Fellow readers of Men of War, I have come with news I know you all have been waiting for. To put it bluntly, Men of War needs a re-haul. When this was started roughly two years ago, it was just before Gears of War 2 came out, and soo much has changed and developed since that. Sera is a massive world with its own history now instead of a blank slate I can make into my own. In other words, Men of War is out-dated already. So while I hate doing this, Men of War is cancelled. It will still be out, but I am done with it for now.


Coming in August 2010 will be Men of War: Ultimate. Everything you liked about the later chapters in terms of characters, battles, scenes and everything that was lacking in the earlier chapters will be added and turned into the story I think you guys deserve. By September, Men of War: Ultimate will be out, and the first twenty chapters will be updated daily. Since I need to do a lot of research into Sera and have the information I need available, I can promise a much more cohesive and compelling telling of the story that you all seem to love.

For now though, as a final 'word' on Men of War, I would like to celebrate my first honest to god 'surprise'- a story that the readers loved more than I could have ever expected. So if you want to join this last celebration, just tell me what you guys loved most about the story. Suggestions and requests will also be considered since I have the chance to wipe the slate nearly clean and start fresh, so you guys can have a say in what you want.

So me first-

I love the sheer awesomeness that The Chief and the Gears get themselves into whenever they try escaping one problem, and yet find themselves into a bigger one, but still manage to escape. It's a great time to write and to read.

Your turn.

It has been an amazing privilege to write for you guys. I still will be actively writing my Hellsing Story, and have yet ANOTHER story in the works ( a team fortress 2 idea at that). You guys have really pushed me to write better and better, and once again thank you for the continued support, critique, and love I get from this story.

I'm getting all mushy. GAY.

I'll see you rabid M.O.W. readers in August! Otherwise pop into my other stories to see what you like!

EZB, Signing off…

For now.