SaffPD (Saffron Police Department) Crime Report

Name of officer: Jennifer S-

Date of incident: Tuesday, June 6

Time of incident: 2:41 AM

Dispatch: Received call about a disturbance at Route 5, just outside the town border, at 2:37 AM.

Investigation: Two boys and two Pokémon discovered on the scene.

Herbert L-, age 12, Pokémon trainer, hometown Cerulean. Unconscious, bleeding from wound in forehead, covered in purple liquid.

Timothy M-, age 10, Pokémon trainer, hometown Viridian. Conscious, suffering noticeable injuries to right leg akin to being attacked by a Pokémon.

Growlithe, Pokéball identified as belonging to Herbert. Unharmed.

Squirtle, Pokéball identified as belonging to Timothy. Unconscious, with visible signs of being bitten.

Broken glass also found at the scene of the crime.

Squirtle taken to Pokémon center to receive medical attention. Herbert in shock; ambulance requested.

Sample of purple liquid taken. Identified as potion frequently given to battling Pokémon. Traces of identical residue found on pieces of glass at crime scene.

Several witnesses to the incident. Accounts largely identical. Combined testimony below:

Timothy left Pokémon Center at 2:31 AM. Looked around in suspicious manner, headed north to Route 5. Herbert entered town via Route 5 at 2:32 AM. Conversation started; testimonies suggest that Herbert challenged Timothy to a Pokémon battle. Herbert called Growlithe. Timothy called Squirtle. Growlithe bit Squirtle. Squirtle collapsed into unconsciousness immediately afterward. Herbert requested payment from Timothy. Timothy offered potion. Herbert demanded monetary compensation. Timothy struck Herbert over head with potion, breaking glass. Herbert collapsed immediately. Growlithe attacked and subdued Timothy before he could escape to the north. One witness placed call at this time.

Timothy questioned. His account confirmed the above events. Repeatedly screamed about needing to leave town.

Probed deeper, searching for possible motivations.

Two Pokémon belonging to Timothy in treatment at Pokémon Center: one Caterpie, one Pidgey. Both injured badly. Witness to Pokémon battles found. Both used in single battle earlier in the day; both defeated in single attack. Expressed concern that using such weak Pokémon in this region was dangerous, bordering on negligent.

Had entered Saffron Gym on previous night. Records of gym match on file. Single unspecified Pokémon of Timothy's possession used in battle. Mild injuries to gym leader's Kadabra and Venomoth. Crippling injuries to gym leader's Alakazam, requiring Pokémon Center treatment. Gym leader Sabrina P- questioned. Claimed that Pokémon was wild, did not give more details. Declined pressing any charges against Timothy regarding use of wild Pokémon in gym battle.

Notebook and pen belonging to Pewter City Pokémon Center found in Timothy's possession. Most pages torn; several remained. Handwriting unfocused yet legible, matching no one on file. Two sets of fingerprints found on notebook; one matches Timothy, one still unmatched. Written instructions to travel to Saffron City, including map with Sabrina's name circled. Suggestions that Timothy move quickly to arrive before evening, avoiding battles or resting. Implication of unfavorable interaction with Team Rocket, including allegations of torture. Questioned Timothy about these notes; his only response was to describe the Pokémon used in the gym battle.

Current theory: Writer of notebook engineered plan to sabotage Saffron Gym, using out-of-town child as accessory, and arranged for transportation of child. After incident, child attempted to escape premises, was unable, and tried again in middle of night. Escape foiled by Herbert's unwitting arrival, Herbert suffered consequences.

Opinion: Timothy is underage and was likely coerced against his will into criminal action. Keep in custody. Attempt to get more information about note writer.

Suggested charges: assault; criminal negligence of Pokémon

Suggested punishment: revocation of Pokémon trainer license

APPROVED - Chief Michael A-

Actions taken:

Timothy in custody in Pokémon Center to be treated for leg injuries and questioning about incident. Pokémon training equipment confiscated.

