It's been five years since I died. Even though I keep on living. I died in the arms
of my love that night. I escaped from Manticore only months after my recovery, I wanted so
badly to return to Seattle, to Logan, but I couldn't. If I had returned they all would have
been in tremendous danger. Now I live in Canada, just outside a small town called Bridgewater
in Nova Scotia. The place is so tiny no one would ever suspect to find me here. I made my
way through Ontario, stealing money and things to pawn along the way. I got enough money to
buy a house that way. Now I work at a resturant off the 103 highway called the Blarney stone.
The place is uasually busy and I earn my pay.
Yesterday I did something I shouldn't have done. I sent Logan a postcard. It had a
schooner on it and said Nova Scotia. I simply wrote the date I was shot and the words 'I
never got to tell you what I wanted to say that night'. I shouldn't have done it but he had
to know I was alive, to my best knowledge he thought I was dead. What Zack did doesn't burden
me anymore. He did what he thought was right.
Now I'm here, living a lonely life. The girls I waitress with asked so much about why I
looked so sad, I told them a story. I told them I loved someone, and that this person loved
me back but we were torn away from each other and I hadn't spoken to him since the night we
were seperated. They always get teary eyed and ask for more details, I tell them little
things, mostly about Logan. I tell them about how Logan was handsome and probably still
is and how he had these poercing blue eyes. I tell them about how he lost his family fortune
because he stood up for what he believed was right and how I told him he was a dope for
doing it but deep down inside respected him for it. They always ask questions that are hard
to answer like "Why were you torn apart?" I answer family problems now but before I just
started crying so they'd think it was too traumatizing.
Whenever a handsome guy with blue eyes walks in now they always say, "Maxie is that your
Prince Charming?" Now theres a chance, even if it's small that some day it might be.