I Will Protect You And Our Future


Usagi spent her entire night over at the hospital accompanying Seiya through his essential rest. She woke up feeling happy, very happy to say the least. To finally know about his feelings for her, to be able to hold onto his hand like how they used to, and to see his dedicate smile during her first glimpse definitely did brought the sun shrine down, warming her heart. But before the couple could even exchange their first words for the day, a doctor followed by two nurses entered asking Usagi to leave the room as they gave Seiya a thorough body examination.

Usagi reluctantly did as she wandered up and down the waiting ward worriedly. She prayed that his condition hadn't gotten worse upon remembering him grasping onto his wound last night.

"Please god… let him get well soon…" She pleaded, only to release her hands upon glimpsing a piece of half-opened newspaper left on the side bench.

Her eyes shot wide opened with shock as she picked the paper up and read the headline, "Sailor Moon's recklessness cause Three Lights' lead singer, Seiya Kou, hospitalized"

The papers even figured photographs of the accident scene with her kneeling before the injured Seiya. Usagi anxiously browsed a couple of lines down, "Lead singer, Seiya Kou saved Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, from her foolish act… Unhappy and outrageous fans blamed Sailor Moon for injuries caused to their idol and doubt her capability to continue protecting the world in the television series."

Usagi couldn't help but feel a little distress over the article's proclaim as she continued scanning through the paragraphs, "Seiya agreed to join the acting cast as Sailor Star Fighter in the Sailor Moon Final Series, Sailor Stars, but can he still handle the role after the accident or will they need a replacement?"

In the next page, another journalist headlined: "Seiya Kou secret girlfriend revealed?! Is he undergoing an undisclosed relationship with lead actress, Usagi Tsukino? Are they currently dating? A new pairing for the Sailor Star series: Moon and Fighter?"

Usagi nervously hid the papers behind her upon hearing a soft click coming from the door.

"How is he? Is he alright?" She anxiously asked the doctor who had just exited the room.

"He will be fine as long as he rest well in bed." The doctor answered frankly. "His wounds might open up with unnecessary movement, so I suggest him to stay in bed as much as possible…"

"Thank you, Sensei(doctor)!" Usagi showed her gratitude with a courteous bow before proceeding back into the room.

Tears blurred her vision when she saw her boyfriend seated upright in his bed while smiling charmingly back at her.

"Seiya!" She cried out loud before dashing over to him, letting her upper-half fall onto an empty spot of his bed.

"Od-Odango? What's wrong?" Seiya asked concernedly and slipped his hand into hers.

Usagi shook her head earnestly before wiping her tears off with her free hand, "I am so glad… the doctor said that you are going to be alright… I am so glad..."

"You cried because of this? You are so cute." Seiya laughed.

"I'm not cute!" Usagi protested firmly. "Baka! I was worried sick! And stop laughing… It's not funny!"

"I'm sorry to have worried you, and thank you for accompanying me through the night."

"I should be the one thanking you! You saved me! If it wasn't for my recklessness, you won't have to end up here… with all these injuries…" She sniffed as her guilty conscious emerged, seizing her emotion.

"Don't cry…" He muttered and placed his forefinger and thumb under her chin, raising it until she was looking into his eyes.

"I can't control myself, Odango…" He explained earnestly. "When I saw you in danger… My reflexes just acted instantaneously. My mind, my body, my heart… everything in me just wanted to protect you so much… so much till it can't be controlled…"

Usagi was entranced by his words and could only gazed wordlessly back into his dark blue eyes. The longer she stared at him, the more she wanted to plant a kiss on his rosy lips.

"Can… Can you kiss me?" She asked unconciously and immediately gasped softly with a thick blush, upon realizing what she had just said.

Seiya smiled at her request and slid his fingers down her chin again to lift her face up. Usagi shut her eyes, as the distance between them diminished but she didn't receive what she had expected. Seiya teased her with a playful grin, kissing her everywhere on her face and neck but her lips. When he finally withdrew himself away, Usagi glanced discontentedly back at her boyfriend who was chuckling to himself.

"Seiya…" She frowned lightly.

"Hm? Isn't that what you wanted?" Seiya asked mischievously.