Squirtle released from Pokémon Center and delivered to Viridian Gym for use as replacement starter (1)

Pidgey and Caterpie released from Pokémon Center and returned to wild habitat

Written recommendation for trainer license revocation sent to Pokémon League Central Offices. Police report attached.

(1) In case of new trainer losing a starter Pokémon for reasons determined to be natural and/or uncontrollable

Day Four


The door and windows to the room were securely locked. Mewtwo noticed. If he hadn't recovered his abilities, he wouldn't have been able to enter like this. Very good, he thought. There would be considerably less ambiguity as a result.

Tim was asleep in bed. This would be simple. Even if he was careful and took his time, it would be over in three minutes.

This wasn't right. He knew it wasn't right, and yet he knew that it was necessary if he truly wanted the best possible outcome. And yet... it wouldn't be sunrise for another hour or so. He had time. Maybe he could change his plans. This boy deserved it, after everything that had happened. And he couldn't shake the feeling that he wanted it, too... no. If he changed his plan now, he wouldn't be guaranteed anything...

On a whim, he decided to check on the boy's dreams.

Nightmares. Of a mob of angry humans and Pokémon surrounding the Pokémon Center, barring the doors. Keeping him inside. A chant could be heard throughout the town. No escape. No escape.

...very well. A compromise.

Mewtwo gave Tim a slight mental suggestion to wake up, and he obeyed. Given his dream, he was not surprised that the boy's face was terrified.

Tim took a moment to adjust to his surroundings, and then noticed the visitor in the room. "You... you came back... I thought I would never see you again!"

The psychic had never tried this before, but he felt it was appropriate for the situation. With a bit of concentration, he modified his telepathy so that it sounded similar to his natural speaking voice, while still being understandable by humans. I want to thank you. I was finally able to recover my abilities.

The boy tried to smile. "That's good to hear... um... I, uh, haven't been so lucky..."

I heard. He gave him a serious look. Why did you do it?

Tim's voice was angry. "You were right about the stupid rules! I wanted to leave! They wouldn't let me! Everywhere I went, it was 'you have to fight me' and all that! I was sick of my Pokémon getting sent back to the center... I just lost it! I mean, what do I have to do to go back to Pewter or wherever without being attacked?"

Mewtwo smiled. Do you want to go back to Pewter?

"No. Not anymore." The boy sat up and laid his head on his hands. "They're right. You were right. I shouldn't be a trainer. I'm no good at it. I can't seem to keep my Pokémon from getting hurt... they must hate me... they're better off without me... better off not fighting, too. I just..."

The boy suddenly broke down into tears. "They took them away! They tried so hard to get me out of this stupid city and they took them away! They think I'm some kind of jerk, too! I... I just want them to leave me alone..."

I never wanted this to happen...

He suddenly lunged forward from the bed and wrapped his arms around Mewtwo's waist, his head resting against the psychic's lower chest. "You came back! You're the only hope I've got! Please! Tell me you came back to help me! Please!"

It took Mewtwo a few seconds to recover from the shock of being hugged. Afterward, he was able to nod quietly. I promised that I would help you when I recovered. What do you want me to do?

"I think... I want to go home. I want to see Mom... Dad... I want them to know what happened! I want them to take me back! They love me... they're the only ones that love me... please! Whatever you do, just get me out of here!"

Mewtwo decided to be as honest as he could permit himself to be right now. You may come with me. I will take you back. By tomorrow, you will no longer need to worry about this city. I promise. He paused briefly, considering his words. Tomorrow. For now, please rest. You need it.

Tim was still hysterical. "...don't leave me... please don't leave me... you're the only one left... never leave me..."

The psychic sighed. This was proving more difficult to do than he had anticipated. Perhaps he shouldn't have let himself do this at all.

...he wanted to do this. Tim needed it. And Mewtwo wanted it, even if he couldn't have it. At least for the moment, he gave in.

