Wicked Game

Author: Tara aka LovinJackson

Summary: An unexpected voicemail message sends the boys on wild goose chase to reclaim what is rightfully theres, unknowingly playing into the hands of a forgotten enemy.

Disclaimer: Nope ... I still dont own any of them :P

Authors Notes: This whole story is a big shout out to Gaelicspirit!! Alot of the outline of this storyline is a credit to her and I hope it turns out what you expected, GS.This is for you!! Thanks for all your support and friendship!!

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Now onto the story ...

Chapter 1. The Message.

The rocking and swaying of the ferry, the sound of the water beneath them, the wind on his face, it was refreshing. Almost like a feeling of freedom. They didn't get to just stop and take in the things around them very often. The two hour ferry ride back to Charlevoix, Michigan had given them the opportunity to do just that.

There was no immediate hunts lined up, no internet connection to hook his laptop up to. So Sam did the only thing he could do, enjoyed the short reprieve from their insane lives and tried to forget about his brothers shortening expiry date.

A groan from behind him had Sam smiling as he waited for his brother to reach him. He didn't have to wait long. Moments later he felt Dean's arm brush against his as Dean also leant against the railing of the ferry to look over the edge.

Sam took a moment to study his brother. The older hunter looked miserable, pale with an almost greenish tinge and looked like he was going to be sick. Usually seeing Dean so sick would have Sam hovering and worried but this time he just found it amusing.

It had been Dean's idea to take on their latest hunt. Beaver Island, the name had caught his eye and Sam remembered the jokes and comments flying out of his brother's mouth. It had caused a lot of eye rolls.

The first hiccup on the hunt was having to leave the Impala behind. Dean hadn't wanted to leave it behind but he hadn't wanted to take it across the water either. In the end the cost of having to take the car to and from the Island had made their decision. Bobby had been called and the Impala had been stashed, protected, in a friend's yard nearby until they got back.

In their line of work they usually stayed on land. Aside from that one time in Pennsylvania and the demon possessed co-pilot Dean wouldn't go near a plane. And in the two and a half years that they had been hunting together again they hadn't once been on the water, until now. Sam loved it. He loved everything about it. Dean on the other hand obviously liked travelling on the water as much as he liked travelling through the air. He wasn't petrified like he was with flying but it hadn't taken long in their two hour trip to Beaver Island for sea sickness to kick in, and a bad case of it at that.

The sea sickness hadn't been the worse of it.

"Oh God …" Dean had his eyes closed. The flexing in his jaw muscles told Sam that Dean was trying to keep his lunch down. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Sam couldn't keep the amused smirk off his face. "It wouldn't be the first time on this hunt."

"Shut up, Sam!"

Sam laughed. "Do I need to remind you whose brilliant idea it was to take on this hunt?" Sam grabbed his brother by the upper arm and pulled him away from the railing.

"Shut up, Sam," Dean muttered his eyes still closed as he fought the vertigo.

"Besides," Sam said as he guided Dean to the chair beside them. "I didn't think it was that bad."

Once seated Dean opened one eye and glared at the younger man. "Jesus staring at you all night didn't give you the creeps?"

Jesus. Sam remembered his brother's disturbed reaction to the life-size Jesus statue in their room. The 'Brothers Place' was owned for over seventy years by the Christian Brothers Religious Group and even though new owners had taken over Sam wasn't surprised to see that the setting of the lodge was still very religious. Wall murals with excerpts from the bible on them, statues and pictures had been spread out everywhere. Sam couldn't work out what his brother had been expecting but he knew that the older hunter hadn't gotten much sleep, complaining that he couldn't sleep with 'freaking Jesus' staring at him.

It turned out that Dean's uneasiness about the statue had been warranted. The ghost that had been haunting the lodge and scaring visitors and staff had been attached to the statue. How they lucked out having the thing in their room Sam didn't know, but Dean had taken great pleasure in destroying the thing.

