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Namikaze Legacy

Chapter Four: Here kitty kitty...

The rain was pouring and the sky was dark; she was soaked to the bone and dead tired, she had been on the run for days. It had been days since she had escaped from the hands of Sasori and Deidara; she couldn't stop as she knew that they were not far behind, every time she had tried to stop and rest, she found that moments later she would be attacked by an feminine looking ninja in a black robe and it's bloody exploding birds. The irony was not lost on her as in her dreams her inhabitant would often dream of pouncing out of the undergrowth at some unsuspecting bird; and now here she was being hunted by birds.

She was bloodied and exhausted from her previous encounters; Yugito knew that she somehow had to lose her pursuers soon or it would be the end for her. Yugito reached the edge of the tree line and briefly surveyed her surroundings; thankfully she had keen night sight due to her companion, the landscape seemed bleak and sparse there was nowhere within sight where she could hide and briefly rest. She leapt out of the trees and began to pump as much chakra into her legs as she could she needed to find cover and fast.

It had been hours since she had any contact with her pursuers and the fatigue had finally began to take its toll; she found a small outcrop close to the top of what appeared to be a hill and decided to rest for the moment, she figured that in the darkness that she would actually catch a break so that Nibi would be able to heal her. If her previous luck was anything to go by she would have known better; she had just gotten comfortable when she heard the beating of wings, she peered out into the darkness only to glimpse a small flock of small white birds heading towards her position. She leapt out and ran up the hill; all the while explosions were going off behind her and showering her with debris. Yugito's jounin uniform was shredded and barely hanging on to her bruised and bloodied body as she ran for her life; she reached the top and abruptly stopped, she was at the edge of a cliff overlooking a wide river in the gorge below. "For fuck sake can't I catch a break" she screamed in frustration. She turned to face her pursuers as they approached; Deidara seemed to be extremely happy and was telling his companion that this was some of his best artwork ever as he pointed to the mangled landscape littered with craters, which were slowly filling with water, at the centre of this so called masterpiece was Yugito battered and bruised.

"There is nowhere left for you to run and I'm pissed as it is" growled Sasori

"Fuck you as if I give a shit asshole"

"Take your girlfriend" Yugito pointed to Deidara "and work out your stress"

"Why you bitch" Deidara screamed "I'm a man for fuck sake; why does everyone think I'm a bitch"

"We are late as it is; we haven't got time for this shit" said Sasori

"It's over; you don't stand a chance" came the voice of Hidan as he jumped towards Yugito swinging his scythe; Yugito flipped back startled at the appearance of the third member, she knew the fourth had to be close. She knew that she didn't stand a chance against these four and knowing that caused the fear to take root in her mind; Nibi within her became increasingly agitated sharing the same fear as her container as both knew what their fate was to be, and death didn't appeal to either of them.

Yugito began to scan the area looking for anything which would provide an opportunity for escape and the only option she could see was the cliff behind her, she had no idea whether or not she would survive the fall, but there was no way that she was going with them. The four began to approach her steadily with the intention of finally capturing their prey; she backed away towards the edge; her mind was made up she turned around to face them one last time.

"Fuck you bastards; I'll see you in hell" she shouted defiantly as she turned back towards the cliff edge and leapt into the darkness.

"You fucking dumbass" screamed Kakuza as he slapped the back of Deidara's head.

"Pein-sama is going to be pissed if we don't find her" muttered Sasori. Kakuza walked up to the edge and looked over into the darkness below, he knew it was a long drop and that it would take time for them to find a route down into the gorge below.

"Move it, we have to find that bitch and soon" Deidara stated as he began to walk away from the cliff edge.

As she hit the water all the air was forced out of her lungs; she felt her ribs crack and didn't have the strength to swim to the bank. She found herself drifting with the current, her grasp on consciousness ebbing.


The duo approached the sentry post at the entrance of Suna, their faces were hidden by the a combination of the sand being blown and the straw hats that adorned their heads, their cloaks only added to the mysterious aura that the pair gave off. The two chunnin on guard noticed the approaching pair and readied their kunai.

