Written for the Transformers kink meme on LiveJournal, for the prompt requesting Skyfire being dominant but still very loving.

I apologize in advance for my complete fail of an actual sex scene.

Static, as defined:

1. showing little or no change: a static concept; a static relationship.

2. Electricity. pertaining to or noting static electricity.


Systems online, processing...

Uhnnn... what?...

Damage Report: none.

Starscream didn't move or turn any visual receptors on just yet, waiting for the program to run its course. Anomalies?

Anomalies: none detected.

Then just what had hit him? Last he recalled, he had been flying just outside the air space of the Ark, waiting impatiently for Soundwave's ridiculous flying cassette spy to come back with information. The tiny thing could fly on its own, but after the last few times, Megatron ordered someone to escort it. Soundwave undoubtedly persuaded Megatron in that matter, because unless Megatron was getting really daft as of late, Starscream couldn't imagine him giving a damn about the well-being of any of his crew, much less the small cassettes.

He had been careful to stay outside of the sensor range of the Ark the entire time. There was no way he could have miscalculated and gotten caught! And the suddenness of his going offline was suspicious. Autobots would have come at him head-on. He hadn't seen anyone approaching. Then again, he had been concentrating mainly in the direction of the Ark, and not so much the opposite direction... likely where the hit had come from.

Well, he wasn't doing that again.

Starscream allowed the automatic program to run, turning on his audio receptors for some kind of hint as to what he was dealing with before he had to face it.

Instead of the clanging sound of metal he had expected to hear, or silence, he heard the almost-familiar-by-now sound of water breaking over something hard. Ah, it was rocks. If it were metallic, the tone would be different. Was he back at base then? Or had he been dropped on a nearby shore and left there until he regained consciousness?

And just why did his system report no damage?

He finally turned on visuals, but saw nothing except for Earth's blue sky. On his back, then. Just great, the paint on his wings would get all scratched like this. He groaned.

"You're awake."

It was quiet, and not even that close to Starscream, but it made him shriek in alarm and try to get to his feet to ward off an attack.

He tried to, anyway. He couldn't really move much at all with the energy bands binding his hands and feet. All he managed to do was scrape his wings against the rocks underneath him, sending out a shower of sparks.

Skyfire winced sympathetically.

"S-skyfire?..." Starscream said, initial fear rapidly turning into shock and confusion. His red optics were wide, voice dropping from the usual screeching quality it held and settling on a confused murmur.

Skyfire thought that it made for an irredeemably adorable picture, but he refrained from stating as much. He settled for "hello" and a small smile.

"What are you doing here?" Starscream asked, some of the indignity of the situation coming back to him. He glared as hard as he could at Skyfire, who was seated on a boulder not far away, watching over him. The beach had no shortage of them, being mostly wave-worn rock rather than sand.

"I was almost afraid it malfunctioned and you wouldn't wake up," Skyfire continued, not answering his question. He was fingering some device set on the boulder next to him. "I'll have to thank Wheeljack for letting me borrow it after all."

"What?" Starscream screeched again, vibrating faintly with fury. "You were the one who hit me?!"

"I didn't want to," Skyfire admitted, looking genuinely regretful.

Of course he did. Skyfire was painfully honest as always. It only made everything doubly infuriating.

"LET ME GO!" Starscream bellowed, thrashing again and attempting to transform, hoping the bonds would break if he were to reconfigure into jet mode.

All it did was make the bindings tighter until he squealed in pain and stopped, reverting back from only a partially-transformed state. Skyfire was closer suddenly, crouching and reaching out with one hand to either restrain or comfort. Starscream wanted none of it.

"What is wrong with you?!" he snapped, arching away from any potential touch. "Going to cart me off to your precious Autobot friends, are you? Oh, why spare me the indignity of being conscious when I'm dragged in? Much more satisfying to wait until I regain consciousness to turn me in!"

"No," Skyfire replied simply. Starscream sneered, mid-sentence into continuing his rant- and stopped.

"... what?"

"No," Skyfire repeated. "I'm not here to do any of that. It hurts that you'd think so lowly of me, Starscream." He touched his chest, mockingly hurt.