"Not really." Sam admitted. It felt weird not sensing that anything was up with the statue when Dean obviously had. But then he wasn't sure whether Dean had been weirded out because of the ghost or simply didn't like having a humongous Jesus statue in their room.

"Freaky ass thing …" Dean's eyes closed again and he swallowed thickly. He groaned deep in his throat as another wave of nausea washed over him.

Sam pushed Dean's head down so it was between his knees. "Just breathe deeply. We're almost there."

It looked like they would be sticking with land transportation for a while if Dean's reaction to flying and boats was anything to go by.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" Dean moaned, not looking up at his brother.

Sam thought back to the hotel with all the dolls and the ghost of the little girl. Dean had been amused at Sam's expense when he had been suffering through a hangover. This was close enough to payback for Sam so ... "Not at all, Dean." His voice was laced with humorous sarcasm.

Dean snorted but otherwise remained quiet as he rode out this bout of sea sickness. This whole Ferry ride was making him appreciate his beloved Impala even more than he already did.

Thinking of the Impala made him nervous. They had been on Beaver Island for three whole days. She had been sitting in the yard of some tow truck driver friend of Bobby's for that whole time and Dean didn't like it at all. Granted it was better than paying for parking when they had a whole arsenal of weapons in the trunk but he still didn't like it.

The Ferry dipped unexpectedly and Dean groaned as he felt his stomach jump up into his throat from the motion, like when you were on a really fast roller coaster and it dipped all of a sudden. Dean had no problems with roller coasters. In fact he thought that they were fun. But for some unknown reason he was sea sick and the ups and downs of the ferry on the bigger waves was making him feel even worse.

Sam reached out for the railing to keep his balance. They were almost near the dock now. "It's okay Dean." Sam took pity on his brother. "The Ferry is just slowing down. It mean's we're almost there, Dude."

"I'm fine."

Sam shook his head and laughed quietly at the man's stubbornness. Here Dean was hunched over trying not to be sick and yet he still insisted that he was fine. Sam could admit that he had no room t talk though. Stubbornness. That damn Winchester Stubbornness was something that they had both inherited from their father. Sam was desperately hoping that it was this same stubbornness that was going to pull them through when it came to finding a way out of Dean's deal.

Every time Sam thought about losing his brother he felt like he was suffocating. He couldn't do this without Dean. He couldn't live without his brother around, especially not when it was entirely his fault that Dean was going to hell in the first place. Dean, of all people, did not deserve to burn in hell for eternity. He deserved to be happy. He deserved to get the things that he wanted in life, whatever that was. Sam was going to make damn sure that Dean wouldn't have to know what hell fire felt like and he didn't care if it put his life on the line because his life was forfeit if he allowed his brother to suffer that fate.

Dean concentrated on breathing slowly in and out as he rode the wave of nausea. Once he felt he was over it he risked opening his eyes and saw that Sam was no longer standing next to him holding onto the railing but seated on the other side of him. Dean glanced at his little brother, quickly checking him over. The hunt had been a miserable time for him but Sam hadn't exactly been living it up either. The kid had found Dean's trouble with the whole place amusing until the spirit had made itself known in the Jesus statue and Sam's back had met harshly with their motel room wall. He had been out for a few seconds and seemed a little stiff afterwards but otherwise seemed fine. Dean wasn't one to just forget about those facts though. Despite his annoying sickness he had been trying to keep a close eye on Sam to make sure there were no lingering complications with the slight head injury.

As Dean studied his brother it seemed that the younger boy was still fairing better than him. Dean snorted and rubbed his queasy stomach.

"What?" Sam questioned.


Sam shrugged but turned so he was facing his brother a little more. "So ... I called Fiona and she said she would have the Impala waiting for us at the dock."