"Halt who goes there" called the guards; the two continued to approach and slowly Itachi raised the brow of his hat revealing his eyes, with that the two collapsed and fell into a short lived trance which neither would remember.

"Your no fun Itachi" pouted Kisame as the pair slowly passed the unconscious guards entering the city. The streets were empty and the sky was clear revealing the stars in the sky above; the only sign of any movement was the occasional dust devil that would whistle along the streets.

"Where's the brat then?" asked Kisame as the pair continued their walk along the streets.

"The Kazekage tower" replied Itachi in his usual monotone voice.

"It sounds like me and Samehada here will get to play after all then" Itachi just rolled his eyes and continued deeper into the city.

Meanwhile a genin team had just returned to the city and found the two guards just as they began to awake from their state of unconsciousness. There was a sense of confusion surrounding the whole situation which only served to create an atmosphere of suspicion surrounding the circumstances; a sense of urgency developed among the group and the guards set of a warning flare to alert the shinobi of Suna.

Itachi and Kisame were walking along the streets when the sky above them lit up in an orange glow.

"Now the fun begins" chuckled Kisame as he reached behind him and grabbed Samehada; Itachi didn't respond but carried on walking towards the tower which was now coming into view. Suddenly shadows appeared on the rooftops and a flurry of shuriken rained down on the pair, who deflected the oncoming barrage with kunai and Samehada. Kisame began to feel excited he was finally getting some action which had been missing from his life recently.

"I'll meet you at the tower" said Kisame excitedly as he leapt up to the rooftop to get himself some action. Itachi carried on as if nothing was happening as stoic as always.

In the Kazekage tower there was pandemonium the defending ninja were running around like ants with no one being fully aware of the events which were occurring in the streets below.

Kisame was having an easy time so far he had only come across mid chunnin level ninja and he found that somewhat frustrating; but he would settle for what he could get. He was using Samehada more as a bat; swatting bugs because to him that's exactly what they were.

News was beginning to make its way to the Kazekage tower regarding the intruders and they were now aware of who they were dealing with. Baki ordered for a message to be sent to Kohona asking for help; the sand was still recovering from Orochimaru's deception and there was no way that they could handle S-class nins without help.

Gaara had known for some time that this moment would come; he had no idea that they would be so direct. The losses from the incursion were beginning to mount, the message had been sent to Kohona. He knew that any help wouldn't arrive in time; it was time for him to fulfil his duties as a Kage, time to protect his precious people. He looked into the eyes of his older brother; no words were needed, but he knew that this could the last time that he saw his family, at least in this life. He took one last look over the village from the balcony of his office and then walked out of his office to enter the fray. Gaara and Shukuku felt extremely nervous as they knew what was at stake, never the less both felt determined.

Zetsu was being his usual self lurking in the shadows, voyeuristically enjoying the chaos that was ensuing. It reminded him of an ants nest, which had just been disturbed, people were running to and fro, all sense of purpose clouded by the thick atmosphere of fear and panic.

Itachi had reached the tower, which he considered to rather bland, much like the rest of the village; however he was feeling a sense of anticipation, hoping that Gaara would provide a test of his power. He had been waiting years for Sasuke to develop enough to serve his purpose and finally cement his power. Once he had Sasuke he felt s if he would be like a god amongst men, but until then he had Akatsaki.

Gaara exited the tower and came face to face with Itachi, he flared his chakra and his gourd quickly emptied in a fluid motion separating into two individual clouds of sand; one hung in the air above him and the other positioned itself defensively in front of him.

The atmosphere began to feel heavy with two conflicting emotions from the two anticipation and tension, which was broken when Itachi sped forward towards Gaara aiming a kick at the head of Gaara, the sand instinctively moved and blocked the attempted kick. Itachi followed this up with a number of punches all of which seemed to be blocked even using his sharingan he couldn't get a physical hit on Gaara.

Itachi backed away; his feelings of anticipation began to feel justified, he knew that this would be attest of sorts, but it wasn't going to be the test that he had spent years waiting for.