"I think lowly of all Autobot scum!" Starscream spat out. Skyfire dropped the teasing smile and regarded Starscream neutrally. He reached out again, just barely brushing fingertips over Starscream's face.

"Don't touch me!" Starscream snarled, cringing away. Skyfire responded by placing his palm fully against the side of Starscream's face, and no matter how much he tried, Starscream could not move his head so that he could bite the fingers off his damn hand. Skyfire remained persistent, holding Starscream's head in place while his other hand gently explored the face, staying clear of his mouth for now.

"I missed this," he murmured. He felt Starscream jerk in surprise but didn't pause, even as Starscream regarded him with suspicious anger.

"Missed molesting me you mean?"

Skyfire smiled despite himself.

"You say that as if merely touching you were an invasion on your pride."

"It is."

Skyfire didn't reply, but let his hand explore the intricacies of Starscream's helmet while Starscream went silent for a moment.

"Skyfire..." he started. Skyfire stopped, recognizing that tone. He suppressed a groan as Starscream continued. "It would be only fair... if I, hm, participated and cooperated, you let me go afterwards, wouldn't it?" That cloying, begging, insincere tone. "I know what you like, but I can't do anything restrained like this Skyfire! If you let me go, I could do so much... and as repayment, you let me go after we're done, hm?"

Skyfire looked down at him coldly. Starscream internally cowered and wailed under that look, and it showed in his optics.


"W-w-what?!" Starscream wailed aloud, dismayed as Skyfire's hands continued trailing across his upper body, re-memorizing. Skyfire's attention was on looking anywhere but Starscream's face. "Why not? That's not fair! Skyfire!"

He almost regretted speaking up as Skyfire glared down at him. He really regretted saying anything when, abruptly, Skyfire crouched directly over him, blocking out his view of the sky, and stared at him directly. Starscream shivered.

"I'm not letting you go Starscream," Skyfire said, with such conviction that Starscream shivered again. "Not ever. I know you had to let go of me to survive. I'm not angry-" and he brushed the outer covering of a vent with a finger gently as illustration, a caress, "- because I know how much it must have hurt. I'm sorry for that." He leaned down and nuzzled the side of Starscream's head. "But I'm not letting you go. You're mine, and you always will be."

The only thing Starscream could manage was a stuttered denial.

"No?" Skyfire mimicked, leaning back to look Starscream in the face. "You don't think so?"

"I-I..." Starscream quickly regained a modicum of control over his voice. "I'm not. I don't belong to anyone but me."

"Not even Megatron?"

"Especially not Megatron!"

Skyfire smiled again, hand idly caressing a sensitive spot on Starscream's neck.


Starscream was straining not to give in to pleasantly familiar sensations and arch up into the touch.

"What do you mean, 'good'?" he growled. Skyfire merely continued at the same leisurely pace.

"Favorable, optimal situation, preferred-"

"AGH! You know what I mean, slagger! Stop being so-!" His voice shorted for a moment as Skyfire manipulated the electrical current in one of his wings, a distinct click and electric whine ending the sentence. Skyfire tilted his head curiously, the picture of innocence.

"Hm?" he inquired, concentrating on sending the disrupting static through his hands and into Starscream's field. "Stop being so what, Starscream?"

Starscream fairly trembled, thoughts scattered.

"S-stop being... nngh, so... slaggit, just answer the question!" he wailed, expression half pleading and half frustrated. Skyfire took pity on him and stopped for a moment.

"'Good', meaning I approve," he explained.

"I don't need your approval!" Starscream snapped automatically. Skyfire sent another pulse through him, and Starscream choked on whatever else he was going to say, arching into his hands automatically, body scraping against the rocks.

"I think you do," he said calmly over the buzzing sound building in Starscream's body underneath him. "I think you want my approval so badly that you need it. I know you, Starscream."

"Y-y-you d-don't," Starscream asserted weakly. Skyfire sighed.

"You're so stubborn." Skyfire said, a touch wistfully. "And I do know you. Want me to prove it?"

He didn't give Starscream the option of answering, instead immediately seeking out all the places he knew were the most sensitive.