That got Dean's attention, his head shooting up. "She's driving my car?" The picture of the hillbilly looking tow truck driver behind the wheel of his baby momentarily took his attention away from the swaying and rocking of the Ferry. Fiona was apparently a good friend of Bobby's and Dean appreciated her helping them out with no questions asked but driving his car as a whole other deal.

"Yeah, I thought you'd want to get re-acquainted straight away."

An incredulous look came across Dean's features. "You told her to drive my car?"

"Yes ..." Sam drawled out and then rolled his eyes as he caught onto what had his brother so disturbed. "Dude, she's a tow truck driver. I'm sure she can handle driving the car to us."

"Did you see this woman?" Dean exclaimed. He shook his head in frustration and glared at his brother. "Dude, one mark, one tiny little scratch and I'm so going to kill you."

An announcement over the Ferry's intercom interrupted Sam's answer. They were docking. The trip was over and Dean hadn't looked happier in a long time. Beaver Island had not been as fun as what Dean had been expecting. It had been a freaky pain in the ass and he had just about had his fill of religion being shoved down his throat everywhere he went. They were heading back to normal. They were heading back home to the Impala and the open road. It was time to get back on the hunt for more demons that had escaped from Hell's Gates and send them back where they belonged.

Dean wanted to get as many of the sons of bitches as he possibly could before his time was up. That and trying to look after his brother, preparing him for the inevitable was the only things that were keeping Dean sane. They were keeping his mind off what was awaiting him which was a good thing because if he were allowed to slow down and think about it, really think about it, then he might let slip just how terrified he actually was. Sam was already convinced he was scared and had called him on it. This was obviously something that he couldn't hide from his brother but he'd be damned if he would let himself dwell on it. If he dwelled on it then Sam would and he didn't want that for him.

The problem was Dean wasn't sure what terrified him more, what awaited him in Hell or Sam dropping dead for interfering in the deal. It was something that plagued his mind everyday because he knew that Sam was determined to find a way to get him free of his fate. Sam was like a dog with a bone when he wanted something and nothing was going to stop him if he really wanted to do something about it ... short of tying him up, but they hadn't reached that stage yet.

When the Ferry finally stopped and passengers started disembarking Sam stood and reached out an open hand to his brother, an offer of assistance. Despite Dean's initial thoughts that he could handle that himself Dean grasped Sam's hand and allowed Sam to help him to his shaky feet. It was sometimes allowing Sam the little things that helped a long way in Sam feeling like he was doing something for his big brother. Dean was aware of this and lately more often than not he allowed Sam this because he knew his brother needed it. He needed to feel useful especially when everything he had done to try and help get Dean free of the deal had failed miserably.

Stepping onto dry land was the best feeling Dean had experienced in three days. He was never going to this island again. Beaver Island was not all that it was cracked up to be and if he did happen upon this way again he knew for damn sure that he wouldn't be staying at 'The Brothers Place'. A nice normal motel without all the religious trimmings was definitely what he would be looking for. But then it was a moot point because he had less than a year left and he could think of better places than Beaver Island to spend it.

"Feel better?" Sam asked casually as walked in time with his brother's steps.

"I'll feel better when I see if my car is still intact." he grumbled re-adjusting the duffle strap on his shoulder.

"Oh for God sake ..." Sam began to chuckle but was cut off by Dean stopping mid stride.

"No." Dean pointed his index finger at Sam. "No more God, Jesus, Christ or any other religious comments for at least a week."

Sam did laugh then. "Dude, it wasn't that bad."

"Says the guy who prays everyday," Dean remarked throwing Sam a sidelong glance. "Not my thing, Sammy."

"Yeah." Sam sighed. "I got that the few thousand times you mentioned it. As I said before, do I have to remind you who suggested we take on this hunt?"

"Yeah, whatever, dude." the older hunter waved him off with a flick of his hand.

The sight of the Impala was truly a sight for sore eyes. She was gleaming in the daylight like she was happy to see him. Dean smiled. Damn he was happy to see her too. His eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of the overall wearing female tow truck driver sitting on his hood. "What the hell..." he muttered under his breath.

