Author's Note: For thesandsea livejournal community on the themes of family, laughter, and habits, with the challenge of using the word of the day:

tarradiddle \tair-uh-DID-uhl\, noun:
1. A petty falsehood; a fib.
2. Pretentious nonsense.

Amazing word, in my opinion.

Somehow, I imagine this is what life had to have been like in that household.

Boys Will Be Boys

It was quiet.

In recent times, there were few things Doctor Cidolfus Bunansa found more disturbing. Years of experience with his son's pranks, machinations, and tarradiddles had taught him one valuable lesson: quiet was the sound of scheming. The fact that the boy was reading to himself in the next room was no assurance that this room was safe. Nevertheless, it was not going to interfere with his work.

He spent a moment scanning a bookshelf, eventually deciding on one particularly relevant volume, frowning as upon opening it he was forced to dodge a spring-loaded snake that had been neatly concealed beneath its front cover. Knowing the way his son worked, he would probably have to spend a bit of time later ridding the rest of the bookshelf of similar traps.


The tone of irritation in his voice was obviously not lost as the call was followed by a cry of "I didn't do it!" and the shuffle of small feet, presumably to somewhere the scientist would not be able to find his son. Chuckling quietly to himself, he simply continued on with his work. He would get around to being truly annoyed once the child had come out of hiding.

Boys would be boys, after all.