Chapter Twenty Four

Afterwards, Gaara and Rika disappeared. They had said something that resembled "Candy shop, Skittles". Tenten, Neji, Seilin, Sai, Sasuke and Sakura had decided to go and play in the park. Shikamaru and Ino decided to go to the beach.

That leaves Naruto and Hinata.

They were walking alone, pretty much silent. Naruto had his hands behind his head, and Hinata had her clasped in front of her.

"Hinata-chan, where are you going?" Naruto asked.

She touched his nose. "I'm going to go see an art gallery. Are you stalking me or something?" She giggled.

He grinned sheepishly. "I guess. I don't have anything to do."

"All right, stalker. I'll allow you to come with me." They remained silent, and turned up and down several streets before they made it to an art gallery.

"Here it is." She walked straight through the doors. Naruto scrambled to follow her.

"Oh!" Hinata exclaimed. Her face broke into a large smile as she wandered around in a daze. Naruto followed her, already bored.

They wandered for an hour or so, until Naruto could barely suppress his boredom. "Hinata-chan, this is boring." He immediately regretted saying so to not make the petite girl cry.

She whacked him on the head. "It's okay, but if you actually paid any attention, you might notice stuff."

"I'd much rather pay attention to you, Hinata-chan!" He whined. A startled embarrassed blush flooded her face.

"Um..." And with that, she kissed him on the lips. "Give me a couple more minutes then."

"No." He said it like a spoiled child.

"Well too bad, I think we should go." And he quickly planted a kiss to her neck and lips, and dragged a speechless Hinata out.

"Mou, Naruto!" Hinata pouted. "I wasn't done yet."

He sat her down by a tree. Without warning, he pulled her into his lap and nuzzled her neck. Hinata twitched, blushed and sighed. She planted a kiss to his cheek. "Fine."

The next day, it was the play. Of a messed Cinderella.

Sasuke was trying to put on the complicated costume that Anko had provided. He glared at the woman. "Tell me why I have to where this thing?"

"It's not a thing, Sasuke. It's a doublet and hose, and a tunic. Put them on. Feel lucky you aren't a girl." Anko said mischievously. In the background, several girls were wearing heavy poofy dresses.

"Why can't I dress like Sakura?" Sasuke muttered sullenly.

"Because she's special." Anko picked at her fingernails.

Sakura was sitting on a ladder, giggling. She was wearing a very lovely white and black checkered t-shirt, an oversized black hoodie with teal-gray bubbles, previously owned by her dearest big brother and ratty bell-blue skinny jeans. Stone washed red Converse adorned her feet.

She felt extremely lucky to not be one of those girls over there, dressed in a very heavy fabric dress. Though Tenten was there, she was dressed in a special dress. A punk-ish dress in red and black, courtesy of Hinata and her amazing skills.

Outside the curtain, people were sitting down in seats. The remaining people in the group, Ino, Hinata, Rika, Seilin, Sai, Shikamaru, Gaara and Naruto, were sitting close to the stage.

Back inside, Anko organized everyone to positions. Then she popped out from behind the curtain.

"Hey everyone! Welcome to the Cinderella play. The stars are Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Be warned, it contains swearing and verbal putdown. Anyways, it begins!"

The curtain pulled up, and there was Tenten, lounging in a taffeta couch, another girl named Ren was sitting in a chintz squashy chair, and Sakura was sweeping the floor.

"SAKURA!" Ren screeched.

"What the fuck you want, Ren?" Sakura said sweetly. She stopped sweeping.

"Get me a box of marshmallow and chocolate and jellybean cookies!"

Grudgingly, she did, and chucked it into her stomach. Tenten was fanning herself.


Knock knock!

"SAKURA! GO GET THE DOOR!" Ren screeched again.

"You lazy bitch, go get it yourself." Sakura continued sweeping.

"FINE!" The girl huffed. "Come on, Tenten! Stop fanning yourself and come."

Tenten stood up, taller than the Ren girl by at least five inches, and followed her to the door.

