"Well I'm ready to go" Eva states as she places the last box in the trunk of her car.

"Well, hopefully the money were spending on your education won't go to waste." Logan jokes from behind me.

"I made perfect marks all through school. You expect me to screw up now Pop's?"

"Her screw up?" Zeke questions, walking from the doorway. "Unlikely."

"Thanks you for your confidence ." Eva replies to her brother.

"Not confidence," Zeke starts "Knowledge of your stubbornness."

"Well," I say hugging my daughter and avoiding another clash of my twin titans. "I'm going to start crying if you don't leave soon."

"Can't wait to get rid of me, huh Mom?" Eva laughed. I give her a look she knows. "Well, you're right. I should leave soon, if I want to be there on time." I hug my daughter, I let her go and she hugs her father. Logan hugs her tightly and whispers something in her ear. She gets in her car and waves as she drives away. Eva's heading off to College, and Zeke's heading for Europe in a couple of days. I lean back into my husband's arms. Logan kisses my fore head. I remember Eva and Zeke's childhood like it was just seconds ago. The first time they beat someone up, Zeke beat up the kid down the street who was twice his size for stealing his skateboard and Eva beat up the girl who stole her Barbie. Teaching them to act normal. There first suspensions, Zeke's for smoking Eva's for fighting. Eva's first broken heart, Zeke breaking his first heart. All the great and bitter memories of there life. Now Logan and I get to have those memories and we get to live out the rest of our lives, knowing we brought two amazing people into this world.

"Great day isn't it my love?" Logan asks.

"Yeah, It is." I say and we walk into our house together.

The End

Thank you for your continuous reading of my writting, hopefully you'll read my next fic as well, even though I don't even know what going to happen with that one.