"I wanted this…" She murmured and leaned forward, bringing his lips to hers and contacting them together into a firm kiss.

Seiya allowed his hand to move to the back of her head as he sweetly kissed her back. She intimately continued the kiss, letting her hands slithered around his neck gently while carefully avoiding his wound. He caressed her lips vigorously for a few seconds more before backing away, and with his hand still behind her head and waist, their lips was barely apart.

"No matter what, I'll continue to protect you and our future…" He breathed against her lips before his lips returned to hers hungrily, not even stopping for a second to hear her response.

If it wasn't for the passionate kiss, Usagi would have come up with a protest as she did not wish to see him get injured because of her again. Despite so, she was secretly feeling pleased. It was rather ironic as a part of her wanted him to continue protecting her while the other didn't. But one thing was for certain, she didn't want him to let her go, not ever. She needed him. She needed him in her life. Her needs for him to stay by her side hadn't change ever since childhood, and she even went through the extent of taking up acting just in hope to be accepted by him.

They broke apart at the sound of the door knock.

Seiya frowned displeasingly at the interruption, "Come in…"

The door flung wide opened hastily.

"SEIYA!! How's your injuries?! What's your condition?!" The Three Lights' manager, Yuya Asoku, rushed in followed by Taiki, Yaten and Minako.

"Hey, how are you feeling today?" His three friends greeted with a warm smile.

"Usagi, did you have a wonderful night with your new boyfriend?" Minako asked with a mischievous grin as the other two boys giggled lightly.

But, Usagi simply ignored them, obviously showing her friends that she was still angry at them for their prank.

"What have you done to your face?!" Yuya cried and dramatically held onto Seiya's chin. "How are we supposed to sell your music records with your current looks?!"

Seiya jerked his face out of his manager's hand and replied bluntly. "I sell my voice, not face…"

"How can you say such things, Seiya?!" Yuya exclaimed in shock. "In the entertainment industry, your look is as important as your voice! How many times must I remind you to be careful…"

But, his lecture was interrupted by a sudden cell phone ringing.

"I'm sorry…" Usagi apologized earnestly before exiting the room to answer her cell.

"Hello? Mum?"

"Usagi! You got to get back home immediately!" Her mother screamed in the phone. "There's a mob of people crowded outside our house demanding to see you… Your father and I have no clue what they want, but they seem angry when we told them you aren't home… We are not sure what's happening and we couldn't get out of the house with them outside…"

"Don't panic, mum… I'll be back soon." Usagi quickly hanged up and stood there for a second or two trying to clear her thoughts and worries.

There was no way she could walk into the room with a troubled look and announced to everyone that she needed to leave. She didn't want to worry Seiya as she was sure that he would insist on following her back despite his injuries if he knew about her present situation.

Usagi took a deep breath and entered the room.

"I'm sorry, Seiya. But I have to go…" Usagi announced whileapproaching her boyfriend with a pleasant smile. "Mum just called and it seems like she has forgotten to bring her house key out with her..."

Seiya kept quiet and stared at his girlfriend for a second longer, checking to see if her face held any lie. But with her such a pleasant expression, she seemed to be telling the truth. And, even if she was really lying, he wouldn't have known for Usagi was a gifted actress since they didn't honor her with the best leading actress award for nothing.

"You should get going then…" Seiya smiled.

Usagi nodded and reminded him, "Please remember the doctor's words... You must rest more in bed and drink plenty of water… and…"

"Hai… Hai… You don't have to worry about me…" Seiya grinned at her caring nature.

"Promise me to take good care of yourself…" Usagi pleaded as she tenderly held onto his hand. "I'm sorry for not being able to accompany you through today… You really, really got to get well soon alright?"

"I will…" Seiya gave her hand a gentle squeeze before reluctantly letting it go. As soon as he did, Usagi clenched her hands into fists to keep herself from grabbing onto him again. She gave him a cheery smile, not wanting to show him that she wasn't happy.

"I will come visiting soon…" She waved pleasantly before leaving the room.


Once Usagi had exited, her smile immediately vanished. Her act was over and she didn't need that smile anymore. She never thought acting can be this painful since there was a huge difference between acting as an actress and lying as a girlfriend.