Tenten threw open the door. Neji stood there, in all his goodness and hotness, dressed a doublet, hose, tunic, and his hair flowing free.

Tenten blinked. "Hi."

Neji nodded to her. "Hi. I've come to announce that the Prince is having a ball, and all maidens are invited to come."

Tenten smiled slyly. "I'll go if you go, Neji."

Neji smirked. "I'm the Prince's best friend; do you think I'll not go?"

"I don't know, you might fake being sick."

"Hey, I'm being ignored here!" Ren screeched.

"Do we have to invite her too?" Tenten asked Neji.

"Yeah, to the ball. But you're invited to my chambers. That is invitation by me only." He winked, and departed the scene.

"Oh my god, we're invited to a ball!" Ren let out a fangirl squeal.

"Great. You haven't let me eat in three days. I bet there will be food there. Can I come?" Sakura asked, rubbing her stomach.

"Oh, I thought you wanted to meet the prince, because I know he'll marry me." Ren swooned.

"Nah, the Prince's best friend is hotter." Tenten stated.

"You let you talk?!" Ren yelled.

"Her." Tenten pointed at Sakura. "Anyways, you aren't allowed to come. Invitation only. Oh wait, that's to the guy's rooms. Never mind. But you still can't go, you don't have a dress." She paused. "Sorry. And the ball is now, I'm leaving." She walked straight into the wings of the stage.

"Hey, wait for meee!" Ren rushed off after the retreating taller girl, tripping over the hem of her dress in her scramble to get off stage.

"Great." Sakura muttered sarcastically. "I'm starving, only Tenten is nice enough to feed me, and now I can't go to the damn ball where they may have food. Great."

In a poof, another person appeared on stage, coughing. She was wearing a dress of sparkly blue. "Hi, I'm your personal fairy." She coughed again.

"Um, hi. I kinda-" Sakura was cut off.

"I know, you want a pretty dress and a coach to take you to the ball. Am I right?" The fairy coughed again. "Stupid smoke and sparkles."

"No, actually I wanted an armored tank and a pillow to go to the ball. At least you got something right." Sakura said sullenly.

"Oh, well, I can't really get you a tank or a pillow at the moment, but I could get you a skateboard and a pair of hi-tops." The fairy said apologetically.

"That will do, I guess. And can you throw in a map to the castle too?" Sakura asked, as the skateboard and shiny red hi tops that appeared that she was trying to put her feet in. "Damn, these shoes are seriously way too big." She lifted her feet to show the audience, and the shoe was at least four sizes too big. "You have a smaller size?

"One size only, sorry. I gotta go now, and the stuff won't disappear, but you gotta be home before midnight, I foresaw a burglar or something to try and steal all your food. Here's your map."

"Okay then. Thanks. I'll kill the dude, thanks for the tip, fairy." And the fairy poofed away.

Great, I think I'll wear my normal shoes there, and switch later." Sakura skated offstage.

The curtains fell for a second, and lifted up to reveal a bunch of people, male and female, dressed in uncomfortable get-up. In the front, there was a throne and Sasuke was sitting in it. Neji was right next to him.

"I don't get the point of these things, Hyuga." Sasuke said flatly.

"Well neither do I, but while I was announcing, I met a girl." Neji shuffled nervously. "She said she would be here."

"Hey, you, remember me?" Tenten shimmied towards Neji. Neji's eyes brightened up.

"Yeah." His hands encircled her waist. "Gotta go, Sasuke. Bye." And the pair disappeared.

Sasuke sat there, gazing down at everything, until a sudden gasp ran through the room. More people kept gasping. Sasuke stood up, and got off the platform onto the floor to see better.

Sakura was walking in. "Why the fuck are you staring at me for? Do I have a disease or something?" She demanded. "I'm starving, is there anything to eat?"

Sasuke stepped forward. "I could lead you there." He offered.

"Thanks." He led her to the food table, where she quickly and politely began to scarf down food.

"So, thanks again." Sakura mumbled through a slice of chocolate cake.