The bed was more than large enough. Using a weak amount of his telekinetic ability to aid in the process, he lifted the boy with his arms, walked over to the bed, and laid down upon it himself. The boy felt nothing but comfort in the process. He laid his head upon the Pokémon's chest as he wrapped one arm around him and held him close. Mewtwo mentally lifted the blanket and lightly lowered it onto the pair, leaving his arms free to hold the child and give him a comforting pat.

I will not leave you until you no longer need me.

"...thank you, Mew. Thank you for coming back to me..."

Mew, Mewtwo thought. He had never explained anything to this boy. Even now.

...I never asked you for your name.

The boy smiled. "It's Tim."

Mewtwo also smiled. He continued to hold and comfort the child as he slowly drifted back to sleep. Too slowly, he thought. He had been completely unable to find any sleep-inducing moves that he could use. Darkrai had been a veritable master of the technique. Compared to him, the best he could do was put himself to...

Tim was asleep now, and dreaming. The same tortured dream as before.

That was more than enough, Mewtwo thought. Back to business. Moving very calmly in an effort to not wake the boy as he continued to hold him, he rested his free hand on the boy's head and began to erase his memory.

Delivering supplies to Viridian City was a complicated process. Whoever was responsible either needed a sea vehicle that could dock south of Pallet, a portable form of transportation that could be carried through Mount Moon, or flight.

A helicopter would have been a bit much for this load. Instead, the escorts had been informed that a boat was leaving the port at Vermillion at sunrise to carry training supplies to the western continent. The Squirtle's Pokéball was thus placed alongside the latest Silph Co. shipment and transported by truck to the Vermillion port.

It had only made it halfway there when the engine suddenly went out. The driver, trying his hardest not to panic, pulled over onto the side of the road.

As the man in the navigator's seat got out to pop the hood and check, Mewtwo appeared out of nowhere next to the driver's window. Is there a problem, sir?

"Yeah!" the driver said. "I'm supposed to be delivering this stuff to Vermillion and the stupid truck broke down!"

You have the delivery to Vermillion? Excellent. That will save me a trip. Mewtwo produced a torn page from the notepad in Saffron City. There has been an overturned decision. I need to reclaim one of the items that you are transporting.

The driver grumbled. "Yeah? On whose authority?"

Mr. Vernon himself signed this document, sir, the psychic said, effortlessly pulling the name of the driver's boss from his memory. He handed over the piece of paper. Take a look, if you will.

There was a single word written on the note: FOOL

The driver nodded. "Yeah, that's his writing all right. Sorry for doubting you. We gotta be careful around these parts." He looked toward the back of the vehicle. "Do you need help getting it out?"

No. I will manage. He disappeared briefly, and then reappeared holding a Pokéball. I think this is it, if you could just check it.

The driver gave it a once-over. "Yup. That matches the serial number." He shook his head. "You were lucky we hadn't made it to Vermillion yet."

Do not worry, sir. Keep that copy of the form. I will not take up any more of your time. He turned to look at the front of the truck. Your friend seems to have gotten the engine running again.

The other man, who had yet to actually touch the inner workings of the vehicle, nodded. "Yup. We're in business."

"Sorry about the confusion, sir", the driver said. "Have a good day."

To you as well, Mewtwo replied, and then vanished.

The driver sat back and grumbled as he started the truck. "At least someone's starting their day off better than me."

"No kidding", the passenger added.

Most of his other tasks were simple.

He had teleported into the evidence room of the Saffron City police department, taken the notepad and pen, and mentally broken each into pieces so small as to be completely unrecognizable. He probably could have done so without entering the building, but at this time, he preferred the personal touch.

Caterpie had been easy to find. He was just outside town, stripping the bark off a broken tree branch. It had recognized him immediately, and then he had rendered it unconscious as well.

He returned to where he had hidden the unconscious Pidgey. Everything was almost complete. Now he needed to put the bird and insect into Pokéballs to match the Squ...

...he didn't have any Pokéballs. They had been taken from Tim, and he had kept himself from disturbing the truckload or evidence room any more than necessary.

He grumbled. He had carefully plotted out his every move, and he wasn't about to cause any more trouble than what he had previously planned. He wasn't about to steal Pokéballs or money. He didn't want to battle, or else some innocent Pokémon would get caught up in the aftermath.

