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Namikaze Legacy

Chapter One: Homecoming

It had been three years since he left behind all he knew in the pursuit of his dreams. In those three years many things had changed, his appearance for one. He was no longer among the smaller of his peers, he now stood at 6ft in height, his golden hair now reached his shoulders and was kept out of his hair by his hiatate; he was now the mirror image of his father, the yondaime, although he still had his whisker marks this only served to make his appearance more regal in its nature. His attitude had undergone a transformation no longer did he wear his mask from childhood, long ago he had given up on Sakura and in doing so had gained an air of confidence around women, so much so that ero sennin had no longer the need to disappear for days at a time for his "research". Naruto was now co author of the icha-icha paradise series and had just released his own volume titled icha-icha kitsune adventures, which much to the annoyance of jariayia had been heralded as the best edition yet.

He had also embraced his heritage and had felt no animosity towards his parents; in fact he was proud of his father and mother. As with the Yondaime he was now a seal master and if truth be told he had now surpassed his father some time ago. He had learnt his father's signature jutsu's and had even added elemental properties to the resengan, not just wind but fire and ice. His affinity for fire came as a gift from his tenant and his ability with ice was the result of his mother's latent affinity for water coupled with his father's wind.

He had changed dramatically from the loud mouthed brat that he was when he left Kohona, he was still lively and energetic, but behind his cerulean blue eyes hid a now relatively calm, calculating personality. He still held on to his childhood in the form of pranks, however where they were once simple they were now complex with many facets, which often could lead to many outcomes. In fact he was quite the strategic genius.

The biggest change however was that of the relationship between him and his tenant, the fearsome or not so fearsome kitsune as it later turned out. Surprisingly Kyuubi was not actually a blood thirsty demon, but merely a grieving mother although you wouldn't have known that from the deep booming voice that accompanied his irregular visits to his mindscape. Over time she had told him the full story relating to the murder of her family and doing so felt a weight lifted from her soul. She was no longer driven by vengeance; the driving force now was justice which would be dispensed by the two. She had developed over time a close relationship with her host, although she no longer thought of him as such. She had during this time revealed to him her human form, which was that of a 19yr old (19,000 in demonic years). Her body was flawless and graceful, with blood red hair which flowed sensually down her back. She was dressed wearing a red kimono which only served to enhance her natural beauty. If it were not for her previous actions to all she would be considered to be a goddess. Naruto being a seal master was able to release kyuubi in her human form although he was able to control the amount of power that she possessed. Since her release their relationship had developed, they both accepted each other and connected at a deep level. He was her naru-kun and she his kyuu-hime and she felt as such in his presence.

As the gates of Kohona came into sight he began to feel a sense of anticipation, had the village changed as much as he had; and what of his friends how had they changed. "eh gaki" "eh ero-sennin" replied Naruto " we're finally back" "yeah" he mumbled "what's the matter gaki" questioned Jariaya in a fatherly tone "just wondering how much things have changed, you know the village and the people" replied Naruto sombrely. "You've grown and I can honestly say that Minato and Kushina would be very proud of you, as am I" replied Jaraiya "Thanks sensei that means a lot" answered Naruto.

Meanwhile in a certain office (cough cough Hokage's) "Today's the day Naruto-kun and Jaraiya-sama return, Tsunade-sama " Shizune chimed happily "yes it is, and I must admit I've missed that gaki, I wonder how much he's changed" replied Tsunade.

As the three approached the gates, the sense of anticipation grew especially within the blond, Kyuu however began to feel anxious about her return, and the blond felt this and with a gentle touch and smile reassured his companion. "Halt, state your name and reason for your visit to Kohona" stated the chunnin guards "I am the legendary toad sage Jaraiya and these are my companions Naruto and Kyuu Namikaze" stated Jaraiya "Gomen Jaraiya-dono, it's just been such a long time" replied the guards as they retreated to allow the trio to enter the village. Their first impression of the village was that little had changed, but upon closer inspection it could be seen that the village had almost completely recovered from the failed sound/sand invasion that had occurred some three years previous. "Alright let's go and see the old hag" mentioned Jaraiya, "We'll be there soon, you go ahead we're going to say hello to the old man" replied Naruto. He suddenly grasped kyuu's hand and began a gentle run towards his favourite ramen stand, whilst kyuu blushed and giggled at the childish attitude that was being exhibited by Naruto. Although truth be told she enjoyed the close contact; the type she not received in years and she was rapidly becoming accustomed to this contact, but only his. "Hey old man, two large miso for your best customer" he asked in a merry tone. Teuchi looked over towards the counter and as he did so a smile began to spread across his face "Naruto is that you" "yeah I'm back old man" "Guess who's back" shouted Teuchi to the back of the stand. A young attractive woman came towards the counter "Oh kami, is that you Naruto-kun" asked Ayame. Naruto looked up and smiled "ohayo Ayame-chan", with this she blushed and leapt across the counter and grabbed him in a hug "we've missed you Naruto-kun" cooed Ayame as she released him. Kyuu sat there amused at the scene, but she didn't feel any jealousy as she knew that she held a place deep within Naruto's heart. Ayame however was melting on the inside, she couldn't believe that Naruto could be this attractive, in her mind she began to have thoughts of her and Naruto engaging in various activities all of which would be considered hentai, this only served to increase her blush to an even brighter shade of crimson. This didn't go unnoticed by those present "See you later old man, Ayame-chan we've got to report in to the Hokage" said Naruto as he and Kyuu left the stand on their way towards Hokage tower.

