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Eclipse- Chapter 20- Compromise

I shouldn't have been so mushy, so much like a melted marshmallow, but it was hard, far too hard, when Edward was dazzling me to say no or even think about it. I already knew what Edward's moment was, knew it back and forth, left and right, so well I could tell it myself, much quicker, too. Because I knew Edward was planning on stretching out this moment much, much longer than the other ones he had revealed to me.

I tried to even out the stutters that erupted from my heart, all louder than the previous, and it was clear Edward knew or rather heard. He smiled, his crooked smile taunting me with perfection, a perfection I could never quite get used to, but rather enjoyed. If you can't beat them, you can certainly enjoy them. I knew it was most definitely not the quote, not traditional or ordinary, but since when was there anything ordinary or traditional about Edward and I?

His fingers, limp and cool, traced uneven circles on my face, his fingers memorizing every curve, every angle that it held. I let my lips curve upward, let my heartbeat slow down, or perhaps it did that on its own. I let myself relax in the arms of the only one I felt safe in, the only one who had the most trouble not killing me. It seemed like an oxymoron, or rather it purely was. Edward and I were complete opposites, yet so similar. He was a whole another species, according to him, at least. While I was human, him a vampire, we were both rather stubborn when it came to things we wanted, and that's where his moment came in. Edward was usually patient, no, he was always patient. When it came to my snail's pace at anything, usually everything, he was patient, despite the fact he could nearly a thousand times faster. When it came to the whole marriage thing, and waiting, he was the same. He was patient enough to wait for me to come around, never daring to let his propositions down.

He whispered in my ear, his cool breath swimming and tickling the inside of it, "Ready to hear this moment?" I nodded, and tried to swallow the rather large lump in my throat, although the key word was 'try'. He simply smiled, readjusted himself so I was more comfortably situated in his arms. While most would compare the temperature, the feeling, to an ice cube, to wintry air, to me it was pleasure and warmth. Another oxymoron added to the mountain that was already quite tall. "My last favorite moment was when you accepted my proposal, when you made my world more official than it already was."

I raised an eyebrow, not a disbelieving one, but one that didn't quite understand. "What do you mean by official?" I felt stupid for asking, but quickly reminded myself that I had a lot stupider questions, and Edward had never laughed, perhaps smile, but that was about it.

"That you will soon belong to me and nobody else, forever. I know you wouldn't betray me in that way, but I want the world to see you as mine. I want to be able to boast about being with you, and not feel about it. I want to be able to be closer to you than I've ever been," he replied, sending chills throughout my body that would need an oven to thaw them. "I only want you, Bella, and nothing else. I know I sound greedy, but when it comes to you, I can't help myself." A sheepish smile drew itself upon his lips, his somehow, unfathomably gorgeous lips, the ones that I was dying to cover with my own, but I wanted to let him continue, surprisingly.

"I want all that, too," I whispered, my voice barely audible, but that didn't matter, because I knew he heard me, even without words, or reading my mind, he would know what I was saying or thinking, because he was Edward. Because he was mine, or at least soon, anyway.

"And forget the times you rejected my proposal, that's not why it's a part of my favorite. Even if you had said yes the first time, it would still be my favorite. To know that you loved me as much as I loved you, to know that you wanted to make this official, well if I could, it'd make me cry. Because Bella, when it comes to you, like I said before, I can't help myself." To most it would sound corny, or perhaps phony, most think –if they didn't know our situation, our hidden secrets- that what he was saying were lines just to trick me into bed, but it was completely the opposite. Completely and utterly, so much in fact I found myself crying.

I hugged him tighter than I ever had, and buried my head into his stone chest, and let the tears stream down my face, and ruin his shirt. "I love you, so much," I managed to croak, sounding more like a frog, than anything else, really.

"You have no idea how much I love you, too, Bella, forever. Forever and ever. Nothing could ever stop it, nothing," he assured me, but I was free from all my doubts. Every doubt I had ever had was gone, out the window. My doubts about me not being pretty enough for him – I wasn't vain in my appearance, but rather trusted Edward's words- were gone. I didn't doubt his promises of forever, not even my promises of forever, not even slightly. After this whole moment thing, things seemed different, events that had once just seemed events, now had significant meaning, meanings that I'd hold all my years of living, all my years with Edward.

It was weird to think something so simple; something that was used as a boredom buster had in fact taught me so much about our relationship, about Edward, about me. I had learned a lot. I had learned that Edward did like saving me, as long as he wasn't the reason behind it. Learned that Edward could remember such simple comments, such as when I said my mother was a lot like me, except prettier. Learned that Edward was never bored with watching me sleep. Learned that Edward had been excited about showing me to his family, that first day. Learned that Edward wanted me to get all my human experiences, because he simply didn't want me to miss out. Learned more than I had ever learned in school.

I learned that Edward was the only person I ever wanted to be with.

"But my most favorite thing about you, and our relationship, and our moments, is everything. Every second with you is my favorite," he whispered in my ear, before humming my lullaby in a low tone. I drifted to sleep, carrying every moment with me, every favorite.

Because they say what your favorite things and somebody else's favorite things will never be the same, I know Edward's and I's will be.

Because Edward is my favorite everything.

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