A plan formed in his head. For once, he thought, Tim had the right idea.

He decided to choose a city at random. He picked Viridian. That would be fitting, he hoped. Teleporting there, he opted to stand outside the Pokémon Center and wait.

It was less than ten minutes later that a young boy came out of the building, carrying a Pokéball. Mewtwo probed its contents quickly with his mind, and then spoke.

Excuse me, kid. Have you ever wanted to know what your Pikachu is trying to tell you?

It was easy to purchase two Pokéballs at the shop in Viridian. He had even retained a small amount of extra money, just in case. Now, for the most crucial step.

He transported directly to Saffron City. Specifically, the Saffron Gym. Even more specifically, Sabrina's room.

She was asleep at the time. He started considering the best way to handle this step. First, he set the three Pokéballs down on the floor, so that they...

Don't. You. Dare.

Mewtwo smiled to himself. She was well-trained enough to detect his presence, even in her sleep. I am here to repay my debt, he sent telepathically.

The same way you repaid Tim?, she responded in kind, waking up fully and sitting up in bed. I can tell when a psychic is using its abilities in this town. If you try to get out of this by tampering with my mind, I will...

I have no intention of going back on my deal, he interrupted. To be honest, I came here to expand the terms.

The old terms are enough trouble right now. She shook her head, causing her hair to become even more unkempt. You got the TMs. You said you'd work here for a month to pay me back. I can't exactly do that right after I told the police that I don't recognize you, now, can I?

Mewtwo smiled. True enough. If you can help me with a few more things, I'll make it three months, offer you some additional services, and ensure that you never get in any trouble for this.

You really think you can?, she inquired. What about Tim?

If you do this, he will be safe. Trust me. He looked directly into her eyes. I want to be defeated in battle.

Without a word, she stood up and walked over to the desk. Explain yourself first.

He crossed his arms. You filed a report on the gym battle. You should not have done that.

She didn't flinch. I am required to document all of my matches. To do otherwise could cost me my position. She frowned. I risked enough by refusing to identify you.

That report is being used to link Tim to a conspiracy to attack this gym. He leaned on the desk. This is patently false, and I want it to stop.

Sabrina shook her head. I cannot rescind my report.

Then file another one, he said.

She paused. What could I possibly say that would help? Everything that I described was true.

He shrugged. Tell the truth. Tell them that an incredibly powerful and evil Pokémon forced him to perform all of his wicked deeds.

Wait, she said. You want me to tell them about Darkrai?

I never said "dark". Mewtwo stared upward toward the ceiling. I was referring to the psychic Pokémon with a proven history of mental tampering. The one who can be directly linked to all of the events that occurred. The one who brainwashed Tim.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the Pokémon. Okay, what the hell is going on?

He smiled, but did not look at her. The important part is what the police report will say. Despite being detained, Tim vanished mysteriously from his room. Soon afterward, he was discovered in faraway Pewter City with absolutely no memory of the past two days. The notepad evidence was destroyed, but in a fatal error, the perpetrator was caught on film destroying it.

Tim's Pokémon were not with him. Indeed, Caterpie and Pidgey had been recaptured, and Squirtle was seized from a delivery vehicle using deception and mental suggestion... which the drivers realized right about... Mewtwo gestured.

The most likely reason for the hypnotic suggestion wearing off was that, in an effort to cover his tracks, the perpetrator returned to Sabrina's gym to silence the witness there as well. And he would have gotten away with it too if she hadn't been more powerful than he thought. After all, and he looked directly at her as he finished, she managed to defeat him in battle, and then captured him in a Pokéball.

She slammed her fist on the desk. What are you trying to do? You didn't do any of those things!

On the contrary. Aside from the fact that you have yet to defeat me, I am certain that I did every single one of them. I even happen to have his Pokémon with me at the moment, so there is no possible way to deny my involvement.

...but... why? Why are you framing yourself for this?

