Summary: Naruto is on the verge of dying with only a demon as his witness.

Muse song: Heaven Help Us ( My Chemical Romance )

A loud 'thud' echoed throughout the dense forest, the only sound for miles. A boy no older than fifteen was lying in a pool of blood made by him and the mass of bodies that filled the clearing.

His dingy orange clothes were now tattered and frayed with scarlet stains covering almost every inch of his skin. Vibrant golden hair was reduced to a lifeless mop that seemed to be glued down by sweat and grime. Usually bright blue eyes that were once full of life were now dull and seemed almost dead.

It seemed as if the gods themselves were crying for him as the clouds parted letting minuscule drops fall to the earth before gently becoming a light pour.

He should've known they would've done this to him. Mission after suicidal mission the council kept him working barely paying him anything to risk his life. They stopped letting him use teammates, using an excuse saying that he wouldn't need their help. He hated the council, he hated his village, and he hated himself, but stopped himself from thinking about hating his friends.

He let the rain fall from the heavens welcoming the weather that suited his emotions so well. Not bothering to shield him body from the freezing droplets that seemed like tiny balls of ice to his numbing skin. His arms and legs were refusing to move so he decided to stay still enjoying the moment.

'Kit', a prodding voice resonated within his mind, but the boy only gave a crooked smile not even having the strength left to give his wide grin.

'Kit are you alright?' the came deep voice asked once again, now with fear edging into his deep voice.

'I'm just fine, just let me rest', the boy's voice sounded scratchy and seemed to be fading away.

The Kyuubi stared at the seal holding his disintegrating cage shut, praying that the seal wouldn't burn off. Against his wishes a small flame erupted at the middle of the small slip of paper, slowly burning the elaborate kanji's away. The fox hesitantly walked out feeling his body feel a thousand times lighter as he was lifted upward.

He came upon the saddest sight he had ever seen in his thousands and thousands of years of life. The living embodiment of hope and vitality now reduced to an unmoving mass on the mossy forest floor. Bones broken and jutting out, every once in awhile a small shudder passed through the boy.

Kyuubi padded softly around the broken body, his fur now a ghostly light blue, with the tips of his tails disappearing into smoke. His eyes still a bloody red as he mourned the passing of his container and friend, giving a loud roar of anger and sorrow. Finally within the passing of a few minutes the demon turned away ready to be taken to wherever his damned soul would be taken to.

"Farewell", the fox demon turned his head over his shoulder and raised his paw in a mock salute.

"Farewell", a soft voice called out, the kid raised his hand to his forehead in his own salute before letting it fall to the ground raising a small cloud of dust.

He didn't move anymore after that…

He had died with only a demon as his witness…

And a sky full of clouds…