Gaara knew that elementally he was at a disadvantage and knew that his chances of winning were slim at best; he knew that he had to buy some time and move the battle away from the centre of the village to prevent further destruction.

"Shall we take this somewhere more suitable" suggested Gaara in his usual monotonous voice; for a brief moment Itachi's face grew a smirk, which promptly vanished as he nodded. They both vanished only to appear outside the village gates; Gaara's tenant felt the apprehension that its container was experiencing, Shukuku was also feeling a foreboding sense of fear. It knew that both his and Gaara's fate were undeniably entwined, through the connection they both had the same thought was present. If this was to be their end they wouldn't go down without a fight.


News was spreading throughout the village regarding the 'unfortunate' events surrounding the demise of Homura; the brutality of it sent fear throughout segments of the council. Kyuu was elated; yes she was technically a reformed demon, but what demon couldn't help but savour and enjoy the smell of fear as it permeated through the village. The death served its purpose and would make revenge on the others even sweeter for her and more traumatic for those who were to feel her wrath. She knew that she would have to wait for her next serving of revenge and that gave her time to come up with something just a bit more gruesome for her next victim...whoever that was to be.

Unknown Location...

"Is everything ready?" asked a figure hidden in the shadows.

"Hai, our allies are ready, we can move within the month" replied another.

"Finally it will burn and we shall have our revenge"

"Hai as it is your wish"


Since his return Naruto almost felt as if he had been reborn, so many questions which had previously been haunting him had finally been answered. He felt extremely comfortable in his home with Kyuu, but like with many things in life when you settle one problem another usually takes its place. In this case it was the problem of having more than one wife; he wasn't stupid, he knew that if he showed any interest anytime soon then Kyuu would remove his meat and veg, stir fry them and then shove them down his throat.

He was removed from his thoughts when he heard a perverted giggle; looking up he met the gaze of Kakashi.

"Hokage-sama requires your presence Naruto, by the way good book I didn't think that some of these positions were possible" giggled the rather flustered (turned on) jounin.

"Alright, let's go see the old hag" with that the two took to the streets of Kohona; although he still received glares, they were getting slightly fewer in number. Naruto wondered if he had made the right decision in coming back, yes this was his home in a sense; but even with his heritage being revealed it didn't feel as if it was having any real positive effect in regards to how he was regarded, the hatred and disgust felt towards him by the general population was probably too deeply rooted.

Subconsciously he began to plan ahead, if things didn't change then he would have to weigh up his options and make some sort of provision for those who were precious to him and at the moment that number wasn't too large, although a number of clans had forced him to re-evaluate his opinion of them.

The two entered the tower and climbed the steps only to be greeted by Shizune.

"Ohayo Shizune-chan"

"Ah Naruto-kun, Tsunade-sama is expecting you" she happily chirped; she was happy to see him back, as she had missed him and his happy go lucky persona.

Naruto and Kakashi knocked on the door.

"Enter" yelled Tsunade from behind the door.

"Ah brat"

"Eh Baa-chan what's up" Kakashi backed away, noticing the Godaimes forehead twitching almost uncontrollably. She rose from her chair and walked around; Naruto didn't see the warning signs as Tsunade punched him into a bookcase, which promptly fell on top of him.

"What have I told you about calling me that brat" her voice heavy with intent.

"Well you are an old bag" grumbled Naruto from beneath the bookcase.

"What was that" Tsunade growled as she stepped towards him whilst cracking her knuckles.

"Hokage-sama" came a feminine voice from the other side of the room, Tsunade turned around looking at the young woman, sighing and grumbling made her way back to her desk.

"You ungrateful gaki, I called you here for a mission" with that Naruto perked up, 'finally some action' he thought as a wry smile crept upon his face. Tsunade's demeanour suddenly became more formal.

"This is an A class mission Naruto; you and Hana are to head to oto and scout a forward base gather any information you can and then destroy the base, is that clear".

"Hai Hokage-sama" replied Hana.