"Dean ..." Sam started.

Fiona saw the boys approaching the Impala and quickly jumped off from her perch on the hood. She smiled a toothless grin as they got closer not noticing the murderous look that Dean was throwing her way. "Hey boys," she greeted. "How was your trip?"

"Just fucking dandy," Dean muttered.

Sam threw Dean an exasperated look. When Dean was in a bad mood he usually tended to let everyone around know it. This time was no exception but Fiona doing anything remotely dangerous to his car hadn't helped Dean's agitation. Sam smiled at her. "Don't mind him, he had a bad time. Who knew Dean Winchester got sea sick."

Fiona's eyes softened and she reached out a hand to the oldest Winchester. "Oh you poor Darlin'."

"I'm fine." Dean grumbled stepping out of her grasp. His concentration had left the conversation and was looking for any marks on the hood and anywhere else on his cars shiny black paint.

Fiona looked to Sam when Dean seemed to be more interested in greeting his car than her. "Did you ... you know ... get the job done?"

Bobby had told them that Fiona had helped him out of a few jams earlier on in his hunting career. She knew what they did and why they did it but she didn't involve herself other than to help out a few hunters here and there, especially when Bobby recommended them. It felt good to Sam that for once they didn't have to hide what they were doing.

"We handled it." Dean piped up, finished with his inspection, his hand resting on the hood. Just seeing his baby all in one piece had helped calm his stomach and he was feeling a lot better but that didn't mean that he wanted to sit around chit-chatting with Bobby's girlfriend, as he had dubbed her.

"Thanks for all your help with the car, Fiona." Sam thanked her genuinely. It was a relief that he hadn't had to put up with Dean for the whole trip stressed out about his car in some random long term parking lot. He had been worried enough with just leaving her with Fiona.

The tall women grasped Sam's hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. "You're welcome Sam. Friends of Bobby's are friends of mine." She released Sam's hand and looked over the car. "And it's not everyday I get to keep a beauty like her in my yard."

Dean stood up a little straighter at hearing praise for his car. He allowed a small smile. The Impala was definitely one beautiful machine. He ignored Sam's eye roll and walked over to the driver's side door.

"Do you need a lift home?" Sam asked. The look Dean shot him almost had him laughing but he managed to contain himself.

Fiona shook her head. "No thanks boys." She took a couple of steps backwards and pointed her thumb over her shoulder. "I'm meeting a friend for lunch, if you know what I mean."

Dean had a feeling he did and he really didn't want to know. He swallowed thickly but managed a parting smile. "Thanks again and ... have a nice lunch." He quickly dipped down into the driver's seat and started the engine. He impatiently waited for Sam to get seated.

Once Sam was in the car and the door had been shut both boys watched as the tow truck driver walked off down the street to meet her lunch companion. Dean shuddered when Sam brought his gaze to him. "So ... where to?"

"How about we find somewhere to stay for the night and set out fresh tomorrow?" Sam suggested.

"Great idea, I knew there was a reason I kept you around." he quipped as he manoeuvred the car into traffic while Sam tried to figure our where they were going to stay.


Dean shifted on the mattress. He knew it was well into the morning and he should probably think about getting up but it was so comfortable and warm. There was no freaky Jesus watching his every move. He'd had the first bit of uninterrupted sleep he'd had in three days and he wasn't all that happy to let that go just yet. With the waking world came the knowledge that his brother was slowly becoming more and more desperate to keep him alive and he was still going to hell. A few more minutes wouldn't kill him.

They had, or rather Dean had, decided to avoid squatting this time round like they had a lot lately and opted to pay for a motel room. Dean wanted to make sure that he slept in a real bed. He wanted to have a good nights sleep and Sam hadn't argued knowing that although as amusing as the hunt had been for him, Dean really could use a good sleep.