"I think," he continued "if I wanted to make you moan, all I'd have to do is touch here..."

Starscream tried to stifle it, but his mouth opened of its own volition and he couldn't stop-

"Or, if I wanted a scream..."

Don't stop, don'tstopdon'tstop, Skyfire, why-

"Or if I just wanted to hear you say my name..."

"S-s-s-ssssk..." Starscream choked on the word, shaking, desperately clinging to what was left of him to control.

I don't belong to anyone. I'm mine, mine, no one can-!

"Oh, Starscream..." Skyfire crooned, deep voice a pleasant vibration as he leaned down once more, pressing against Starscream and affectionately nudging his head with his own. "Starscream, it's okay. You don't have to fight it."

"Nnnn-nooo," Starscream managed, unable to stop a whimper as Skyfire literally covered his body, an oversized shield that blocked out the rest of the universe. The universe shrank into just Skyfire, because that's all he could see, all he could feel, what else was there?

"Say my name for me Starscream," Skyfire encouraged, stroking sensitive areas but refraining now from any intermingling of electricity, no more maddening vibrations. And Starscream wanted so badly to tell him to get off already and go interface with a ground-kisser Autobot somewhere, but he couldn't hold on to the thought, already chanting Skyfire's name over and over again in his own mind, begging deliriously. This wasn't fair.

"Mine," Skyfire was murmuring against the side of his face, trembling faintly with his own want. "My Starscream. Ah, say it, say it..."

Starscream keened, high and wavering, pressing up against Skyfire's body pleadingly.

"SKYFIRE! Skyfire, Skyfire, please, pleeease!"

Skyfire reacted immediately, reaching between them and snapping the energy bonds around Starscream's hands, freeing them. Before Starscream could so much as move he sent a pulse of energy through him, forcing the smaller one to scream and writhe under him, scraping wings against the ground in delirium. It was getting unbearably hot between the two of them, but Skyfire stopped again, prompting a displeased whine from the other. He mouthed the edge of Starscream's helmet, trying to regain some control. One more thing, just one more...

"Starscream..." he started, voice wavering slightly. "Who do you belong to?"

"Oh, please, don't sto-"

"Say it!"

"Skyfire, I belong to Skyfire, now please-!"

Whatever begging he had planned died, consumed by the shriek that came out of his mouth when Skyfire sent rapid-fire pulses of electricity through him. Skyfire groaned above him at the answering pulses, and things shifted on his chest, armor parting and sliding to expose a narrow cord, which proceeded to unwind just as Starscream's body reacted similarly. A bit of fumbling with the two cords ensued, but they connected quickly with familiarity, and it sent the both of them reeling. Spark energy rushed through the connection, making Starscream go silent with overwhelming pleasure, Skyfire moan loudly, and the both of them offlined their optics.

Bright pulse after pulse thrummed through Starscream as he was completely lost in sensation, insensible, not even able to think in words any more. It was too much, too much, and oh if Skyfire would just moan one more time, that was nice...

He hit the apex just as his systems flashed warnings at him that went ignored, nerve relays going haywire in the backwash of pleasure, audios shutting down entirely and then restarting just in time to hear Skyfire shout his name tremulously. He felt the larger bulk settle more on top of him, pressure increasing, but everything grew muted and he didn't bother to turn his optics back on.

The pressure lessened, Skyfire had leaned to the side, and Starscream barely registered the feeling of arms around him and pressing him against the bulk of Skyfire, connection wires still together but no longer transmitting that frantic energy. It was a slow but steady trickle of information, feeling... Starscream could sense his systems shutting down one by one, leisurely, to compensate for the sudden energy surge. He grumbled and shifted closer against his still-warm partner.

Skyfire was sending emotional data across the link like Starscream hadn't felt in a very long time, and had he not been on the edge of unconsciousness, would have scared him. Being connected to Skyfire meant being subjected to continuous streams of affection, wave after wave of reassurance, a steadfast and unshakable conviction that never failed to dazzle Starscream like the first time looking up into the night sky and seeing stars there.

Wrapped entirely in safety and unable to fight it, Starscream relaxed into unconsciousness once more.