Usagi turned with an attempt to rush down the hallway and out of the hospital as fast as she could but three familiar voices stopped her intention. "Usagi! Wait there!"

"Taiki, Yaten, Minako…" Usagi spun around surprised to see her three friends catching up with her. "I'm sorry… but I really have to go… my mother…"

"Stop your silly act, Usagi…" Minako interrupted. "Your mother didn't lock herself out of the house. We know you need to rush back because of a crowd of angry fans…"

"Ho-how did you…" Usagi asked in shock.

"Your acting was flawless. But, it's just so happened that I've got a text message claiming that the Three Lights fans have gathered at your home…" Taiki explained.

"Please don't tell me you are planning to get out of this hospital without securities…" Yaten sighed. "For your information, there are a mass of reporters and fans outside of this building right now. There's no way you can get back home without assistance…"

"Oh no! I've totally forgotten about this…" Usagi stressed.

"Don't worry. We have securities and cars ready at the back entrance. Let us bring you back." Taiki offered.

"But, what about Seiya? Someone got to keep an eye on him." Usagi insisted with concern over her boyfriend's well-being.

"Yuya-san is currently inside with him, besides there are doctors and nurses here… With the tight securities outside, fans and reporters can't get into the hospital. Furthermore, Seiya is the one who wanted us to follow you back…" Yaten explained.

"Sei… Seiya did?" Usagi gasped in surprise.

"I guess he sensed something… You should know that he's pretty sharp…" Taiki reminded.

"But I don't think you should go back, Usagi." Minako stated thoughtfully.

"But I need to…" Usagi asserted. "The fans and paparazzi will continue pestering my parents till I show up personally…"

"But… they might hurt you…" Minako argued. "His fans are crazy! Did you know what they did to some of Seiya's rumored girlfriends?!"

"But, Seiya got hurt because of me!" Usagi shouted, silencing her friends. "It's only reasonable that his fans are angry at me! I can't possibly be hiding behind Seiya forever, and seeking for his protection! Can't you guys understand? I don't want to cause anymore trouble to him… I've already hurt him… this is the least I can do… at least not to run away…"

Her three friends could only stare wordlessly back at her. They understood her intention perfectly well and they too knew that sooner or later, Seiya would find out about his fans hectic harassment against Usagi and her family. And he would definitely take matters into his own hand despite his current injuries.

"Let's go then…" Usagi directed as they followed her down the corridor.



"Yuya…" Seiya who had remained quiet abruptly spoke. "What do you think my fans are doing at the moment?"

At least an hour had passed since Usagi and the others had left but Seiya still couldn't stop the uneasiness scorching inside him.

His manager jerked a little by his question. He knew what most of his fans doing presently. They were currently outside Usagi's residence demanding for an explanation for causing injuries to their idol.

"I don't think they are doing anything. Why did you ask?" Yuya smiled nervously back at him.

"You should know why…" Seiya glared suspiciously at him before reaching for the television remote.

"Don't! Wait!"

Yuya shot up as he tried to stop Seiya from switching on the television but to no avail. The flat-screen was already running its news channel.

Seiya eyes widened with shock upon witnessing a crazy mass of people situated outside a familiar residence.

"Odango…" He sat up anxiously when he saw Usagi and his friends arriving in a black vehicle. They were followed by various securities and police forces who immediately came forth as they tried to calm the crowd down.

"Usagi Tsukino! Sailor Moon! Stay away from Seiya!!"

Girls were forcing their way through the securities to get closer to Usagi as she tried making her way into the house with much difficulty. People were pushing, screaming, cursing and yelling, "Bitch! You call yourself Sailor Moon?! Sailor #$& my #$& ! You should be the one hospitalized! Not Seiya!"

Seiya watched, much to his agony, how a few fans managed to break loose from the securities hold.

"You bitch!" A relatively tall girl wearing a red hat that covered up to her eye level rushed forth and slapped the actress across her cheeks. "I will never approve you with Seiya! Stay away from him!"

Immediately, Taiki and Yaten tried pushing the attacker back as Usagi held onto her burning cheek. Seiya was trembling uncontrollably as he continued to stare at the outrageous commotion being played on screen.