He lowered his head. Because this is entirely my fault, and I want everyone to know it. His voice became depressed. Tim does not deserve his fate. I told him to come here. I told him to challenge you. I ran away and left him here without any hope of leaving town. If he has done anything wrong, it is solely due to my influence.

I want him exonerated. I want him to go back to his training, and I want everyone in your league to support his actions. I do not want there to be any question that he is innocent. And the only way to do that is to establish that I exist and that I am utterly guilty.

He looked her in the eyes. And if I am guilty, then I want to receive punishment.

She took a breath. I don't think they have prisons for Pokémon.

They do. You call them Pokéballs. The proper way to handle a problematic wild Pokémon has always been to capture it and reform it through extensive training. He smiled. And it just so happens that the person responsible for bringing me down is the leading expert on psychic Pokémon in this region.

She grumbled. This is dishonest...

The only dishonesty is in the motive. I have done everything that I said I have done. I am asking you to do the right thing.

But... you're not supposed to be a criminal! You're not evil!

He glared at her. I am.

She stopped. As he held her gaze, he continued. I am selfish, manipulative, spiteful, and I have frequently held the belief that my power justified all of my actions. I was taught to fight cruelly from birth, and have never taken part in a fair battle until less than six hours ago. I am a vocal opponent of Pokémon training, and have felt no shame in mistreating the humans responsible for it.

The only reason why anyone could believe that I am not evil is that, for a long period of time, I did nothing. I ran away from my actions, hid behind my psychic abilities, and kept myself from harming anyone. But my mindset never improved, and I rarely did anything good. I was still evil. I just failed to display it, and tried to convince myself that it meant I had changed. But I did not. The moment that I was rendered unable to use my powers, I remanifested every evil tendency I had ever possessed in an effort to get them back.

And now that I have realized this, I know that I need to be reformed. His expression had become miserable. I am asking you as nicely as I can. Please reform me.

Sabrina watched his eyes carefully for several seconds. Afterward, her mouth curled upward in a smirk. Three months, huh?

It would be the most sensible way to uphold my end of the deal, he responded.

Are you saying you want to be my Pokémon?

Mewtwo hesitated briefly, and then nodded. I have come to the conclusion that my history with Pokémon training and battling has been flawed and detrimental. It may be in my best interest to experience the process again before I form any more opinions about such activities.

She stood up, shaking her head. Let me ask again, she intoned as she walked around the desk until she was standing directly next to him. She wasn't particularly short, but the psychic Pokémon stood a full head taller than her, even without levitating. She laid her hand on his arm, looked up into his eyes and gave him a sincere smile. Are you saying... that you want... to be my Pokémon?

Mewtwo looked back into her eyes, and he finally understood. He remembered many of the people that he had met on his journey. A teenage boy and his Butterfree. A lady and her Zubat. He had seen the way Sabrina worried about Alakazam, and took care of her Kadabra. He remembered just how Tim had reacted when he had returned to him, and had to admit that he was feeling something as well.

Hundreds of instances, and he had never truly noticed them.

And then he thought back. The way he had taken care of his clones. The young boy and his Pikachu who had both opposed him and helped him. Even in his earliest memories, there was a girl named Amber...

Pokémon training wasn't just about battle. It wasn't even limited to making them stronger. There was... companionship...

He smiled back. Yes. He placed his hand on her shoulder. I want you to train me. Strengthen me. Redeem me. He knelt down slightly. Be with me.

Well, I can't argue with that, she responded in a casual manner. Not many of us get to see a legendary Pokémon. Fewer get to train one. She grinned widely. I don't think I've heard of one choosing a trainer before.

He thought about this. I suspect that more Pokémon choose their trainers than you think.

Well, I guess I'd better see about capturing you, then. A desk drawer opened, and a Pokéball levitated from inside and floated to her hand. You said you wanted to be battled?

He shook his head. I want to be defeated. I am concerned that I might not be able to lose a battle against you or your Pokémon. I will hold back as much as necessary.

