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Leave Me Breathless – Chapter Twenty-three

"You ready David?" Joshua asked. David nodded nervously, closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

Joshua reached in, grasped the extremely wobbly tooth and yanked – hard.

David bit down on Joshua's hand out of reflex as his eyes flew open. "Ouch!" the brothers screamed in unison.

Joshua held David's tooth in his palm. "Told ya I could get it" Joshua said proudly as he handed the tooth to David and wiped his hand on his jeans.

David wiped the little bit of blood away from his mouth and smiled at Joshua, sticking his tongue through the gap of his now missing tooth.

"There's no way that Daddy Dean will know what we did. I bet he was just scared to have to pull it out himself when you asked him too and that's why he said no" Joshua said. "Let's go see if Daddy can tell" David said as they ran into the house.

Looking guilty as all get out, the boys entered the kitchen. Dean was sitting at the table.

David folded his lips over his teeth and started to talk. "Hello, Daddy" he said, trying to talk normally.

Dean decided to play along.

"Hello boys, did you have a good time playing outside?" he asked grinning.

"Lots of fun" Joshua answered. "That's good, Joshie. I'm glad to hear it. What about you little guy?" Dean questioned.

David nodded and before he thought of it, he smiled for Dean, the missing tooth clearly evident.

Dean couldn't help but smile back. "Let me see" he asked as David came to stand in front of him and opened his mouth. Dean looked in and observed the pull site. Dean was no dummy, he'd done the same thing for Sam, even though John had said to let it fall out naturally, all those years ago.

"Can I see the tooth?" Dean asked. David held it up proudly. "I wonder what the tooth fairy is going to bring me, Daddy?" David asked. Tooth fairy? What was the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? Dean recalled putting his only nickel under Sammy's pillow way back, and he'd never forget the joy and excitement when Sam showed him it the next morning.

"Well, I guess we're going to have to wait and see" Dean said with a wink.

"I'm going to hide it under my pillow now. C'mon Joshie" David said, as the two little boys ran to their room, leaving behind their chuckling Dad.


Casona arrived to pick up the boys. They were planning to hook-up with Etta and Deacon later on. She came bearing gifts. One of them was the new Kool-Aid single serving pouches. The flavour was grape, Dean's personal favourite. The Kool-Aid jingle from long ago immediately popped back into his head. "Damn" he thought to himself.

"Look at these, aren't they cool?" Joshua said to Sam and Dean, as he and David held their boxes of cereal straws out for inspection. Everyone was in agreement, they were cool. "Can we have some milk in a bowl to try them out?" Joshua asked.

Casona went to the washroom and by the time she got back, she stopped and stood there smiling at the sight before her. Sam, Dean, Joshua and David all had their own cereal straws and were enjoying trying them out.


The boys were sitting cross-legged and opposite from each other on their bed. Amy was lying in front of Sam and Veronica was lying in front of Dean.

Baby talk and gurgling was filling the warm and happy room. Tickling Amy under the chin, Amy exhaled a happy gurgle for her admiring Daddy. "I wuv, wuv, wuv you" Sam beamed.

Dean watched the tender exchange, smiling brightly. Ronnie was kicking her little feet and Dean captured them with the gentlest of touches in his hands. Running his thumbs up and down her soles, Dean was rewarded with much excitement. He had heard the old wives tale about not tickling a baby's feet, but he wasn't sure he believed it and besides which, he just couldn't resist.

Both the girls' umbilical cords had fallen off a while ago, causing both Sam and Dean to freak out, but after a frantic call to Dr. S. and lots of re-assurance, they settled down somewhat. Of course, the girls were going for their check-up today and Sam was going to get one too, so emotions were running a bit higher than average.

There had been no other occurrences with Sam, thank God, but it was like living on the edge of a knife, just waiting for the next poke to happen.

After all the horrendousness from before, they were doing their best to put it all behind them and move forward.

Joshua's cast would be coming off soon and life was taking on a really good feel.

Both guys recognized how very lucky they were to have all the extra help and love that they did.

There had been some cranky mornings after less than full night sleeps, but then one of their extended family members showed up and naps could be taken.

"I don't think we should bring up the topic of us being brothers, Dean, I really don't. The boys have had so much to deal with and man, how can we put this on them, it'd be just too much" Sam stated as he picked up the baby carrier and began to tie it around himself.