Yuya swallowed hard when he saw Seiya clutching his fists. "Erm… Seiya… This…"

"Hold me a press conference." Seiya demanded seriously, his eyes glued down onto his bed sheet.

"What rubbish are you talking about?" Yuya declined in shock. "You are in no state to attend any conference! I'm never allowing you to…"

"Just organized a damn conference!" Seiya burst out, his dark blue eyes glaring severely at his startled manager. "They want to interview me?! Question me, don't they?! So, I will give them what they want!"

He recklessly climbed out of bed in an attempt to exit the room but his legs weren't in any condition to handle his desire as one of his knee gave way to the ground.

"Are you crazy?!" Yuya yelled as he tried to aid Seiya back up to his feet. "You can't even walk steadily! There's no way you can attend a press conference in your current state!"

"Don't touch me!" Seiya demanded sternly as he tried getting up onto his feet with his own will. "Get me the best make-up artist, stylist for the conference…"

"I am not going to…"

"JUST DO IT!! Do you seriously think I will obediently rest in bed when all these are actually happening in Odango's place?! There's no way I can allow them to continue hurting her!" He glared determinedly into his manager eyes. "So, do it! Just get me there!"



"Does it hurt?" Minako asked worriedly as she watched Taiki placed a bandage over Usagi's slap cuts. The actress shook her head with a small smile hoping to calm her concern friends down.

"Do you think it will leave a scar?" Minako grabbing onto Usagi's hand asked Taiki anxiously.

"Not from the looks of it…" Taiki answered, capping up the bottle of medical alcohol.

"Don't worry, Minako… It's nothing severe…" Usagi soothed with a smile.

"It is! Usagi! That girl, whoever she is, slapped you! Do you seriously understand how important your outlook is as an actress?!" Minako argued back loudly. "And what if Seiya finds out about this?! He'll probably go crazy…"

"Ya… like holding a press conference in his current injuries…" Yaten hanging up his cell phone announced.

"WHAT?!" Usagi shot up in absolute shock.

"Yes… I just got a call informing us that, that idiot is currently on his way to Ketoha Convention for an interview conference." Yaten replied while clutching onto his cell.

"No wonder all the fans left…" Taiki stated as he lifted the curtain to glimpse out of the window.

"That BAKA!!" Usagi shrieked, rushing out of the house without further hesitation.



A huge mass of crowd had gathered outside a convention building as they tried to squeeze through a row of uniformed securities. Cameras were flashing, videos were tapping, and fans were screaming inside the building.

"Seiya!! SEIYA!! SEIYA!!"

The screaming got louder when the young idol with his long black hair tied neatly back into a low ponytail made his appearance. He was dressed in a smart black suit and was accompanied by four bodyguards as he proceeded up to the central stage.


The singer expressionlessly sat down before the long conventional table with a row of different microphones set on top of it.

"… Questions?" Seiya started, not bothering to began with an opening speech.

What was the point anyway? All these reporters didn't come here for an introduction. They knew about his accident well enough to be spreading ridiculous rumors. Though Seiya looked well and confident in the eyes of the thousands, he was consciously trying to endure the piercing pain coming from his wound. Seiya knew he was in no condition to be anywhere out of bed, but he couldn't possibly allow the media to continue pestering Usagi just because they couldn't reach him.

"Is it true that you deliberately rushed out and saved Usagi Tsukino from getting hit by a coming car?" a reporter in sunglasses questioned.

"Yes, it's true." Seiya answered frankly.

There was a loud reaction of rapid murmuring before another lady asked, "Why would you risk your life for actress, Usagi Tsukino? Is it true that you were undergoing an undisclosed relationship with her."

There was a brief moment of silence before he voiced softly.

"I love her…"

His confession silenced the crowd. Cameras stopped flashing, reporters weren't jotting down speeches anymore, and there wasn't a soul talking, only the idol's sincere voice through the microphones was heard. "I've love her ever since young… always… but I wasn't brave enough then to confess my feeling…"

Seiya paused to take a breath as he glanced through the crowd that was in shock.