Don't be so sure, she replied. I have some strong battlers of my own. She gestured toward the building in general. There's a big difference between the Pokémon I use to win battles and the Pokémon I use to test trainers. The desk drawer closed. After all, I am a gym leader. If my best Pokémon was a purely-psychic-focused Alakazam that wasn't quite strong enough to enter the Pokémon League, why would anyone think I was qualified?

Mewtwo nodded. It made sense. I was considering requesting that your Kadabra do the honors. He has done a great deal to assist me, after all.

I doubt he could scratch you in battle. She looked up at the ceiling briefly. He won't be a Kadabra for much longer, anyway.

As Mewtwo gave her an inquisitive look, she continued. They released Alakazam from the center. He's still alive and still strong, but he's paralyzed below the waist. While he can get by using his abilities, he is in no shape to fight. If he wasn't a psychic, I think he...

She trailed off, and then started again. It's the best solution. Kadabra will become my new Alakazam for gym battle, and I will train another Kadabra.

The psychic Pokémon looked at her. I would like to speak with Alakazam later. I... want to help him.

He is beyond healing, she pointed out.

If he is unable to walk, then I will teach him to levitate.

Are you qualified to do that?

I thought it would be part of our arrangement, he responded with a sincere smile. If you can teach me how to be a better Pokémon, it is only fair that I try to make you and your Pokémon better psychics.

Whether or not his actions were truly ethical, they managed to play out almost exactly as he had planned.

This was true for the important aspects, anyway. Once the police gathered the evidence, it was decided that there was really no way to justify charging Tim with anything. The Pokémon League coordinators opted to allow him to resume his training, although it was proposed that they closely monitor his activities and gym battles in case he did anything else suspicious. In the end, it turned out to not be necessary.

After recovering in the Pewter City Pokémon Center, Tim was astonished to hear about what he had been doing while he was unconscious. He did, in fact, remember a few things about Mewtwo; specifically, that it had helped him leave Viridian Forest when he was having trouble. He honestly couldn't believe that it would do this to him. A number of Pewter City residents agreed. They remembered the culprit and the boy spending time together without incident. But some also remembered how it had carried a notepad, which only further proved its guilt.

His Pokéballs were delivered a day later, along with some of his missing equipment and a small amount of money that Sabrina had apparently included as "compensation". While there was no way for him or the police to know this, Tim's Pokémon also lacked any memory of the missing events. The psychic had been thorough. Oddly enough, Tim noticed that his Pidgey had gained a new move during that timeframe. Perhaps those days hadn't been completely wasted after all.

After everything was said and done, he still needed to get ready for his first gym battle. The strategy was easy. The gym leader would be using rock-type Pokémon, so Squirtle would have a definite advantage. If he fell, Caterpie would have more of a chance to finish him off than Pidgey, even if it was just as vulnerable to rock attacks.

The next step was to stock up on items. Potions, naturally, although he couldn't shake the nagging feeling that he would want some repels before long. He was checking his pockets to count how much money he still had when his hand came upon a folded piece of paper in his inner shirt pocket.

He pulled it out and unfolded it to find a note, written on the same notepad paper that everyone had been talking about. PLEASE THANK EACH OF THEM FOR ME WHEN YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY

He didn't know what it was talking about. Just to be safe, he thanked the Pokémon. After all, there must have been a reason.

Sabrina was in a difficult position. She not only had to explain to the police that the "wild Pokémon" from earlier turned out to be the mastermind behind the whole plan, but also how she managed to defeat him when he had utterly crushed her gym Pokémon earlier. True, she was using a more powerful Pokémon the second time, but she couldn't exactly tell them that Mewtwo had been holding back.

She also had to convince them that she would take custody of him.

"Psychic Pokémon are particularly dangerous", she argued at the hearing. "Give him a chance to escape, and not only will he succeed, you won't even remember that you ever had him."

"We should kill him now", one of the officers muttered.

