This is my latest story. The first part is about Harry, but the rest will be Weasley Twin Centric. Set during GoF. Everyone looks like they do in the films. 

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Harry waited impatiently by the window, staring out at the bleak houses of Privet Drive, knowing that in only a few more hours he would be rid of this place. Dudley was out in the yard, tossing a football around with one of his bullying friends, a tall, muscular boy that had forearms the size of watermelons. Well, not really, but Harry figured a blow from him would surely feel like a watermelon had been chucked at his head. He laughed at the thought, imagining Dudley with watermelons for fists—he would eat his own hands before he did too much damage to Harry.

"Well, where are they boy?" Uncle Vernon growled, jolting Harry out of his thoughts. Harry whirled around and found his uncle glaring at him with clear dislike.

"Don't worry about it, they'll be here," Harry insisted, checking his watch. Vernon's face contorted in a hideous scowl, his skin turning dark purple.

"Are you being smart with me, boy?" Vernon demanded. He glanced around as if fearful that the Weasleys would appear out of thin air and hex him, or whatever it was that magical freaks like them did all day.

"No," Harry muttered. The front door opened and Dudley came inside, sweating from the game. He passed by Harry and shoved him with his shoulder. He headed, as usual, for the refrigerator, but the moment his hand reached out to open it, Petunia materialized in the kitchen doorway, her eyes like a hawk.

A very docile hawk; she never yelled at Dudley. Sure, Petunia admonished Dudley when he refused to follow his diet, but it was always with the same sickening sweet manner that one used with a small child. "Diddy-Dums," she began kindly. "I've bought you all sorts of healthy snacks to eat. There are apples in the fruit bowl or even a banana if you want..."

"I want POPSICLES!" Dudley yelled back, and Vernon laughed uproariously.

"The lad knows what he wants, let him have one, just this once Petunia," Vernon insisted.

Petunia opened her mouth to protest, but was cut off by a man's voice. "Harry! Harry can you hear me?"

"What on earth—," Vernon began, following the sound into the living room. They heard loud banging from the other side of their fake fireplace. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" Vernon demanded, rounding on Harry.

"It's just Mr. Weasley," Harry explained as if that were obvious. Dudley yelped and quickly bolted out of sight.

"What happened? Where are we?" said another, which Harry recognized as Ron.

"Oh Bugger," two voices said in unison, and Harry stifled a laugh. The Twins, no doubt.

"Hold on, I've got it," Arthur said finally, and suddenly the Dursleys' fireplace exploded, sending chunks of brick and wood flying, and throwing four redheaded people out along with a cloud of dust. Arthur was tall and balding with glasses; Ron freckly, wearing a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt; and the twins both had hair that brushed past their collar. Obviously Molly hadn't yet pestered them about a haircut.

Petunia screamed her eyes bugging out at the mess strewn all over her living room floor. It would take ages to clean this up, how dare they come into her home and traipse about like common, filthy animals; did these people have no respect?

"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Vernon bellowed, voicing Petunia's thoughts.

"Sorry about that," Arthur blushed. "I can straighten all this out if you just give me a minute…" he withdrew his wand from his robe pocket, and Vernon quivered with rage.

"DON'T YOU DARE BRING THAT UNNATURAL DEVILRY INTO MY HOUSE!" he shrieked, a huge vein pulsing in his neck, and Harry was sure his uncle would fall over from a heart attack.

"Err…boys, get the trunk," Arthur said uncomfortably, stowing his wand away once again. Fred and George nodded and went upstairs, hoping that Dudley made an appearance, because they had a present for him. Little did they know, but their lives were about to take a turn for the worse.

Back at the Burrow, tempers were running high. "I can't believe you would even think to give a Muggle one of your ridiculous inventions, what if you had killed him?" Molly Weasley raged at her sons. She had gone irate after Arthur broke the news about the twins' Ton Tongue Toffee.

Arthur had just spent the last fifteen minutes attempting to undo the affects after Fred 'accidentally' slipped Dudley the forbidden candy. Trying to explain to a Muggle why their child's tongue was four foot long was no easy task, and he had to admit, he was more than a little disappointed in Fred and George.

"The jerk deserved it, after how he treats Harry," George said indignantly.

"None of this would have happened if he hadn't been such a pig, anyway!" Fred added.

"Don't you talk back to me, young man; you're both treading on thin ice!" Molly shouted. "Now go to your room!"

Fred glared at her. Why couldn't she understand them? He stormed up to his room with George. He heard his mum calling for Ginny, Ron, and Hermione to come help with dinner. Harry started to follow them downstairs but paused in the twins' doorway.

"I hope you guys didn't get into too much trouble," he insisted.

"She's just overreacting," George muttered, before noticing a pile of clothes in Harry's arms. "What's all that, don't they allow you to do laundry at the Dursleys?"

"No," Harry shrugged. "I figured I'd better get it done while I'm here—Uncle Vernon doesn't want my 'school stuff' in their washing machine…"he gave a derisive laugh and shook his head, amazed by their stupidity.

"HARRY! Come down here for a sec!" Ron hollered.

"Well, I better go see what he wants," Harry sighed, attempting to wave behind his pile of laundry. He left the room, but not before a sock slipped out of his arms and landed on the floor with a soft 'plop'. He didn't seem to notice and hurried downstairs.

"Oh look," George laughed. "Harry's a Chudley Cannons fan!" he exclaimed, plucking the sock from the floor. "This smells worse than Mum's cabbage," he made a grossed-out face and tossed it; the sock landed out of sight on Fred's bed.

"I think he packed Ron's sock by accident," Fred snickered, and they went down to dinner, laughing together. As soon as they were gone, a black spider with a green marking on its body scuttled out of the sock and hid underneath Fred's pillow, laying back to wait for its next victim.

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