Each of them were taking turns practicing putting it on, putting one of the girls in it and walking around with the precious cargo, to get a feel for it before venturing out.

The girls loved it and their Daddies did too. There were two baby carriers, so each girl could have one Daddy to herself.

"I agree with you Sam. We've got some serious issues in this regard though and at some point, we're going to have to discuss this with them, but you're right, they've been through far too much. We'll just sit on it and we'll know when the time is right" Dean said as he finished his own carrier and came to stand in front of Sam and Amy.

Both of the girls were facing each other and gurgling happily, both the guys were leaning forward and kissing gently. It was like this wonderful umbrella of love over their baby daughters.

"Deacon said he's ready anytime we are for the commitment service" Dean breathed against Sam's lips, enjoying the feel of the smile from Sam against his touch. "I can hardly wait" Sam whispered, pulling back slightly to look into Dean's eyes. "I know it can't be considered legal or recognized, but Dean, this means the whole world to me and could we do it sooner than later?" Sam asked gently.

Cupping Sam's cheek and running his thumb over one of his beloved dimples, Dean smiled and nodded. "I love you so much, Sammy" Dean said with outward love and deep affection.

"Deacon said Etta and Casona would watch the kids for us during the ceremony. I know we had decided that it would just be you and me and Deacon. Have you changed your mind about this, cause I was thinking…" Dean didn't get a chance to finish or truly gauge a reaction from Sam, as the kitchen door flew open and in ran two excited little boys.

"Daddy…Daddy, where are you?" David called out. "We're in the bedroom little buddy" Dean answered back. Two sets of footsteps ran to the room.

"Mrs. Langley said you're getting married. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" the boys yelled and jumped up and down. The girls shifted in their carriers, they knew something big was going down.

Sam and Dean gaped at their sons in stunned disbelief. Deacon appeared, face flushed, followed by a contrite looking Etta. "It was me who let it slip to the boys. I'm sorry" Etta apologized. Deacon looked mortified.

Two face splitting smiles greeted the room, full of love and joy and honest to goodness relief.

"We're as excited as you all are. We can hardly wait too!" Sam exclaimed.

Joshua and David were jumping up and down, Dean took Sam in his arms, which brought Amy and Ronnie face to face, and swung his darl'in around. Joining in the fun, Deacon grabbed Etta, twirled her once and dipped her back.

"David, let's go call Uncle Bobby and Casona" Joshua said excitedly. As the two little guys went to run out of the room, Joshua suddenly stopped and looked back at Sam. "Daddy, what flowers are you going to have?" Joshua asked. Sam balked and Dean grinned. "Well, I hadn't thought about it. Maybe I don't need to have any" Sam said hopefully. "But Daddy, you're the one who had the babies, so you need to carry the flowers" Joshua explained with his nine year old logic.

"Yeah, Sammy, I agree with Joshua, you need to have flowers" Dean grinned, thoroughly enjoying this. "Joshua, what if you and I and David surprise Daddy Sam" Etta said, thankfully stepping in. "Oh boy, a surprise kind – cool" Joshua agreed before grabbing David's arm and tugging him to the kitchen.

The adults were left looking at each other and smiling. If they'd taken a look at Amy and Ronnie, the girls looked like they were smiling too.


"Sam, you're doing great. Your pressure is well under control. We're going to have to monitor you for the next few months, but you're doing extremely well" Dr. Sanchez advised a delighted Sam and Dean. Worry lines disappeared as laughter lines took their place.

"Now, let's see how the darling girls are doing" Dr. Sanchez smiled as she warmed up her stetescope and waited for Dean and Sam to undress the wiggling bundles of joy.

Little legs kicked and happy gurgly sounds filled the air during the examinations.

The news just kept getting better and better. Each girl was doing wonderfully well and both were healthy and happy.

It was also time for their first set of needles. Dean was getting visibly tense and his breathing pattern changed. Both Sam and Dr. Sanchez cast glances at him. "Sam, I just need to go to the bathroom. I know my timing sucks. Do you think you can handle this?" Dean asked, eyeing the two needles Dr. S. had now filled and ready to go.

Sam smiled knowingly at his big brother. "Sure, I think I can manage" he assured as Dean quickly left the room. Closing the door behind him, Dean bent over and placed his hands on his knees taking in a lungful of oxygen.

