The flashes of machine gun and beam rifle fire filled the space just beyond Mars towards where distant Earth flickered as barely more then a star. Over three thousand Mobile suits fought valiantly against the massive swarm that had swept past Jupiter and onto Mars, these few mobile suits was all that stood between this alien horde and the fleeing survivors of Mars' people.

Friend and foe alike had joined forces to combat this unstoppable enemy. A GINN's machine gun roared as one of the flying aliens tackled it. The pilot screamed as the insect like alien spewed it's lethal acid all over the mobile suit, the pilot watched in horror as the acid ate through the GINN's armour and a droplet hit his hand burning it away in seconds. His screams where heard but ignored by others around him, he was already dead. An Astray pilot quickly shot the alien with a beam rifle before it could attack again causing it to explode.

The escape ships throttled up to maximum knowing that the defenders couldn't last much longer. For every alien that fell two of the defenders would fall. The real problem was the defenders where outnumbered over three thousand to one and most of those left had never really fought before in a real battle.

One of the experienced fighters told those defenders that wished to go with the escape ships to disengage while the rest would hold off the enemy. Only one hundred fled with the ships while the remaining Mobile Suits remained behind, ready to give their lives to defend their families and friends on the ships.

As they braced for their final stand they noticed an unbelievable sight. From the direction of Jupiter a yellow light raced past Mars, barely skimming the atmosphere, and raced past the defenders and aliens alike. As the defenders looked out their monitors towards the yellow flash they could see a vaguely human figure within saluting their bravery.

They each felt new courage sweep over them as if somehow they knew that strange being honoured, respected and believed in their strength and spirit. They looked back at the aliens and let out a united roar, Natural, Coordinator, Earth Alliance, ZAFT and all those caught in-between banded as one; together they raced towards the enemy and their deaths…

Two months have passed since that day…

A fifteen year old boy skilfully flipped a pancake using only the pan as the butter that prevented the pancake from sticking bubbled on the surface. He had large gleaming green eyes, a handsome face and short cut black hair. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt, a pair of green camouflage cargo pants with white sneakers and a large white apron with only a few splatters on it. He had been working at this small gas station restaurant for around a month now and since he took over as the cook turned it's greasy reputation upside down.

The giant ex-biker owner only knew how to cook with grease and animal oil which seemed to add to his waist line over the years. He viewed the boy with an air of appreciation as now that the boy did all the cooking he was shedding pounds he'd had for years, and that was just in one month! His old biker crew had started to visit more often just so they could eat the young boy's food. The owner turned to the boy after jotting down the order for a blue haired young man and his brown haired friend and with a smile shouted, "Two specials, a black hit and a white hit!"

The boy peeked out and spotted the violet eyes of the brown haired man who was sitting across from his blue haired friend where they owner was standing and shouted back, "Right on it, Boss!" He flicked the pan cake over his shoulder where it landed on a stack of five others before flicking the pan into the sink, spinning around and pouring some syrup on the pancakes and swift dropping a lump of butter on top before pushing it out and ringing the bell before announcing, "Table 3, Pancakes and syrups ready!"

He then quickly fired up the gas powered grill and through two hamburger patties over the flames. He then deftly swept his hand over the pile of buns and laid two out before grabbing the barbeque sauce and mayonnaise from the shelf above. He then used a fresh knife from the draw to layer a fair amount of the white sauce over the top parts of the buns. He then threw a fresh pan over the stove, poured in a small amount of olive oil and threw a few pre-cut onions into the pan before grabbing a few lettuce leaves, pickles and a tomato out of the fridge and swiftly slicing them up cleanly with a large knife.

He hummed a tune softly to himself and tapped his foot exactly thirty four times to the even beat before opening the grill and throwing the perfectly cooked patties. The then quickly threw two ups into the coffee machine and hit the buttons above the dispensers causing the two types of coffee to filter out evenly. He then returned to the hamburgers and threw the onions on generously before throwing on a layer of barbeque sauce. He followed it up with two slices of tomato; several pickle slices and a layer of lettuce before placing the tops on with the mayonnaise holding the lettuce in place.

He threw them both on plates and out the hole with the two coffees and announced, "Two specials, a black hit and a white hit, Ready to go!" He smiled triumphantly when he noted no one was waiting for an order except for the blue haired and brown haired men who the Boss was just serving now.

After a moment the Boss stepped into the kitchen and smiled broadly and commented, "For someone from Jupiter who's never even seen Earth before your handling yourself under real gravity pretty well kid." He gently patted the boy on the back and laughed as the boy still got knocked off his feet from the force of the blow.

As the boy got back up to his feet he looked up and saw the concerned face of the man with brown hair and violet eyes who asked, "Is there a problem back here?"

The boy blinked and smiled before laughing, "Oh! No, I'm sorry to worry you sir, my Boss was just complementing me and struck my back. I lost my balance and fell because I'm still getting used to Earth's gravity. I'm from Jupiter you see?" He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment as he grinned at the surprised customer.

The violet eyed man blinked in surprise and muttered under his breath, "But wasn't Jupiter…?"

The other man drank the last of his coffee and looked at his watch before standing up and beginning to walk out. He looked at his friend and said, "Kira, we'd better get going or we'll be late. You know how your sister hates that…" He gave a nod to the boy and commented, "Oh, and compliments to the chef, that was one good burger."

Kira, the one with violet eyes, nodded and also gave his compliments to the boy and quickly grabbed what was left of his burger and coffee before racing out after his friend shouting, "Wait up, Athrun!"

As the two departed both the boss and the boy stared in shock. The boss's glasses slid down his nose as realization dawned on the two gas stop workers. The legendary pilots Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala had just complimented the boy on his hamburgers…

The boss promptly fainted…

Several hours later day had given way to night and the boy lay against a grass covered hill staring up at the sea of stars. He knew up their in that endless sea was his home, Jupiter, the place he had grown up and had wanted to grow old.

A large spike like leg launched out and caught a beautiful woman in the back snapping her in half and spraying her insides all over the boy who was paralysed in terror

The boy sat bolt up right and screamed, "MUM!!" before quickly realizing it was just one of his gruesome memories. He lay back down and stared at the back of his left hand where the Roman numeral for six stood out against his softly tanned skin as a pale mark. A tear slowly made it's way from his eye and down his cheek.

That day still remained all to clear to him, all too painful. They most painful part to him wasn't his family dieing before his own eyes but more the fact he didn't die along side them and was instead forced to carry this evil burden, this terrible power, within his body.

He sat up once again when he heard his Boss's voice calling from the small caravan they lived in. He slowly began to make out what his boss was shouting, "Hey, Zack! Come back inside! It's going to rain soon and it's getting late! We can't have our legendary chef getting sick now can we?" the boy, Zack, just smiled and began to back towards the caravan.

As he did so he laughed, "Impressing the Heroes of the Two Wars hardly makes me Legendary!" Deep inside he saw no reason to laugh. Within the next few weeks he knew they would come. The ones that killed his family, gave him his curse, and conquered Mars.

The Bitonians where close. He could feel it.