She approaches him as though it's the last thing she wants to do on earth, as though she would rather be anywhere else. Still, despite this, she comes forward across the Quidditch pitch, drawing nearer to him and his fellow teammates, who are loitering around as they congratulate each other yet again on a victorious match against Hufflepuff.

He breaks slightly apart from the other Slytherins to greet her with a lazy smile. "Hello, Andromeda."

"Lucius." She smiles politely, but falsely, inclines her head respectfully, but stiffly. "I just wanted to congratulate you for your victory."

He is a little surprised at this announcement, considering how she dislikes him so, but as the good pureblood he has been raised to be he accepts the nicety graciously. "Thank you very much, darling," he drawls, with a slight bow.

Her already-rigid smile becomes even harder as he strokes the word 'darling' with his tongue; she hates when he calls her by such names. Though, she hates everything about him, really, so what difference does it make whether or not he does this little thing to infuriate her? He wishes they had a more solid relationship, wishes she did not loathe so thoroughly the man their parents had conspired for her to marry, but what could he really do to change her mind?

"Well," she says, after a brief pause, "enjoy the rest of your afternoon, Lucius."

"Likewise to you," he replies, leaning over and pecking her cheek lightly with his lips. She nods her head once, then flits off.

The instant she is gone, his fellow Slytherins are surrounding him. "Ooooh," several of them chorus. A few others wolf-whistle, while still two of them elbow him in the ribs pointedly.

"What?" Lucius asks crisply, not in the mood.

"Nothing," Rabastan Lestrange chuckles. "You two definitely win the prize for most loving couple of the year, though."

"Young love – isn't it bee-you-tiful," Thorfinn Rowle drawls out slowly.

"Makes me hurt right here," Robert Wilkes says, clasping a dramatic hand across his heart.

"She's really attracted to you," Augustus Rookwood chimes in with a snicker.

"Undeniable attraction," Evan Rosier says sarcastically.

"I am invited to your wedding, right?" Antonin Dolohov says, smiling wickedly. "I wouldn't want to miss it for the world."

He shakes them all off, and, in a rather bad temper, storms off to the Common Room.