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Chapter One

Twilight-Chapter Three- Phenomenon

I could feel the cold rise from him and onto me, and although it was cold, it was quite preferable. His arms were twined around me cautiously, as if he was afraid I'd leave. What a silly idea, I mused. There was no other place I'd rather be than in his arms. He brushed a strand hair out of my face, and lowered his head to mine. His scent sent my thoughts into dizzy circles, until they were no longer coherent.

"Bella," he murmured his face closer to mine now. My heart was raging in wild palpitations. It was obvious that he heard it, as he smiled gently, and placed his palm over my heart. "My sweet Bella," he whispered onto my lips.

I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him as close as it would allow. I wanted every part of him, and at that part I was prepared to throw away my requisition for waiting until marriage. But until that moment came, where I'd instant we let that idea go, he pulled away and smiled. "Bella, I know deep down, that you want to wait until we're married, and as much as I want you, I want us to wait, too."

I nodded, absorbing his logic. We both wanted to wait, but both of us were urging to give ourselves to the other. "You're right." My voice was overflowing with disappointment, why did August thirteenth have to be so damn far away?

"You know what?" he asked.

My eyes popped open a billion times bigger, I was almost afraid they were going to fall out of their sockets, as I intently listened to him. Was he reconsidering…no…no…get it right, Bella, you want to wait! I was screaming at myself, trying to remind myself that it was the right thing to do. For my soul, and his, because he certainly had one. "What?" I asked, regaining my composure, my heartbeat fighting against me.

"We…," he hesitated, as though whatever he wanted to say was bound to hurt me, "we…never did finish that list of our favorite nights together." And then I realized why he had hesitated. Jacob. He had heard us, heard that we were going to marry, when we trying to form that list. I quickly brushed Jacob out of my head and focused back on what we, Edward and I, were talking about.

"You're right," I began, I certainly wanted to know more of his favorite times with me, "let's finish it."

"Well I suppose we should start over," he replied, a smile tearing through his gorgeous face. I sighed inside, swallowing in his beauty. Would I ever get used to this?

"Let's disregard this whole favorite night thing, tell me about your favorite moments we shared. Day or night," I said, well aware we had shared a few unforgettable days, some good and some quite bad.

"Alright, ladies first," he smiled; aware he was dazzling me, again.

I grimaced; I should have known he would have been a gentleman about this. "Ok, Edward," I flashed him a smile before continuing, "let's start when we first we met." I pondered for a moment, recollecting my first day at Forks High School. God, it had been cold. "Not the first day, definitely not, how about when you saved me from the car smothering me to pieces?" I intertwined his hand with mine and gave him a light squeeze waiting for his answer.

"You're telling me that one of your favorite times with us is when you were nearly killed?" His expression was incredulous. I nodded. "And why is that?" He was extremely curious.

"Well, besides the fact you saved me from dying," I smiled, "you well weren't so nasty to me that day." I knew there was another reason why that moment had been my favorite, but I knew if I told Edward, he'd laugh. And although he said he wouldn't, he would, even if it was on the inside.

"Why else?" he asked, clearly reading my face. I shook my head, not wanting to answer. He squeezed me tighter against him, which didn't help my case. The frigidness of his skin wrapped around me in a blanket, one I couldn't escape. I struggled to breathe, not because he was crushing me, but because our closeness was causing my heart to have a seizure in my chest and his delicious scent didn't help.

"You'll laugh at me," I mumbled.

"No, I won't," he promised, holding me tighter.

The words rolled off my tongue so fast, that I thought for a moment he didn't understand, but this was Edward so of course he understood. "Because you held me." I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, hot and strong.

A light chuckle erupted from his perfect lips before he instantly remembered that he wouldn't laugh. "I liked that moment too, maybe not at the time, but I particularly enjoy holding you." He tucked a hair behind my ear, and continued on, "You know, Bella, if you ever want me to hold you, just say so, don't almost get run over by a car." I smiled as he crushed his lips against mine, once more.

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