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Sharkboy, Max and Max's sister, Katie, were out by the beach. Sharkboy was angry, not a big surprise.

"Max! What did you do? You said eventually you'd tell me why I feel like this and i'm SICK of waiting!" He yelled.

Max shook his head, his longish blonde hair flailing along with it. Katie, who unlike him had very long black hair, put her hand on her younger brother's shoulder.

"Sharky, calm down." She said. He growled.

"Don't call me that." He said.

"How come Lavagirl can?" Katie shot back rather smugly. Sharkboy shot her a poisenous glare.

"You know." he said. He didn't even need to ask. Something unknown to him was it was particially her falt. She had influenced the idea on her brother by accident only a month or two after he had originally dreamed them.

"Maz, tell me." Sharkboy looked at Max with a look in his eyes that screamed for an answer. Max took a deep breath.

"IdreamtyouwithacrushonLavagirl." He breathed out at once. He flinched away, awaiting a sharkfrenzy.

Sharkboy's eyes grew wide.

"WHAT! That's why i feel like this? That's why I'm falling apart? That's not what my personality is supposed to be like! You've ruined my reputation Max!" He yelled.

Lavagirl walked down onto the beach. Much to Sharkboy's dismay, heard the whole thing. Sharkboy was facing the ocean, his back to her. She looked at Katie and Max with question in her eyes. Katie merely nodded while Max looked ashamed. She walked up behind her desheveled friend.

"Sharky?" She asked qiuetly. His eyes grew wide as he slowly turned around.

"How much?" He asked.

"All of it, I'm really sorry, i didn't mean to, I was just up on the rocks and i heard it and i was intrested because you never said anything to me and..." She trailed off.

Sharkboy closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable but that's how it happened. It's not my fault and i can't control it." He kept going as Max ran up to Lavagirl. Telling her an detail he had not gotten the chance to tell Sharkboy.

"If you love him, you won't burn him." He whispered, then stepped backwards a few steps.

Lavagirl hesitantly put two fingers on a leaf near her, it sizzled and i hole burned into the center. She took a deep breath.

"Sharkboy?" He opened his eyes. Slowly, she put her right hand to the left side of his face. Nothing happened. He looked at her increduously (A/N, Sp?).

They leaned in, closing the gap between them. To Lavagirl, the kiss she recieved was better than anything. It was sweet and gentle, but you could feel a want, a need. The world around her melted away, it was only her and the boy in front of her.

Sharkboy relized then and there, that this wasn't a simple crush that soon would blow over. No, He loved her. He hated this fact, but loved it all the same...

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