Dr. S. and Sam exchanged smiles. A short time later, Sam was thinking Dean had been the smart one, as each girl got her shot and started to cry. Sam felt his own tears well up at the girls' hurting. Dr. S. always felt sympathy for first time parents going through this first set of needles. It was hard to see someone so small hurting, no matter how temporary.


Casona was enjoying hanging out with the girls, while the 'men' took in the local fair.

"Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid tastes great, Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid can't wait" Dean sang over and over.

Sam turned around in his seat and smiled at the boys. They all started laughing.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Daddy, you were singing the Kool-Aid song again" Joshua laughed.

Dean joined in the laughter. "It took me years to get that song out of my head and now it's back. Gee, thanks guys" Dean smiled sheepishly. "You're welcome, Daddy" David acknowledged mischievously.

"Oh wow look!" Joshua yelled out as the rides came into view. "Hurry Daddy, hurry. Drive quicker" David said excitedly.

The volume of excitement in the Impala almost outdid the noise from the fair as Dean pulled in and parked.

Both boys were out of the car like a shot and practically pulled Sam and Dean out themselves. Dragging their Dads to the entrance, they waited impatiently while entrance and ride tickets were purchased. "Let's go, let's go" David yelled as he grabbed both his Daddies' hands and started pulling them in. "Easy there, fella" Dean laughed.

"How about monster walking to the entrance" Dean suggested. Both boys looked at each other in delight. Joshua climbed onto Sam's feet and David climbed onto Dean's. This was always a fun time when their Dads would then begin to walk with them on their feet, swaying back and forth, just like the pretend monsters they'd seen on their cartoon shows.

"Okay, where to first?" Sam asked the two faces looking up at him, after they'd entered the grounds. The word Duh was not uttered, but from the displayed expressions, it was clearly meant. "The rides, Dad, the rides" Joshua advised, raising his arm and pointing towards the area.

"Race ya" Dean called out as he took off ahead of the group. They all jumped at this unexpected comment and took off after Dean. The boys won, it was a close race, but they inched out their Dads to the finish line.

The bumper cars were followed by the Giant Slide, a small roller coaster, the jumping tent, the Merry-Go-Round, which they all went on and actually enjoyed. Then they did it all over again.

The junk food flowed with pink cotton candy, buttered popcorn, candy apples, hot dogs, fries, rings and soft drinks.

Dean was standing in the line-up waiting to purchase some fried donuts, as Sam was across the way 'being convinced' by one of the buskers to try his skill at the shooting the tins game.

There was no way that this game was not rigged. The line-up for the donuts was long and Dean didn't mind as he folded his arms and waited for Sam to take his best shot.

"You can do it Daddy. C'mon, we know you can" Joshua said encouragingly. David was jumping up and down tugging at Sam's shirt hem. "The biggest one, Daddy. Win us the biggest prize" David yelled.

Sam took the pellet gun in his hands and turned it over, pretending to get used to it. "Man, my bro is good" Dean smirked.

Taking a shooting stance, Sam focused in on the target, the boys held their breath, Dean let a lady go ahead of him in the line-up, so he wouldn't miss the action. Sam raised the gun, took aim and blew every can off its stand, not missing one.

"That's my boy" Dean yelled out, as Sam turned and winked at him.

The boys went nuts choosing which stuffed animal they wanted, from the top shelf rack. They finally decided on a pink elephant, almost as tall as Sam.

To his credit, the guy knew he'd been played, but took it good naturedly, as after all, he'd taken more than a few people for a sucker with this game. Karma had finally caught up with him, in the form of one Samuel Winchester.

Dean walked over, sharing his donuts with everyone and helping Sam adjust the elephant on his back.

"Oh wow" Joshua enthused as he spied the Zipper ride. "You and Daddy Sam need to go on this one" Joshua said to Dean. Dean looked at Joshua, then David and then Sam. "Um…well…how about maybe this one?" Dean said nodding towards the Tilt-A-Whirl.

"No, this one, Daddy" David said, pointing back at the Zipper. "Look, it flips over and goes really high" David continued. Sam touched Dean's elbow lightly. "I'll hold your hand" he said grinning, secretly knowing what this was costing Dean in terms of going high and flipping over.

Dean looked again at the three faces before him and decided, against his better judgment, to go for it.

After getting the boys and their prize all set-up on a bench beside the ride, with promises not to move, the guys headed for the line-up. "I am so going to get you for this" Dean muttered under his breath to a laughing Sam.

