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Largos' p.o.v.

Largo watched as Ping dragged Piro down some stairs and squeakily said something in Japanese that he didn't understand. Piro followed her without comment or complaint. "Into the darkest void. Like a lamer to the slaughter." Largo muttered to Boo who squeaked in reply. "No crossbows, no chainsaws, no grenades, not even a crowbar. I've got nothing, Boo. The fool is on his own."

Largo turned and began walking away as Boo squeaked again. He got only ten paces away, before turning back. Taking Boo from his shoulder he placed the hamster on a rail beside the stairs. Boo gave a questioning squeak. "If we both die down here," he muttered, "I'm gonna be mad," and he walked down the stairs after Piro.

The place wasn't as full as the last time he'd been there, and he immediately spotted Piro and Ping. "Of all the stupid things to do," he muttered angrily. Talking to the Source of 3vil in her den, what was Piro thinking?

Then she turned and looked straight at him. "Hello Largo. Feeling any better?"

There! Proof that she was t3h 3vi1! How else could she have known he was there, if not by her Evil Powers?

"L-L-Largo?" Piro said in surprise, staring at him as though he'd never seen him before. Wonderful, she was casting a spell on him; well Largo would have to get him out before it could be finished. The robot cried his name. He ignored it, went straight to Piro and grabbed his arm

"What are you…did you follow me here?" Piro demanded. He sounded mad, but he would thank Largo later.

"We're going. Now." Largo said tersely eyeing Miho warily.

Piro looked even angrier. "What? No! I came here to do something!"

"Like what, die?" Largo snarled. "Ya stupid idiot. Lesss go."


The girl said something to Piro and he started to walk away with Ping. Had the spell been cast? They had to get out of there before anything else happened. Largo started forward intending to drag Piro out if need be but t3h 3vil got in his way.

"Piro!" he yelled, but Piro ignored him and kept walking.

"Shhhh…don't worry. Piro can take care of himself. And it will give you and I some time to talk," t3h 3vil told him, reaching out and pulling a beer can out of his hair. So now she was using her black arts to try and entice him with the one thing he could not live without? Well, it wasn't going to work.

"Talk?" he snapped angrily "I've got nothin' to say to you."

"Oh? A woman shredded your pride today…and I think you want to talk about it." She sat on a stool at the bar, no doubt trying to look innocent. "Would you like a drink?" she asked with her head cocked to one side. Largo didn't answer; he just stood there glaring. Then, what she had said registered in his mind. How had she…?

The Black Arts. No matter how hard he tried he could not get Erika out of his head and when she pulled the beer can out of his hair she must have read his mind.

She turned and said something to the man behind the bar in her Evil Tongue and he placed a bottle on the counter. "Note the bottle is still sealed," she said. "Also, it's almost older than I am. You can be fairly sure I haven't toyed with it."

"Wa' is it? 'shoushands of years old?" Largo demanded, peering at the bottle unsteadily. He was surprised at how slurred his voice was.

"Largo, sit down before you fall down," commanded the 3vil 0n3, in a convincing pretence of concern.

He reached for the bottle. He would not obey her instructions; he would not let himself be controlled. Dom said Erika was controlling him – that she was even more powerful than even t3h 3vil that sat in front of him offering him a drink. He pulled his mind back to the present – he had to deal with this threat and get Piro to safety – then he could wary about Erika. "I will stand, or I will fall. I will not sit." He said it slowly so it wouldn't come out slurred and was pleased to note he had managed it. It was more than pride that kept him on his feet; standing he was too tall for her to suck out his brains, while sitting he would be just the right height.

"Small sips, Largo. Small sips."

"Don't tell me how to drink," Largo replied, surprising himself with the way he was just throwing the bottle back. He hadn't even tested it for poison before he began to drink! She must be using her 3vil Sp3lls to cloud his mind. He would have to be even more wary from now on. It would help if he could focus, but his mind kept wandering back to Erika, and what she had said before he left. No! He was in gr34t d4ng3r here, he had to focus!

