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Kiss Me Fool


Tell me who should I be to make you love me?\

Tell me what does it mean to be alone?

Kiss Me Fool,Fefe Dobson

It was about damn time!"

His best friend was happy for him. Why wouldn't he be? He was going to get married.

Jason Lee Scott was going to get married.

The tall brawny man sighed and pressed his hand over his face in frustration. It didn't matter how many times he told himself, the fact just didn't seem to sink in.

When he called his best friend to let him know he had made the decision, Tommy had joked around telling him he was glad he had overcome his fear of commitment and that everything was going to be alright.

And Jason believed him, after all his life was hardly going to change. He and his girlfriend were already almost living together. But still the idea of marriage seemed too oppressing and final to him.

He loved Emily.

They had been together for almost 10 years on and off. She had stuck with him through the good and the bad, well almost. He could name a few times she had turn her back on him, but it wasn't fair to keep those times against her. He had been keeping a big secret from her since the beginning.

He was an ex Power Ranger, one of the original rangers, their leader. That's why things were bound to happen. Once a ranger, always a ranger. He couldn't just ignore his fellows if they needed him.

But Emily couldn't understand the strange calls in the middle of the night. His constant coming up with excuses as to why she couldn't go with him to meetings with friends, and least of all his disappearances for days at a time.

Maybe Tommy, Andros, Wes, Zhane and all the others had the right idea. Maybe rangers were only supposed to have relationships with other rangers. Things will definitely be simpler.

But then again Tommy had two failed relationships with pink rangers. Andros and Ashley had a messy breakup. Wes and Jen had to separate because she had to go back to her own time. And Zhane… We'll he had gotten it right. Zhane and Korone had been married for two years and so far they had made their marriage work.

It had to be cold feet. And maybe Tommy was right, not that he was ever going to admit it to him… He did had a little, kind of, sort of, maybe a bit of fear towards commitment.

Everything was going to work out. He was going to propose and he was going to get married.

He loved Emily and she loved him, and that was all that mattered.

-New York City-

Love sucked!

She threw her keys on the coffee table and dropped unceremoniously on the couch.

Her arms hugged her middle as she frowned at the wall in front of her. Why did she always fell for the most inappropriate men?

It was all his fault. Everything started with him in elementary school. She had fallen completely head over heels in love with her best friend and all went downhill from there.

No, she wasn't even going to go there. Cause right now it was about the one whose name rhymed with 'ick' and sick and prick.

And one word in particular who her mother would blush if she ever heard her say.

Ah what the hell, her mother was miles away and she wasn't really talking…

Dick! There she said it. Nick the Dick! He was the reason her love life was such a mess.

He was the one who walked into her office with those big blue eyes and beautiful dimples. He was so sure of himself and so damn alluring. Wearing his tailor made suits, Italian leather shoes and smelling so damn good…

She in the other hand was a little bit plain and understated. She had devoted her life to her work and that left little time for fashion.

She had two looks: no nonsense civil rights attorney for the UN, black or gray pant suits with yellow button down blouse. Or laidback ex ranger, jeans or yoga pants with her token yellow shirt.

At first sight Trini Kwan had a snowball's chance in hell with a man like Nick Deveroux.

But to everyone's surprise he had chosen her.

He was a very persistent man. Sending flowers, chocolates and calling every day. Coming to her office and refusing to leave until she agreed to go out to lunch with him.

She was only human. And no red blooded woman would have been immune to Nick's charm.

Their relationship built slowly, but Trini was sure that it was steady. Nick was sweet and caring, completely understanding with her.

The lying bastard!

All the time he was promising Trini the stars and the moon. He was also out and about screwing every woman who was available for the taking.

She knew she was a smart woman, but she had played a fool. The worst thing was that Nick had kept pursuing her, even after she had found him doing his secretary on his desk.

Trini had been heartbroken. She really had thought that Nick was the one…

Good girls finished last.

She had always known that was a fact. But Nick had come to really make her learn the lesson.

Tired of having thinking about it, Trini stood from the couch and walked to the kitchen of her apartment. She grabbed a bottle of wine from the rack, a glass from the cupboard and a matchbox from the drawer. On her way back she remembered she needed something to open the wine with so she turned back around.

After turning all the lights off, she lighted a few candles over the coffee table and along the mantle of her fireplace. She stood in front of a picture and smiled sadly at it. Her friends smiled back at her, 10 ex rangers, all in their defined colors in front of the huge Christmas tree in the Angel Grove Dojo. The picture had been taken a few years back, the last time they had all been together in Angel Grove.

Looking at the smiling faces she wondered how they were doing. If they knew how much she needed them, how much she missed them and wished they were together…

Taking the picture frame with her she sat on the couch and took off her shoes. She poured some wine on her glass and took the yellow afghan from the back of couch and placed it over her shoulders.

With a remote control she turned the stereo on and soon the soft lyrics started to serenade her.