Jaraiya climbed through the window into Tsunade's office "Do you have to do that, there is a door you know" shouted Tsunade as her eye's twitched almost uncontrollably. "Geez Tsunade calm down break out the sake and I'll fill you in on the gaki" "where is he" "He will be here" replied Jaraiya. "Anyway the short of it is Kyuubi is free" "WHAT THE CK" screamed Tsunade as Shizune ran into the room "Tsunade-sama" "Relax, it's not what you think" replied Jaraiya as he tried to diffuse the situation. "Damn gaki" Tsunade muttered as she took a large drink of sake "I'm getting to old for this crap" she mumbled as she reached for another bottle, it just seemed like it was going to be one of those days. "Anyway she...yes Kyuubi's a she has as much power as Naruto allows her and she is very close to the gaki" he stated as he started to giggle. "JARAIYA" shouted Tsunade as she began to twitch almost uncontrollably, sensing imminent danger he carried on " He can now control six tails of her chakra, and has learnt all his father's jutsu's and he's improved on some of them. He has four elemental affinities" Tsunade choked on her sake, yeap it was definitely going be one of those days "carry on" she said "well he is gifted in wind, water, fire and ice" "alright I want a full report asap and that means NO PEEPING" she said as she got up and clenched her fist. "Okay" he replied as he waved his arms passively making his way towards the door, he wasn't that stupid, to try the window not with her in that mood.

Tsunade sat back down and reached for the bottle when the door opened "Eh BAA-CHAN" no sooner had the words left his mouth, he found himself meeting Tsunades fist as he flew back through the door and embedded in the wall "I told you brat never call me that again" "but you'll always be a baa-chan to me" he replied smiling. She moved towards him quickly, he closed his eyes expecting another hit, but instead he felt the air leave his lungs as he was embraced in a bone crushing hug "I've missed you naruto-kun" she whimpered as she cried tears not of sorrow but happiness. "Can't breathe" he mumbled as his face seemed to flush and grow "Hokage-sama he can't breathe" kyuu said looking concerned " Oh " replied Tsunade as she released Naruto and he fell in a heap while walked back to her desk.

"Anyway welcome back Naruto-kun and Kyuu, tomorrow you'll be tested on your abilities in the main arena, the test will decide what I do with you" " bring it on baa-chan" replied Naruto grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Anyway here are the keys to your estate, go make yourselves at home" "thanks Tsunade-chan" replied Naruto as he took the keys and headed towards the door with Kyuu. "Naruto after the test tomorrow, you will have to come before the council to formally claim your heritage... welcome home" with that the door closed and the pair were gone.

The pair walked through the clan district past the Uchiha district when they came to a set of gates, which opened up into a large garden with a variety of plants and shrubs growing wildly, their colours vivid gave an indication of beauty the garden once held. Naruto bit his finger and ran the bloodied finger around the lock, the gates began to glow a shimmering emerald and then opened. Naruto and Kyuu walked along the path which revealed a large ornately decorated house, which stood three stories in height and a sandy yellow in colour. The house was not imposing like the Hyuuga manor, but felt welcoming and elicited an air of warmth and security, the pair walked up the steps to the door opening it, to reveal a spacious hallway which had three portraits on the wall, although they were obscured by a film of dust. Naruto gently wiped away the dust to reveal images of his parentsa tear formed in the corner of his eye, Kyuu seeing this gently wiped it away and gently reassured him of how proud his parents would have been. Naruto and Kyuu embraced each other and revelled in the warm and security of the embrace for what felt like minutes but in reality a few seconds. The two explored the remainder of the house and found it to have six bedrooms all of which were large and well furnished, the kitchen was large not luxurious but functional. "Finally we have a home Kyuu-hime "Naruto spoke softly into her ear, Kyuu on the other hand was imagining the sound of tiny paws (cough feet) running around the house and grounds. The atmosphere was broken by the familial sound of Naruto's stomach, which even now signalled time for ramen.

After the pair had eaten the pair went back to their new home and some much needed rest, as the next day would be eventful to say the least. Naruto feel quickly asleep, Kyuu on the other hand was lying gently upon Naruto's chest enjoying the closeness and security that he provided, images flooding her mind of what she was going to do to her Naru-kun, as the blood gently dripped from her nose the unexpected happened she promptly did a 'Hinata' and fainted into a world of hentai.

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