T3h 3vil was speaking again "You could at least use a glass," she said watching him. Then she looked down at the beer can in her hand. "You really are a brute, aren't you."

He ignored her and kept drinking. He would not speak to her, there was nothing to be gained by a conversation with t3h 3vil and he had no intension of giving her a chance to cast one of her spells. She waited for him to say something, and must have realised that approach wasn't going to work because she tried a different one.

"Not pleasant, is it? Not being able to get away from what you feel inside. Pain, frustration, life…"

"Whah you know ahbout life 'sept eatin it?" Largo demanded, surfacing briefly from his bottle. Then, realising what he'd just done, he added under his breath "Yeh undead whench…" he had to concentrate, what was wrong with him?

"'Undead wench', am I?" she asked, looking up. "Heh." She got a far-away look in her eyes and said, "Back then…when we played, and I finally managed to kill you…how did it make you feel?"

"Din'n care," Largo replied, distracted. "Play'd 'nother game." It was a lie of course, but he wasn't going to tell her the truth. If he could lie to her he wasn't under her spell. He had cared – no one liked being beaten. "Bhaldurs Ghate. Den Supur Munkhey Ball. Khck'd mush butt…din'n care." But he cared now; he cared more now that things had gone badly with Erika than he had ever cared about anything in his life. He gave himself a shake and took another swallow of whatever was in the bottle, glancing at t3h 3vil as he did. A momentary flicker of pain flashed across her face. It puzzled him. Why? Why would t3h 3vil 0n3 feel pain over that? Largo shook it off. She was just trying to confuse him.

"So…why is this…any different?" she whispered at last.

He tried to ignore the question, but he had been pondering it all evening and so he found himself turning it over in his mind anew. Why was it any different? Some games you won, and some you lost – he had known that for a long time. If you lost one then you went back and tried again 'till you won – he had told Erika that he didn't wallow in his defeats, and he had meant it. So what made this defeat any different from the others? "Is it because it's real?" t3h 3vil enquired slowly, breaking into his thoughts. "Because…she's real? Real breasts…soft legs…warm hips…and flesh she will never ever let someone like you touch?"

Largo had had enough. He wasn't going to sit and let her torment him – it was none of her business what happened between him and Erika. "Piro!" he bellowed putting the bottle down and turning from the bar "'err goin."

"He can't hear you, Largo," the 3vil said, grabbing the back of his shirt.

Largo turned, wrenching free of her grip. "Ghet away fro' me, ya undead--"

"Undead?" she interrupted "Zombie? Vampire? Witch? Creature of the dark? Which is it, Largo? Is that what you think when you look at me?" She took his hand in hers. "There are all kinds of ways to die, Largo. Some painful…some bitter-sweet…yet some can leave you with a beating heart…" she placed his hand on her chest, "and a warm body." He stared at her, horrified. She felt…warm. "Surprised, Largo?" she demanded, "Surprised that I'm warmer than you are?"

Then Piro appeared out of nowhere, and used his knowledge of magic to say something in her own vile tongue, which Largo didn't understand. Whatever it was, it shocked her into a stunned silence.

"Come on, Largo. Lets go," Piro said, lifting Largos arm over his shoulders to offer support.

"Sh'goh meh Piruh…sh'goh meh," Largo said, amazed "Ahm duhhn furr…" His thoughts began to jumble together. She had felt warm. What had Erika done to him? Why did he care? How could he have allowed this to happen? How had he become so cold? Why had she pushed him away? What had he done to change the rules of Erika's game so suddenly? Then it hit him.

T3h 3vil had been trying to put a spell on him since he released her. He had known this and had prepared himself for it – but now he had let Erika put an even more powerful spell on him. More, he suddenly realised, he had wanted her to do it.

The idea repulsed him, and yet he knew it was true. He knew it with the same certainty with which he knew what t3h 3vil was. His mind was empty of all else, he couldn't focus, all he could do was say over and over…"She'goh meh Piruh…"

And he didn't know which 'she' he meant.