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Chapter Three:

Blues Are Still Blue

"...-the black will be gray and the white will be gray, but the blues are still blue-…" Belle and Sebastian


Blue eyes.

From an initial first glance, that's all they had in common. But there was much more than that. More than anyone could take into account or could fully comprehend. And that must've really been something, since it was coming from someone with half a brain.

Right from the beginning, Glitch knew that little …something… between them had been there. She showed up wielding a stick to help him fight off his enemies, even though it was quite apparent she wasn't going to win. She had also been brave enough to open the metal suit from the get go.

Let's face it, if she hadn't… Mr. Wyatt Cain would never have entered their life. Or rather her life.

And that's not something I made up, Glitch thought to himself.

And that's not something I made up. Wait... didn't I just think of that?

Over the past hour or so, he had been thinking over many things quite meticulously. Or rather, all of what he could mentally muster. And not having his compete mental capacity was frustrating to say the least.

Small fragments of memories floated throughout his mind. Half of his mind, at least. All of that was going to be fixed soon, he hoped. But he was afraid of what he would become. Would he be the same person?

Not that being Glitch was all that bad.

Or am I Ambrose?

Glitch shook his head and sighed.

He stopped and looked around. Oh right, he was in the god awful tower, yet again. But Azkedellia was normal. Somewhat. Poor girl.

What else had he been thinking about before? Oh that's right. DG. And the Tin Man. Ol' Mr.. Wyatt Cain.

As if visually forming from his thoughts, the very same DG cut across right in front of him on the steel flooring. As if mobats were hot on her heels. Thankfully, they were not.

Right at first, Glitch was about to call out to her but instead he watched DG run up some stairs.

"Did you see which way she went?" Not expecting Cain to speak, especially from behind him, Glitch jumped at the sound of his voice.

And then he swiveled around to look at the man.

Of course Glitch knew exactly who Cain was referring to. But he still asked a cheerful, "who?"


"Oh, she's around here somewhere. I saw her go up those stairs. Seems like she was trying to avoid speaking with anyone." Glitch leaned in closer and spoke softly, but firmly. "You didn't hurt her, did you? I'd have to dance you right out of here. If you know what I mea..-"

Cain had rolled his eyes and interrupted with a, "You really think I'd hurt her?"

All though Glitch wasn't being serious, he still had to ponder that question. But all his fragmented mind came up with was an all resounding no.

"Oh lighten up, buddy. It's a new age and a new day." He gave the former Tin Man a sly wink. "Go get her."

Without furthering their conversation, Cain gave him a firm nod and then followed up the very same staircase. And Glitch happily smiled to himself.

With a small sigh, he wished someday he could have feelings like that for another person. Yet, something nagged at him in the back of his mind… that in his former life, he already had.

Perhaps, if reunited with his brain… like he had been promised… he'd find out exactly what it was. Or rather, who she was.

After slowly taking his time, Glitch made his way to the top of the tower. Strangely enough, neither DG or Cain were there.

But both Ahamo and the Queen were discussing formalities and speaking of good memories and past times with a teary-eyed Azkadellia. The former female ruler was currently taking a much needed rest on a large ornate bed. Her face was an unavoidable deathly pale and her eyes were quite puffy.

"There will be many that will not trust you, of course, but that can be mended," Ahamo said to his daughter, his voice consoling albeit emotional. "However, that will be a hurdle to overcome. There will also be other towns and cities desiring assistance to heal and repair from the effects of the witch."

Az sniffed and nodded slowly. "I know… But first, I want this place demolished," she sniffed again and then she stopped to catch her breath.

"It will happen, in time. You need your rest first, my dear." The Queen had taken her eldest daughter's hand and patted it gently.

Azkadellia shifted her gaze to her mother and starting crying all over again, "I'm so sorry. All those things I did to you."

"Shhh," Ahamo said. "It wasn't your fault… none of this was. We're just so proud of you. You came back to us."

Az smiled slowly and took in a shallow breath. "Many thanks to DG."

"I'm not to be thanked." It was DG. And it was directly behind Glitch.

Once again Glitch jumped. What was it with people speaking directly behind him today?

Everyone's attention turned to the youngest in the room.

The Queen was first to speak, her face etched with confusion. "Why is that?"

"I started this! I'm to blame. I'm the reason Az had to endure her pain. I'm the reason the O.Z. suffered." DG shook her head furiously. "If I hadn't let go… if I hadn't let go…"

"Deeg, please…" Azkadellia said weakly. "It's all right, don't blame yourself."

"And you don't blame yourself either," she answered back. A single tear rolled down her face. DG wiped it away stubbornly. "I can't be queen. I don't deserve it."

Both her mother and father exchanged worried glances.

The Queen bestowed upon her youngest daughter a heart warming smile. "My love, you are worthy enough. You saved your sister and all those who live in this land. By that alone, you are deserving and worthy of anything. You will make a fine queen."

DG bit her lower lip to stop from crying.