"Are you mad?" she asked immediately. "The Pokémon League is founded on the knowledge that Pokémon aren't evil. Their disposition depends entirely on their trainers." She gestured. "I have trained no fewer than thirty psychic Pokémon in my life, and also keep Pokémon of types that have an inherent advantage over them, just in case the worst happens. If that's not enough, I have trained myself and others to use similar abilities to counterbalance them.

"There has never been a psychic Pokémon incident on my watch. This one even had to resort to physical means. And I assure you that I have all the materials necessary to ensure that it won't happen again." Her voice was confident. "I can train him. It will work."

There was general agreement from the crowd, except for one dissenting voice. "Weren't you responsible for a number of psychic incidents of your own?"

She winced. The speaker had a point. "That situation was resolved long ago, and I hope I have proven over the past few years that it will never be a problem again."

A few more words on the subject were exchanged, the matter was dropped, and in the end Sabrina was headed back to her gym with a new psychic Pokémon in her possession.

Psychic incidents?, she heard in her head.

I don't want to talk about it, she replied as she looked at the Pokéball in her hand. You're better than I thought. Most psychics are blocked when they're in these balls.

The Pokémon grumbled mentally. I have yet to get used to being held like this. Could you let me out soon?

Not in public. And not until I'm sure it's not a trick.

You don't trust me?

Call it healthy skepticism, she answered without missing a beat as they entered the gym. I haven't started to train you properly yet.

I am offended, he replied. I would never think of leaving you. Not while I still have to help... which Pokémon was that?

Hypno, Sabrina answered matter-of-factly.

And stopped walking suddenly. Why had she answered like that? It was obvious that she was talking about Drowzee.

Her expression became terrified. Mewtwo didn't blame her. You are not as resistant to mental tampering as you think. His voice had become cold. I think you understand now. If I intended to break my promise, I would have done it by now.

The door to her office/bedroom opened for her, and she entered slowly. What do you want from me?

Nothing more than what we have already discussed. His mental voice became friendly again. But I would also like to be let out of this device for the moment. Surely you can do that for me. Or should I force you to agree?

Without another word, she dropped the Pokéball, releasing its occupant.

She sighed. Three months of this? Was she really going to be able to improve him at this rate?

He stretched out his arms and legs and smiled. Are you saying that if I act bad, you will let me stay with you longer?

The other Pokémon are nice enough to not read my thoughts, she grumbled.

I may agree to that. Sometimes. His voice was downright playful now. I thought you were looking forward to this.

She shook her head. These have not been the best circumstances.

Believe me when I say that I agree with you. I have not had any reason to be happy lately. Please let me have this moment.

Very well, she acquiesced. I'll give you a Pokéblock to celebrate.

He smiled. You really are trying to get me addicted. He paused. Not the sour kind, please.

She had obtained a purple piece. I think you might like this kind, she said as she handed it to him. It matches your eyes.

Seconds later, Mewtwo had to agree. For the first time since this ordeal began, he was capable of using his mind to talk and his mouth to suck on the candy at the same time, and she had chosen the right candy for the moment. I believe this is my favorite so far.

The red ones are stronger, she said. I figured you'd like the spicy ones.

It was odd, she thought, but it was true. Sometimes the best way to discover the true shape of a Pokémon's heart was to figure out its sense of taste.

There was a tree at the top of a grassy hill. A Mewtwo sat on one of the upper branches, holding a Mew in his lap. Ever since the dark Pokémon had decided to leave, they had been spending far more time together.

Of course, both had changed since they first met. Thanks to the human's actions, the Mewtwo could never be a Mew again. He still wielded terrifying psychic power, and he could easily rip this tree from the ground with his thoughts.

But he wouldn't.

The Mew had grown more powerful as well, the better to fight off the dark Pokémon. He had no psychic ability, but he was physically strong enough to pick up this tree by the roots if he so desired.

But he wouldn't.

And, as if to thank them for their mercy, the tree bore fruit.

The Mewtwo removed two apples from the branch above him with his mind and offered one to his friend. The Mew happily seized it with both paws and started chewing at its skin. The Mewtwo used one hand to hold his own apple up to his mouth and bite into it, while lightly stroking the Mew's fine fur with the other.

