looked at Zuko, who actually looked quite pitiful pinned to the tree. She sighed, "Fine," An Idea came across her head, "But I'm staying with you two."

"Aang...Aang walk up."

Aang slowly opened his eyes. He saw two figures standing over him. He rubbed his eyes to see that it was Katara with Zuko! Aang jumped up "AHHH" he yelled walking everyone up.

Sokka woke up and saw Zuko. He grabbed his sword and ran toward Zuko grabbing his through and pinning him against the wall. "Toph, Haru, hold him down."

Toph and Haru hit the wall creating hand cuffs. Sokka had his sward right on Zuko's through. The Duke was there also with his spear.

"What do you want?" Sokka said though his teeth.

"I've just want to talk to the Avatar." Zuko said

Everyone turned toward Toph. She shrugged. "It's the truth, thought I still don' believe it. If he is as a good liar as his sister."

"It is the truth!" Zuko said louder.

"Well Lets let him hear what he has to say." Aang said. Aang knobbed and Haru removed the hand cuff and Sokka and The Duke backed away

"I'm going to stay with you two." Katara said, "Toph you better stay too." Everyone left, them. Zuko turned to Katara. She looked like she was getting in a waterbending stance. But she had no water near her, what was she doing. She raised her hands up and Zuko arms and legs locked. Then in one move she moved her hand down and Zuko fell to his knees. "You are going to say what you need to say. You are not going to move and Toph will make sure you are telling the truth."

"What are you doing?" Zuko said through his teeth,


Zuko sighed."...want to join you."

"Wait...What?" Aang said

"I want to join you, and help you defeat my father."

Aang and Katara looked toward Toph, who's mouth hung open. They took that as he was telling the truth.

"Why?" Aang asked, "I mean, since I been here, you've been chasing me and my friends around the world. You kidnapped me, and helped the fall of Ba Sing Se."

"Hey I rescued you from Zhoa also."

"So you can capture me and bring me to your father." Aang said. "So why now?"

Zuko turned his head to see Katara still standing over him. He sighed " I want to help regain peace in this world. I'm sure my Great-Granfather would have wanted it."

"Fire Lord Sozin?" Aang asked

Zuko sighed once more, "Avatar Roku."

"WHAT!" They heard Sokka scream.

"Sokka how long have you been standing there?" Katara asked putting her hand down, freeing Zuko.

"Since I saw you blood bender the angry jerk."

"Ok one," Zuko said getting up facing Katara, "Blood bending."

"Don't mention it please." Katara said in a soft voice.

"And two, " Zuko said facing Sokka "Why were you listening.

"You think I let you, Mr. Angry-Pony-Tail-Freak anywhere near Aang"

"Will you shut you you Water Tribe Idiot."

"Alright quite!" Aang said getting up. "If Toph say's Zuko is telling the truth, then he can be trusted."

"Are you crazy Aang!" Sokka said. "How can we trust what this jerk has put us through."

" Alright enough!" Katara yelled. "Look I don't trust Zuko as much as you all do. But, "She sighed and looked toward Zuko, " Something tells me we should."

The Duke raised his hand, "So what are we going to do now?"

"The only thing we can do is get some sleep." Aang said.

"No way am I sleeping with that jerk 5 feet from me." Sokka said pointing to Zuko.

"Idea!" Toph perked up. She punched the wall creating handcuffs for Zuko. "Problem solved"

"What problem is that?" Zuko said toward Toph.

"You won't try any funny business." Toph Smiled as she laid down

"Alright guys" Aang yawned, "Lets get some sleep. In the morning, we are going to set up some ground rules

Zuko went to close his eyes but before he heard a "psst" He looked up to see Sokka. His eyes were narrowed, as he gave Zuko the "I'm watching you" sign, Sokka laid back down. Zuko rolled his eyes then fell the sleep.