Dean kept his eyes closed as he lay on his stomach. He could hear Sam moving about and then, judging from the tapping of the keys, Sam had stopped at the table to use his laptop.

Dean moaned in contentment, rolling over onto his back and throwing his arm over his eyes.

"About time you woke up." Sam commented from his seat at the computer.

"What time is it?" Dean lifted himself up to lean back against the headboard, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with the palm of his hand.

Sam looked at the time on his computer screen and then back across at his brother. "Almost 11.30 am."

Dean relaxed back against the head board and studied his brother. He silently wondered how long the boy had been awake. He wasn't too concerned because he knew that early mornings was not unusual for the younger hunter, but he did hope that Sam had spent his morning searching for demonic activity and not searching for a way out of the deal.

"Found anything?"

"Bobby called to see how the hunt went. He said he might have picked up something that was close to us, suggested we might wanna check it out."

Throwing the covers off his legs Dean shuffled forward, bringing his bare feet to land on the carpet. He ran a hand through his bed hair making it even messier. "Sounds good to me, dude," he replied.

Pushing off the bed with a tired groan Dean searched through his bag for some clean clothes and found himself amazed at how quickly a Laundromat was needed. It seemed every time they did washing there was more to be done before he knew it. Finally finding a clean shirt and boxers hiding amongst his dirty clothes Dean added the jeans he had worn the day before to his pile and carried it over to the bathroom door. "After I have a shower what do you say we do breakfast?"

Sam looked at the time again and then smirked up at his brother. "Dude, by the time your ready for breakfast it will be lunch time."

"So we have lunch then." Dean shrugged his shoulders. "Food is food to me Sam, no matter what time of day it is."

Sam couldn't argue with that and watched as Dean closed the bathroom door behind him. His attention was brought back to his computer screen and his lack of results. There was so much he needed to know and in such a short time. Some stuff, like Dean's deal, he had help with and others he was all by himself.

Bobby was just as adamant in finding a solution in Dean's Deal as he was and he was never more grateful that they had the man in their lives.

John had been selective with who he let his children see in the hunting community and who he didn't. For the longest time Sam had assumed that his father was one of only a few that lived the hunting life. Bobby, Caleb, Pastor Jim. They had all been healthy influences in his and Dean's lives. They had always been willing to go to bat for the boys, even if John didn't agree.

Pastor Jim had been helpful in his decision to try life outside of hunting and although he regretted how things had ended up, how he had left, pretty much disowning his family but he would never regret having the opportunity to experience normal. He knew he could have handled things better than he had but then John Winchester hadn't been an easy man to deal with, especially if you were his rebelling youngest son. John didn't take in-subordination well and Sam didn't take orders along with his fathers need to know basis very well so they had clashed.

He wished desperately that he could go back and handle things differently. But that was impossible. John was dead. His father was dead and so were Caleb and Pastor Jim. Bobby had stepped up to the plate. At least with Bobby they knew that he would be there if they called him. He would answer his phone. They had backup and more importantly he had someone there working hard to help him with Dean's problem.

Turning off his computer Sam waited for the screen to shut down before closing it and shoving it in his bag. He stood up and looked around the room deciding that while Dean was in the shower he may as well get their stuff together so they could hit the road right away.


"So tell me about this new hunt, Sammy." Dean said around a mouth full of fries.

After they had topped up the Impala they had pulled into the local diner to fuel her owner. The old Chevy was a gas guzzler and Sam noticed that the same could be said about Dean ... only with the human kind of food. And now he was comparing his brother to a car. Sam shook his head to bring himself back to reality.

"The hunt." he repeated.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Yeah. The hunt."

"Right." Sam shifted in his seat preparing to start his spiel on what Bobby had told him over the phone and what he had researched himself. "So ... Bobby heard news of a couple of bus crashes in Boyne City, Michigan."

"Bus crashes?"