"Yeah, no problem"

"You leave in an hour from the main gate "dismissed.

Naruto and Hana departed to prepare. Hana herself was quite troubled by this mission; all she knew about Naruto was that he was a loud mouth brat, who had been recently been promoted to jounin and that he was despised by the village. She set off in search of her brother Kiba to gain some more information; she knew that this mission was going to be in the words of Shikamaru 'troublesome' as there was no love lost between Kohona and Oto.

Hana arrived back at her clans compound deep in thought, which Tsume swiftly brought her out of.

"What's up?" asked Tsume.

"I've got a mission with Naruto; just the two of us and it's an A- class search and destroy" she paused for a moment.

"I don't really know anything about him"

"So you don't know if you can trust him eh?" asked Tsume in a rather annoyed tone. Hana looked at her mother and realised that she was disappointed in her.

"He comes from a strong honourable pack" voiced Tsume in her matriarchal tone. Hana knew immediately that the subject was now closed. In Hana's mind time would tell, with that she went to get changed and collect her gear.

Meanwhile Naruto knowing that he may be gone for a while headed straight for Teuchi's and the god that is ramen. He ate his usual fill and left his money on the counter. He quickly said his goodbyes to Teuchi and Ayame; then set off towards his compound to get his gear and say farewell to Kyuu for a while.

As he ran across the courtyard he was suddenly bundled to the ground; he looked up only to find himself being straddled by Kyuu who was wearing an Anko like smirk. She leant down and began to kiss him passionately; her lips fighting a battle of dominance with his, not one to be outdone he began to channel a small amount of chakra into his lips. Kyuu gave a low growl; she began to probe his lips seeking entrance, which he willingly gave.

Their tongues met in a dance entwining and enticing one another; her desire for him was almost unbearable as was his for her. He began to channel chakra into his tongue and began to tease her tongue sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body; she began to moan and could feel her body throbbing, her primal instincts were awakening. Naruto should have known better; but was caught up in the moment. Kyuu sunk her teeth into his shoulders sending pulses of chakra through his body. He knew that if he didn't stop soon then he wouldn't be in any shape to carry out his mission. He brought his hands up behind her ears and began to stroke them gently, her bite began to loosen, but only briefly before she applied more pressure and chakra. Naruto now knew that he was seriously screwed; there was no way that she was giving up, she wanted no needed and craved release and she was going to get it one way or another.

She reached down to his bulge and began to channel minute amounts of chakra into his manhood causing him to growl ever so slightly as his tool throbbed with each pulse; his own instincts began to take over as he rolled her over taking the dominant position. She released her bite and looked into his cerulean eyes which now had an animalistic quality to them as she lick his blood of her lips. Naruto leant down and began to kiss her neck as he gently slid her kimono down her body; slowly revealing her glistening soft skin and well tone body. She continued to moan as he kissed and nipped at the nape of her neck; her breasts were slowly revealed and his tongue began to lick and caress its way slowly down her body, she could feel the warm moist honey dripping down her thigh, her body felt so warm. Kyuu shuddered as his tongue finally reached her left nipple and began to slowly circle the erect nub, whilst his fingers began to send chakra into her other nipple. She felt waves of pleasure coursing through her body; the tension inside her body steadily building. Kyuu slipped her hands down his pants and firmly grasped his tool and slowly began to move her hand to and fro; he gave a guttural growl and groaned at her touch. The two were rapidly beginning to lose themselves in the moment; when they interrupted by a rather coarse growl, looking up from their position in the middle of the rather secluded courtyard they saw a pair of rather large dogs and an extremely flushed looking Hana, who had been watching for the past few minutes. (AN. I thought a little citrus was appropriate at this time, a full serving will come later with a few side orders)

Kyuu and Naruto broke away from each other both feeling different emotions; Naruto was obviously embarrassed at being caught and even more so when he noticed that he could smell Hana's arousal, he couldn't bring himself to look her in the eyes or even in her direction. Kyuu on the other hand was pissed and frustrated; she had been looking forward to this moment for some time, her frustration had been building and was so close to release only to be interrupted was a bitch, she gave a low growl towards Hana clearly smelling her arousal as well.