Both were happy. Both were peaceful. They were strong enough to win a fight if it was ever necessary, but for now, they could relax.

Mew smiled at Mewtwo. Mewtwo smiled at Mew. And the thought they shared was mutual. I will never abandon you again.


She looked up in annoyance. Mewtwo had informed her an hour ago that he was tired, largely due to the fact that he had been suffering from unstable and unrestful sleeping patterns over the past few days. But he didn't want to use his Pokéball. Not now. At the moment, he was fast asleep on her bed, using her blankets. And now he was interrupting her, right while she was in the middle of filling out gym paperwork.

"What is it?" she asked. She didn't bother with the telepathy this time; her head was starting to ache from its constant use.

I have been having bizarre dreams recently, he answered. They started just after I first battled you. Did you do something to me?

"Not at all", she said. "Why do you ask?"

They are... normal dreams, I suppose. Two Pokémon playing. Only... I think I might be both of them. She noticed at this time that he was, in fact, still asleep. Have you ever felt like being a psychic causes you to act like two different...

"Yes", she interrupted in an impatient tone. "Literally."


"I told you before. I don't want to talk about it." She took a breath. "My best advice is for you to laugh and enjoy yourself every once in a while. Maybe that'll help."

I think I can manage that, he responded. Thank you again.

She nodded and returned to her paperwork. She didn't get very far this time before he interrupted her again. What do you dream about?

She sighed. "I rarely dream."

Why not?

"After a while, it felt like every other dream was some kind of premonition about the future. They were annoying and kept getting in the way of my life. Eventually I just decided to block them."

I see no problem with premonitions.

"Let me put it this way", she said patiently. "If I had known that your arrival would have resulted in Alakazam's injury, I might have never let you into the gym. Then where would you be today?"

I understand. A short pause. Do you miss dreaming?

"This is a pointless conversation. Please go back to your dreams. I'm busy right now."

I was only offering. I thought that perhaps, if I ever have a pleasant dream in the future, I could bring you into it.

"Oh." She picked up the pen again, and then dropped it. "You can do that? How?"

I picked up an extra TM that day. Dream Eater, they called it.

She recited its properties from memory. "A psychic move mostly reserved for dark and ghost Pokémon. While useful in battle against sleeping opponents, it has some unsavory side effects for the victim, up to or including loss of soul. I recommend not using it."

I cannot make my opponents sleep, anyway. He paused briefly. I learned the move, and I think I can figure out how it works. If I am correct, I may be able to adapt the concept to other purposes. His voice was enthusiastic. Entering dreams, combining them, bringing others into them... with enough effort, I could try to combine this process with Rest and see if falling asleep can heal someone else. Even a trainer.

Sabrina stared at his sleeping body for a while, and then shook her head. "It's unnatural, isn't it? I can't say I agree with the idea."

This is merely theory. A dark tinge was inherent in his voice. For now.

I will make it work eventually, he thought. And when I do, I will find Darkrai again. And I will beat him at his own game.

As for Darkrai himself, he returned to Sinnoh several days later.

He had arrived at a few conclusions of his own. There were far more legendary Pokémon psychics than he expected, and many of them were capable of defeating him in battle. Psychics, defeating him. He needed to train. Badly.

He knew the perfect practice opponent.

Lucario. He wasn't legendary, as there were other members of his species, but he was a physically quick and strong fighter. He had the benefit of using steel. And he could use Aura Spheres, of the same type that Mewtwo had managed, as a basic attack. Any dark Pokémon would be at a severe disadvantage against him.

That's why Darkrai would take him on. If he could defeat Lucario in battle, he could defeat anyone.

Even Dialga.

But first, the dark Pokémon needed to train. He sought his next target. Someone with a strong will, well-trained Pokémon, and delicious dreams would be best. He intended to grow stronger, and as long as he could continue to improve, he would never stop.

The time for fun and games was over. He would show everyone exactly what he could do. And in the end, everyone would agree that he was the best.

And if they didn't, they would dream it for as long as necessary until they believed it.