Without notice, Cain walked in from a side entrance. All eyes turned to stare at him. He looked slightly embarrassed at his intrusion.

"I- uh… this place is really confusing. I was going in circles for awhile."

The Queen smiled at the man. "Mr. Cain. We haven't been formally introduced yet."

Cain caught DG's eyes for a moment. He was now somewhat concerned that she looked upset.

"It's Wyatt Cain, your majesty. And it's an honor to meet you. I um... am responsible for your daughter..." He gave a flicker of a smile while his eyes conveyed emotion. "It was a mission I took on myself to protect her."

The Queen nodded. "And we thank you, Wyatt Cain, for all you've done. You seem familiar; weren't you a Tin Man?"

"I was, yes."

"We are grateful for your assistance. Our daughter," the Queen smiled greatly and she looked over at DG. "I'm sure, feels the same."

"I know she does, your highness," Cain added. He seemed slightly uncomfortable at his abrasive answer. But he brushed it off.

Az looked over at her sister. "DG, everything will be alright. The worst is over."

DG gave a slightly relieved sigh. She glanced over at her family and smiled contentedly. "You're right, everything will be alright."

Glitch felt he could finally jump in. "More than alright! I think everyone here can agree with me on that." He looked around smiling hopefully.

"You and your optimism," Cain muttered, all while punctuating the comment with a well deserved grin.

With that DG and Cain locked gazes.

From Glitch's standpoint, everything was certainly going to be alright. Even for those blue eyes.

Later on that evening, as dusk set in, Azkadellia's wish had come true. The tower was demolished. All that the witch stood for, all that she was known for, was lost to ashes and crumbling debris.

For starting anew, nothing felt better. Especially for the person who had embodied the witch to begin with.

"And so it ends," Az said quietly, watching as each charge went off.

DG clasped her hand with her sister's. "And so it begins."

They each shared a smile, then a laugh, followed by a hug.

"This healing of the O.Z. is much better suited when you're around, little sister."

DG sighed. "Well, I'm glad you think so. It's been one wild and crazy trip, let me tell you."

The night had been lit up by the explosions, which were watched in awe by many as if it were a pyrotechnics display.

Glitch found his way to the two sisters, "Someone grabbed my brain... right?"

DG stared at him wide-eyed. "Your brain was in there?"

Right before Glitch could faint into oblivion, DG laughed and then apologized while hugging him. "I am so sorry. Of course, we have it."

Cain joined the group and eyed a slightly pale Glitch for a moment. "Uh... the main group is heading out to Central City. Raw is leaving with his clan and the three of you are being called to FinAqua."

Az smiled. "Back to FinAqua, I can only imagine..."

Glitch took Az's arm and walked her back to her parents, leaving DG and Cain in the nighttime quiet.

"What about you? Heading to Central City?" DG's questions were slightly more eager than she had wanted to let on.

"Well, ki..." he stopped and searched the ground.

"It's ok, you can call me that if you want." She laughed a bit. "It can be my little nickname." And then she added with mock seriousness, "However, 'princess' will be obsolete when I become queen.."

Cain was still staring at the ground or his feet, or both. He finally looked at her. "But you're not a kid."

"Which is true. Not to mention, defeating an evil witch can really throw someone into adulthood, it's amazing." Her smile faded when she saw how serious he became.

"I'm sorry," DG said quietly, "I just don't want you to leave... me. Yet."

"I thought we had established that I wasn't going to." Cain's face softened. "I'm there, till the end." He finally cracked a ghost of a smile. "Besides, I'm your future head of the royal... whatever it's called."

"Yes, you're a future many things." This time, DG's face didn't flush nor did she run off embarrassed.

Because she wasn't a kid. At least, not to him.


DG shrugged. "I guess that's for you to find out."

"Y'know... the future queen and an accompaniment should visit ailing cities and towns, to instill hope in those who need it."

"Accompaniment? As in Glitch and Raw... and you?" Her eyes glimmered.

Now it was his turn to shrug. "It's just an idea."

"Good thing my future head of security is full of good ideas." DG leaned in closer to him. "Just as long as you're there..."

"Just as long as you're there, I'll go anywhere," Cain added.

She placed a cool hand on his face, and he leaned into it slightly. "Thank you, for everything."

They had touched, again. This time it felt different. Cain pulled at the hand on his face and kissed her squarely on the palm.

"No, DG. Thank you."

"So. Are you coming or what?"

DG and Cain pulled apart slowly at the sound of Glitch coming forward.

Glitch continued, "They're going to leave without us. Unless you want to stay with the burning remains of a building..."

DG grinned at her friend. "Change of plans, Glitch! How about another mission?"

Glitch raised a brow, quite suspicious. "As in?"

Cain sighed impatiently at both of them. "We need to get a move on; we can both walk and talk."

And with that, Glitch smiled. Cain and DG had found each other, somehow...

Blue eyes or not, they had a deep connection. And he knew, somewhere in his broken mind, that it made the O.Z. a better place.

The two of them together were going to do great things. He just had to wait and see.

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