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The five brothers looked at one another and realized just how close knit that they were. "Mom and Dad did a good job with us, didn't they?" John's soft-spoken question made the others think about the positive role models that they had in their parents even though Lucy had died so many years ago. "And Gramps and Grandma?"

"Yeah, Johnny, they all taught us the importance of family and the strength of such a tight-knit family." Scott didn't bother to try and hide his feelings for his brothers and the love and respect he felt for each of them sparkled in his eyes as he gazed at each of them in turn. "I'm proud to call you my brothers and never would I trade one of you…despite the annoying traits that a couple of you exhibit."

Chuckling happily, Gordon raised his glass of lemonade, "A toast to Gramps, Grandma, Dad, and Mom for raising us to care for one another and to close ranks to protect each other when called for." The gentle clink of five glasses tapping against each other tightened their bond that much more.

"For once, Gordy is right," Virgil teased.

Scott's eyes narrowed in thought and that slight movement drew John's attention. "Oh, shit."

Virgil looked at his next oldest brother in confusion just as Scott's grin widened to a full-blown smile. "Aww, Scotty, don't."

Perplexed at his older brothers' worried expressions, Gordy's gaze finally settled on Scott and he, too, breathed out an "Oh, shit" like John had done.

"We're screwed, aren't we?" Alan had caught on and knew that Scott's smile didn't bode well for the younger brothers.

Still smiling, Scott set his glass down on the deck and sat up so that he could jump up at a moment's notice to escape his brothers if need be. "Today was the best present that any of you could have given me. But because all of you were here makes it the best present I've ever gotten." Swallowing over the sudden lump in his throat, he glanced down at his hands. "Sometimes I forget to tell you how much I love all of you." Blushing a bit at his sudden admittance, he flashed a slightly embarrassed smile. "Okay, enough of the mushy shit. I have something else I need to say…well, make that four somethings." Nervously, the younger Tracys glanced at one another while waiting for Scott to embarrass them just as he'd promised. Only he wasn't going to just wait until each of them celebrated their thirtieth birthday. "Johnny, I know that you tried to emulate me when it came to dating but getting caught in flagrante with what's-her-name in the barn by Gramps is so not something that I'd have recommended." A deep blush crept up John's neck and covered his face as his younger brothers howled with laughter…until Scott continued. "And Virgil? When you decided to cut school with Annie so that you could get her to 'pose' for an art project, you shouldn't have gone to her house. Seriously, Grandma was not happy when Mr. Banks came to the house, pissed as hell that he caught you on top of his daughter." This time only Gordon and Alan laughed. John and Virgil were oddly subdued and just a bit embarrassed that their big brother knew about at least one of their trysts. "Did you honestly believe that the CPR excuse would work when you were just as naked as she was?"

"You tried that excuse?" Gordon managed to say before doubling over, holding his belly as his laughter ripped from deep inside.

"Gordy, I haven't finished yet." Scott's reminder sobered the prankster just a bit. "Breaking and entering is a stupid thing to do but to break into a natatorium just so that you can go swimming is just…well, there really isn't a word for it. But I loved the excuse you gave when you got caught swimming laps…naked and drunk, "Officer, I was just getting some laps in when an alien ripped my trunks off of me and then probed me with this thing…in my butt." Gordy, how you avoided going to jail that night is beyond me but I'm sure that the cops thought you were hilarious." This time John and Virgil couldn't hold back, their laughter rang out uninhibited. Even Gordon joined in after a moment because hey, that story was damn funny.

"Allie's turn," Virgil said, wondering just what Scott had on their baby brother.

"Ahh, Alan, no matter how old you get, you're always going to be the baby brother and we all have material on you that is downright embarrassing. Like this particular memory…Before you ever confront a parent, especially our dad about certain 'reading' materials, you'd best not have admitted to acquiring said materials and using them for your own 'entertainment'." Stifling a grin, Scott continued, "And when Dad said you'd best get a handle on things, he didn't mean it the way you took it." A sudden silence was pierced by the uproarious laughter that followed Scott's final embarrassing revelation. And not a moment too soon as their watches all started vibrating.

"Boys, a call has come in. Return home at once." Jeff's voice was tinny coming from their watches. "You're all going out on this one."

"F.A.B." Five distinct voices responded as Virgil ran to the pilot's house while Gordon and Alan retracted the anchors. John ran after Virgil in case he was needed. Scott took the time to relax before he would be speeding to help those in need in his beloved Thunderbird One. He would be the first on the scene so his brothers could relax in Two while he was busy coordinating rescue efforts and gathering any and all necessary information pertinent to the rescue.

Humming to himself, he couldn't help but utter those infamous words that his father had said so many times since the inception of International Rescue, "Thunderbirds Are GO!"