"And when I've finally found my courage to, I was already a celebrity, and she was just a normal high school girl back then. Many times, I lied about my feelings for her as I believed to get involved with a celebrity like me will brings nothing but troubles to her. But, she eventually caught up with me by becoming the lead actress of the Sailor Moon cast. Then, I thought… since we're both celebrities, I can finally open up to her, but things never did turn out the way that I've predicted. When the hindrances were brought up, I once again doubt my capability to protect her… and yet again… I lied and avoid the fact… Till yesterday, when I witnessed the danger before her, I couldn't lie to myself anymore…"

Seiya abruptly stood up. "I'm not going to lie anymore… I love her… I love Usagi Tsukino. And I want to protect her and our future… I understand that as celebrities, we need to uphold our images, our reputations, and there are many issues that we could not control even how hard we try… But still, I wish to protect her… Even if it meant to stop singing and to drop out as an artist…"

Fans were seen gasping in horror at his final sentence.

"If I wasn't a celebrity, will the harassment against Usagi stop? If the answer is yes, I will immediately quit singing…"

Various cries of objections and sadness were heard at his intention.

"I didn't meant this as a threat. I just want to clarify to everyone that it isn't Usagi's fault…So, please stop blaming her… She doesn't deserve any bad judgment for the accident. It was me who wanted to save her and I'll never regret it. And finally, whether our relationship together is being approved or not, I'll still continue protecting her…" Seiya gave his crowd a slight bow of gratitude.

"Thank you… That's all I wanted to say…"

No one stopped the singer for another question but light sound of applause was heard before the door closed behind him.



"That was a brilliant speech, Seiya…" Yuya praised after they entered the dressing room. "And you look pretty fine to me. I'm amazed by your fast recovery! Oh, pardon me…"

The cell rang as his manager exited the room to answer it.

As soon as Yuya closed the door, Seiya collapsed onto the nearest chair with his lower-body falling powerlessly to the cold ground while he let his upper-half to rest on the wooden block. His body was screaming in pain and he could feel his various muscles tearing. The severely injured singer couldn't find anymore available strength to stand up since all these reckless movements had caused his wounds to open back up and his head to hurt terribly. He let out a soft growl of pain as he shook his head lightly trying to keep himself from losing conscious.

"Damn it, Seiya! You can't just pass out now! If not, all your effort will be wasted!" He silently reprimanded himself. "Get back up on your feet! Come on! Get back up!"

Seiya struggle, using all his available strength just in hope to stand back up.

After much effort, he managed to steady his two feet on ground but a sudden pain on his left abdomen caused him to lose his balance. Then, a delicate arm hastily reached forth, supporting him on time before he hit the solid floor.


Seiya's attention flew towards the familiar cries, shocked to find a beautiful face glaring worriedly back at him.

"Od… Odango? Why…"

"You are really the worse baka in this whole entire world!!" Usagi cried aloud, her tears smudging her vision. "Didn't I tell you not to get out of bed?! You had me worried sick!! BAKA!! BAKA!! Doing stuffs like this!! I will never forgive you if you were to die protecting me!! I will hate you for the rest of my life!! You hear me?!"

More tears flow out from her watery eyes as she tried wiping them away with both hands.

"You can't bear to hate me…" Seiya chuckled lightly and using his remaining energy, he helped her dry the excessive tears flowing down her chin. "Because I'm way too cool..."

"BAKA!!" Usagi scolded her boyfriend who was now smiling at her. "I'm being serious here!! You always take yourself so lightly! All you ever think about is my condition!! What about yours?! I will really never forgive you if anything were to happen to you!!"

"It can't be helped…" Seiya explained briefly, feeling his energy vanished from his body as he leaned forward and laid his head on Usagi's shoulder for support. "Because, you mean the world to me…I can't stand to see you get hurt…"

"Baka… Do you know you are really important to me too? Without you, my life wouldn't be right…" Usagi confessed as she tenderly wrapped her arms around his neck and breathed into his ear.

"I love you, Seiya…"

His eyes shot wide opened at what she had just said. He smiled a delighted smile before shutting his lids gradually, whispering, "I love you too, Usagi… I love you too…"



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