-Angel Grove-

The bike revved up as it zoomed along the cliff roads. The world flew around him and for the first time he felt free.

The smile on his face widen as he got closer to his favorite spot. Slowly he made his way up the mountain and started to slow down the bike.

A couple of minutes later he was unzipping his brown leather jacket and overlooking the city of Angel Grove, his brown hair was tussled, the blood rushing on his veins and his heart pounding in his chest.

That was the reason he loved his bike. It made him feel alive.


But he didn't want to be free. He wanted to be with Emily, get married and have a family.

Then why has it been so difficult.

Jason took off his sunglasses and stared out at the city. He could see all the way up to the beach.

He turned around and faced the city limits. And wondered if he could find the ruins of the Command Center alone…

All of the sudden the realization of what was happening to him hit him. For years he had been drifting from his loyalties as a Power Ranger and his life as an ordinary man.

He needed to find some common ground between the two.

He needed something to anchor him.

"To friendship…" Jason said with a smile.

"And the unbreakable connection between everyone that has and will possess the power."

Trini's smile was genuine but the sadness was evident in her eyes. No matter how many years it's been since they last saw each other, he still could read her as if they were still in elementary school. Trini would always be an open book to him.

Jason reached out his Champaign glass with a silly grin on his face.

"Let's take a picture guys!" Aisha said from the other side of the room.

"Over here. Next to this amazing tree that Adam and Kat decorated for us." Rocky said a little tipsy already from the Champaign.

"Hey notice the white. I helped, if I hadn't we would've had a black, green and pink Christmas!" Tommy added with a fake frown.

"Yeah, at least you remembered the red turbo thing." Zack grinned as he stood next to the once fearless leader.

"I like the tree." Billy stood looking at it.

"I bet you've never seen one quite as this." Adam said with a proud smile.

"They don't celebrate Christmas on Aquitar so I haven't seen one in a while. But you are right this one is rather peculiar."

"Well then I'm glad you made it back, Billy." Trini said as she walked over to where everybody was standing.

"I only have one question." Tanya asked as she and Kim made their way to their places.

"What's that?" Adam asked as he stood next to her.

"Where the hell did you find little Power Rangers with Christmas hats?" She asked Kat holding a small yellow Zeo Ranger that was hanging from the tree.

"Oh that wasn't me." Kat clarified as she took another sip from her Champaign glass.

"I bought them from a small novelty shop that just opened up at the mall." Kim said proudly.

"You've only been in Angel Grove for a day. When did you find time to go to the mall?" Jason said as he approached the petite brunette.

"Jason, there's always time to go to the mall." Kim answered in all seriousness.

"I'm so glad to have you back." Jason said as he hugged her.

"Hey! I haven't been around for a while either, you know. It'll be nice to know you've missed me at least a little bit." Trini said from behind them.

Jason turned around and came face to face with his best friend. Without warning he picked her up and twirled her around. In between whistles and jokes from their friends, he managed to talk to her right on her ear. "I've missed you a world."

"The camera is ready, guys! Say cheese!" Aisha said as she ran toward the group.

Trini managed to turn around in Jason's arms in time to see the flash go off.

The memory hit him like a bucket of ice water. And in that moment he realized that his friends where the only ones who could actually understand what he was feeling.


A couple of hours later, the scented candles had burn out and the bottle of wine was half empty. Trini was lying curled on the couch, her tears already dry, her pain dull and her soul bare.

The music had long ended and now the only sound that serenaded her was the faint buzz of New York City's night life 14 floors below.

With a soft sigh, Trini sat upon the couch and stared out the window. The full moon was shining its pale yellow light inside her living room. She took the picture of her friends in her hands and looked down taking in the faces staring back at her. Her thumb traced along each one until she got to her own.

She looked happy, more than she had in a long time. Slowly she traced her fingers over the arms of the man holding her. Jason's head was on her shoulder and his whole face was glowing.

A small shiver ran over her body at the sight of his big brown eyes.

He was her best friend… and the biggest reminder of everything she would never have.

Her quiet meditation broke with the shrill sound of her cell. Looking at the offending object she dropped the picture on her lap and extended her arm over the back of the sofa and to the small end table where her yellow phone was vibrating.

She took the phone and stared at the screen as if it were displaying the image of one of Rita's monsters… Her breath faltered as she realized it was a number from California.

From Angel Grove to be more precise.

She looked back at the picture and frowned. But as soon as she made up her mind to answer, the phone stopped ringing. That was when she expelled the breath she didn't know she was holding.


Jason stood there, looking over the cliff at the city bellow him. He closed the phone and

held it for a moment before he slipped it back into his pocket, his fingers grazing the red satin bag that held the engagement ring and his heart skipped a beat.

He looked down at his watch and realized it was time for him to go back home.

And Jason still hadn't figured out exactly how he was going to pop the question.

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