Hana on the other hand was having an internal battle at that moment; She should be pissed at Naruto as she had been waiting at the gate for some time before she finally decided to come and find him, on the other hand the animalistic foreplay that she had witnessed had left her feeling wetter that Kusa in the monsoon season.

"We're late for the mission" she said clearly embarrassed; whilst looking at her partners, who incidentally were snickering at her predicament, this was blackmail material which was simply too good to pass up.

Naruto turned to Kyuu and whispered to her that they would finish this when he got back; then they kissed passionately.

"You better" It was more of an order than a reply.

"Nice to meet you" said Hana as she waved, still flustered and extremely uncomfortable with what she walked in on.

Naruto, Hana and her companions finally left Kohona and headed towards the Fire – Oto border and whatever lay ahead of them.

Around five hours later the messenger bird finally arrived in Kohona.

The door to the Hokage's office flew open with a loud bang. Tsunade jumped up from her sake induced stupor and promptly lashed out; knocking the chunnin clean out and into the wall, she walked over to his prone body and removed the slip of paper which he was holding.

Tsunade began to groggily read the note; the further she read the more disturbed she become. She knew that something would occur; but she was surprised by the boldness of the action, a straight forward assault of a hidden village by Akatsaki was unheard of, usually they worked in the shadows and this greatly disturbed her.

"Shizune" yelled Tsunade.

Shizune flew into the office and looked at her obviously disturbed mentor and friend.

"Get me team Gai, Kurenai and Asuma immediately"

"Hai" Shizune left to assemble the teams; whilst Tsunade went to the draw in her desk and reached for her sake; she needed a drink as she had a feeling that things were only going to get worse. Tsunade's thoughts drifted off towards Naruto; she knew that if they were making their move for Gaara then it would be sooner rather than later that they would go after Naruto, the question in her head was when the time come would he be strong enough to endure and would she be able to save someone precious to her this time.

Fifteen minutes later the three teams were stood before Tsunade.

"You can some in now you pervert" said Tsunade whilst eying the teams before her; Jiraiya hopped in through the window and took his place by the side of the Hokage.

"This mission is for all three teams; and I'm not going to lie, it is at least 'A class' and could quite easily rise to S"

The atmosphere in the room tensed quite considerably; the gathered Chunnin and Jounin looked apprehensive none more so than Hinata and Ino.

"Hokage-sama just what does this mission entail" asked Kurenai with a tone that reflected the anguish that she felt for her team.

All present in the room focused their gaze at the Hokage as she rose and faced out of the balcony looking over the village.

"Suna is under attack by 'S ranked' nins; Itachi and Kisame from Akatsaki have been positively identified, their primary target seems to the Kazekage"

There was silence while she let that piece of information be absorbed by the others in the room.

"Your mission is to leave immediately and provide all necessary support in the protection of Suna and the Kazekage; if you engage the enemy do so in groups, am I clear"

"Hai Hokage-sama" replied the jounin.

"One more thing; I will be sending a combat support group shortly after you depart, be careful, now dismissed"

The room cleared of the three teams; they all left to gather their equipment each having a sick feeling at the back of their throats; they all grasped the seriousness of this mission and the possibility that one or some them may not return.

At the gate the mood was sombre even Gai and Lee were silent; no cries of the springtime of youth, this only added to the tension that was building within each of the young chunnin.

Meanwhile Tsunade was deciding with Jiraiya just who would be in the combat team and after some discussion came to the conclusion that it would be a five man cell consisting of Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura led by Jariaya himself, the fifth member was chosen by Jariaya himself and to be honest Tsunade was sceptical at first and took some convincing especially in light of the person's history. The final member of the team was to be Kyuu; Jariaya knew some of her capabilities in terms of some of jutsu's that she was capable of using; she knew most of Naruto's jutsu's. The only real problem would be explaining her presence in such a squad, but Jiraiya was adamant that if he couldn't take Naruto then he would have Kyuu.

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