"Yep," Sam replied, opening up his laptop to show the other hunter what he had found. "There have been two so far."

"Two doesn't make a pattern, Dude." Dean shrugged, leaning forward to take a bite out of his bacon and cheese burger that was dripping with ketchup.

Sam made a disgusted face at his brother's food, earning him a 'what' look from Dean. "Here. I found this article." he turned the laptop around so that Dean could see.

"Were there any survivors?" Dean asked. Considering the photo that went along with the article it looked doubtful.

"I'm getting to that."

Dean gestured for Sam to continue and then took another bite of his burger. He was used to Sam's long, drawn out, detailed explanations. He wasn't complaining because most of the time Sam did all the research they needed. Sam had always enjoyed the research aspect of hunting and Dean found it to be mostly boring so their positions in their two man team suited Dean fine. Sam was always thorough and Dean knew that the fastest way to get yourself hurt of killed on a hunt was to go into one unprepared.

"So ... Both buses crashed into service stations killing all the passengers except ..." he paused for effect. "...the driver."

"Okay ... I'm still waiting for the punch line. Why is this our type of gig?"

"Apparently both drivers seemed dazed after the crash. Later they both describe their experience as like they couldn't stop themselves, like they were being controlled. They both remember aiming the buses at the service stations and then jumping out."

"Okay, that sounds more like it." Dean dipped a few chips in the mound of ketchup he had poured on his plate and then aimed them straight for his mouth.

"Yeah. We could go interview the driver's maybe? See if it's demon possession or if we can pick up a pattern," Sam suggested, taking a sip of his coke.

"Well they certainly made sure to crash where they would get the biggest effect, the biggest destruction. Sounds like a demons work to me."

"Well we won't know for sure until we get there." Sam twisted his laptop back around and closed it. "Whenever you've had your fill of course." he added with a smirk.

"You can't rush this, spoil sport," Dean griped.

Sam raised an eyebrow. "You sure you don't want more burger with your ketchup?"

"What I cant like my ketchup now?" Dean raised his own eyebrow in retaliation.

"I didn't say anything."

Dean pointed his finger at his brother. "Good. You worry about whatever goes on in that freaky head of yours and I'll worry about how I choose to eat my food." He took a bite and grimaced. "Which isn't exactly that good."

"Then why are you eating it, doofus?" Sam laughed, shaking his head.

Placing the burger back down on his plate Dean leaned back. He brought his own glass of coke to his mouth and took a long drink, draining the glass and washing the taste from his mouth. "Because I was hungry, but apparently no amount of ketchup will help with taste," He grumbled.

"You wanna hit the road?" Sam asked already rising in anticipation.

"Why not." Dean rose from his own seat and followed behind his brother. He only stopped to pay for their meal, begrudgingly. The waitress's weren't even hot! Once outside the boys made their way over to the Impala. "I wanna go through a drive through on the way to Boyne."

"If it will stop you bitching about your stomach ... okay then." Sam opened the door with a familiar squeak and sat down.

Dean followed suit, sliding in behind the wheel and starting her up. His eyes slid towards the glove box. "Hey Sammy, get Dad's phone out and check the voicemail will ya? I haven't checked it since we left on the Ferry." He placed his arm along the back of the leather bench seat and looked over his shoulder as he backed the Impala out of the parking spot.

Once they were on the road and on their way to their next destination Sam flipped open their father's old phone and accessed the man's voicemail. Placing it to his ear Sam waited patiently as the automatic operator went through the usual spiel that he had heard a million times now. Sam rolled his eyes when the first message turned out to be a telemarketer selling beauty makeovers. Sam sat up straighter at the second message causing Dean to look his way.

"Mr. Cage. This is Officer Harrison at the police impound in Hastings, Nebraska. A black Chevy GMC in your name was involved in a robbery. We need you to come in and sign the appropriate papers to collect your vehicle ..."

TBC ...

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