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Chapter One

Sakura woke up to an annoying alarm clock ringing in her ear. She turned over and whacked it.

Ino came bouncing in.


She groaned. "Why can't you wake up Tenten or Hinata first instead of me Ino-pig?!"

Ino smirked. "Cause, forehead girl, they're awake and Tenten is fixing her skateboard and Hinata is cooking and Sasori is looking for his shoes."

Sakura sighed and got up. She grabbed her uniform and began changing. Ever since the girls were 12 and Sasori was 14, they lived alone. Their parents had died in a plane crash. They lived in a house by the sea. Now they were 15 and Sasori was 17.

Sakura finished changing and went to her dresser and grabbed a brush and ran it through her unruly pink hair.

She stared at her reflection.

She was wearing a white button up shirt open at the collar, a navy blue button up vest, the red plaid skirt at fingertip length, fishnets and a loosened red and blue striped tie. She wore a black ribbon choker with a silver cherry blossom charm, black lace gloves, and black boots with silver buckles on them.

She grabbed her skateboard and skated down the metal railing of the staircase outside her room.

She walked into the kitchen. Tenten was holding a wrench in one hand and her skateboard in the other. She was wearing the same thing as Sakura but she wore a necklace of tiny kunai and shuriken charms, arm warmers and black Converse. She took a metal needle out of one of her buns and began to pick her fingernails out.

"Morning Sakura-chan, could you help me? I can't get the truck tight enough."

Just then, Sasori walked in, yawning. "Good morning everyone. I'll help you, Tenten-chan. Sakura sucks at fixing." He was wearing a white button-up shirt unbuttoned at the collar, the loose tie and gray pants.

Hinata walked in. "We're gonna be late for school!" She yelled. She wore the same uniform but with silver bracelets, fingerless gloves and ballerina flats.

Not that she was a ballerina, of course.

She took a deep breath and yelled again. "INO-CHAN, GRAB YOUR SKATEBOARD AND LEAVE THE HOUSE!!"

The others calmly walked outside with their backpacks and skateboards and went off to school.

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