"No problem, fair maiden." Sasuke whispered in a sort of flowery way.

"Dude, could you please talk normal?" She asked bluntly.

"Sure. What was your point of coming? You aren't even dressed." Sasuke pointed out just as bluntly.

"I came because my retarded stepsis never lets me eat, and I'm starving, so I came."

"Is that all? My parents made me have this thing happen so I can get married. Or at least a girlfriend."

"That sucks to be you. I don't plan on getting married at all. Whoever I married would have to be able to pay my food bills and damage cost and repair."

"Me too. Minus the food bills."



"Wow, the food's surprisingly delicious. It makes me wish I could have it everyday."

"Wouldn't you get fat?"

"You know, you would be slapped if it was any other girl. I have a fast metabolism and I tend to do a ton of extreme things. Ugh, my shoes are so big for me. Shit, what time is it?"

"Almost twelve. They look too big. You going somewhere?"

"ShitShitShit! You know, I really enjoyed this conversation, but I gotta go. Someone's going to be robbing my house."

"Okay then. Have fun beating up the guy. Bye."

Sakura whizzed out of sight, and Sasuke noticed that she left a shoe.

"Man, that girl is clumsy. I guess I better return it tomorrow."

The curtains close, and open up to a new scene.

"Dude, repeat that again. I can't believe my ears."

"Hyuga, I spent the last hour explaining fifteen times to you. I spent until almost midnight talking to a girl I didn't even know, and she left because some guy was going to rob her house, and she left a shoe." He cradled the red hi-top.

"Okay then. And you didn't even ask her name? What were you talking about, sexual innuendo?"

"The point off the ball, fat, food, stepsisters and damage repair."

"Oh. You know, your mother thinks- "

"I know what she thought. That's fine. But I have to return the shoe anyway."

"You know she said you gotta marry the girl with the shoe, right?


"Okay then. I'm coming too."


"Because I wanna find that girl again. She left without me knowing it."

"You're disgusting."

The curtain closes, and opens again.

"Sakura! Go get me a bottle of Tylenol and water, please?" Tenten pleaded. "I'm sore, everywhere."

"That's what you get for sleeping with some guy from the castle, Tenten." Sakura handed her a glass of water and a bottle of Tylenol.

"You lost another shoe, I see." Tenten nodded to the door, where a lone red hi-top stood.

"Yeah, I went to the ball anyways. I was starving. I met a pretty interesting guy there, we talked for a while, and I ran home, and I guess I lost the shoe. It was way too big."

Knock Knock!

"I'll get it." Sakura rushed to the door and opened it. Neji and Sasuke stepped in.

"Hey. I've been to almost all the houses in town, and I have a shoe. Anyone lose it?"

"Hey, you're the girl…" Neji trailed off as he took in Tenten in-pain.

"Yeah. I'm the girl from yesterday."

"I decided to marry you. See you at the castle Sasuke." He swept Tenten into his arms, and disappeared.

Sakura gave a weird look. "Okay, that was weird."

"Very. You lose a shoe?"

"Yeah. But they're way too big."

"You're the girl from yesterday too. The one with the guy robbing your house."

"I remember you too. That guy who showed me the food table!"

"Okay, you remember. Remember I said that I would have to marry?"


"Well, my mom wants me to marry the girl with the shoes."

"….I really don't have a choice, do I?"


"Okay then. Can you pay my food bills and damage costs and repair?"

"I'm the Prince. And I have the problem too. Minus the food. I can pay it all, I'm rich."

"Okay then." She jumped into his arms. She kissed him.

The curtain dropped, and on it said, "The End." The audience gave scattered confused applause.

Backstage, Sakura and Sasuke were grinning.

"That was sweet." Sakura kissed Sasuke again.

Ino and Hinata rushed over, along with the others.

"That rocked." Ino yelled.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru grumbled. "But I have to say, that was good."

Neji and Tenten didn't say anything, they were furiously making out off on the side.

The End.

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