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The Life and Times of a Teenage Skater Boy

"I'm off, then!" The boy called into the house as he stepped out and shut the door. He pulled his chocolate hair into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, walking down his drive way. The teen slung the duffle bag over his shoulder, starting the short walk down the street.

The brunette was headed to his favorite place that was open rain, or shine. He could feel his heart skidder in excitement as he reached the large building. He waved to the woman in charge, and she smiled, signing him in with a quick scribble. He sat down on one of the many benches and lay the stuffed bag down.

He zipped open the new bag, rummaging through it until he found the footwear he was looking for. He pulled them on, tying them tightly. He stood up, looking at his reflection in the full length mirror, drinking his own image in.

His large, opal eyes caught the gazes of many people, even though his family was well known for their strange colored eyes. His hair and eyelashes where both long and dark, which contrasted amazingly with his milky skin and his bright eyes. He realized that, in a weird sort of way, he was, as they say, beautiful.

His tight clothing, used to lessen air pressure, clearly showed each of his defined muscles in his arms and chest, but especially in his legs. His long hair and eyelashes gave him an almost…feminine look, although he clearly wasn't once you say him in action. He was graceful and powerful, the reason he was so good at this sport, and why his opponents respected him.

Said opponents were already inside the great dome attached to the building, and the teen could see them from where he stood. He could see their muscles tense and explode with raw power as they launched themselves into the air. The amazing part was to watch them spin and land easily, like they had not just preformed a difficult jump.

Running a finger across his forehead (a little habit he picked up from his father), he realized with a sigh that the competition was getting better, and he would have to start practicing soon.

"Hey…isn't that…?"

"Oh my god….It is!"

The teen turned his head slightly, to look at the two girls. He noticed that they where whispering about him.

"Neji Hyuuga." Both girls sighed in unison. He smiled softly and gave them a small wave, then headed into the arena.

"He's, like, number one in the country!" The blond shrieked once he had left.

"I know! I hear he's going to be representing Japan next year in the…"

"I KNOW! Oh my god, youngest male ever to compete in the…"

"Olympics…" They sighed together dreamily.

That's right everyone. Neji is a skater boy. A FIGURE skater.


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