When their turn came and the operator opened the cage door, Dean got in first, followed by Sam. It was a tight squeeze, but workable. The security bar was even with their privates and that alone almost made Dean get out while he still had the opportunity. He was too late.

Sam didn't even have a chance to give Dean a kiss before the ride took off and up and over they went.

People walking by the ride paused momentarily at the unusual sound they heard. Joshua and David were leaning against their prize laughing so hard they were crying. The ride operators nudged each other and pointed to the guy screaming in the blue cage. Sam felt sure he'd lost his hearing. Dean was too fixated on surviving the ride to realize he was the cause of all the commotion.

Finally, and thankfully, to everyone's relief, the ride completed its cycle. Dean practically crawled over Sam in his eagerness to get out of there once the cage was opened.

Trying to regain his composure and look cool again, was lost completely for Dean when he upchucked everything he had eaten into a garbage can. The smell, the heat, the splatter ensured everyone kept their distance.

If vomiting had been an Olympic sport, Dean would have won Gold, no doubt about it, on this day.

Wetting a napkin with water from the nearby water fountain, Sam then placed it on the back of Dean's neck. "Feeling better babe?" Sam asked. "Urgh!" Dean growled, as he smiled weakly at Sam.

"Oh wow Dad, you scream really loud" David said as he looked up at his Dad in awe. "Gee thanks" Dean somehow managed to answer pleasantly.

After getting some water and sitting down for a few minutes, Dean was mostly good to go again. He carried the elephant around and let Sam push forth with the boys.

Their remaining time was filled with more fair going fun, until overtiredness began to seep in and they all decided to call it a day.

The boys had insisted that the elephant sit in the backseat with them on the drive back. It was a lot quieter on the ride home, than it had been coming out, until, a strangely familiar but no less gross smell reached their noses.

The poor, poor pink elephant had some of Dean's unfortunate splatter on her. The boys freaked out when they realized this and Dean had to pull over.

"Get her out, get her out!" Joshua and David were yelling. "She stinks. Yuck, gross. DAD, DO SOMETHING!!" they yelled in unison, squirming in their seats trying to get as far away in the limited space as possible.

Sam was no help. He was bent over in the front seat, laughing helplessly. Dean got out of the car and opened Joshua's passenger door. Reaching over and grabbing the elephant, Dean hauled her out, and took her to the back of the car.

"A little help would be nice, Sammy" Dean called out as he popped the trunk. Sam got out and came around the back. They wiped off as much of the 'yuckness' as they could.

"Give me a kiss, big boy" Sam urged as he smiled down at Dean.

Slamming the trunk closed, Dean wrapped his arms around Sam's neck and planted one on him. It was a hot kiss. It might have gone on for a while longer, but there was banging on the rearview window and squeals of laughter.


Dean's 'Sammy's been thinking too much' radar was sending out some serious messages. Some serious cuddling time was in order, as Dean pulled Sam into his arms.

"Hey baby" Dean murmured against the shell of Sam's ear. "Everything okay?"

"Umm hmm" Sam hummed.

"Nothing bothering you?" Dean persisted.

Sam sighed. Dean knew him too well at times.

"I want you to be happy with your life. Are you sure you are? Are you going to miss hunting?" Sam asked seriously.

"Hey, where's this coming from? I'm the happiest man in the world. I have everything I've ever wanted or dreamed about" Dean stated as he leaned forward and kissed Sam's eyes, his nose, his dimples and finally his lips.

"Are you okay about all this, babe? It's a big change for you too. We've sort of stepped into traditional roles, in an untraditional way" Dean asked.

"A lifetime with you and our family. I couldn't think of anything I want more" Sam said warmly. The thunder and lightning were getting worse. A loud thunderclap shook the house, just as Sam was about to capture Dean's lips.

"Hold that pose. I'll just go check on the kids and I'll be right back" Dean said grinning.

"Sam, you've got to come and see this" Dean whispered, coming back into the room and taking Sam's hand, leading him into the nursery.

The lightning was flashing outside the windows and the thunder was booming overhead. Amy and Ronnie were asleep in their cribs and David and Joshua were asleep on the floor between the cribs. The cleaned up elephant was residing close by along with his new friend, Henry. David was clutching the ten dollar bill tightly in his fist that the Tooth Fairy had left for him.

It was a touching scene and Sam squeezed Dean's hand tightly as Dean leaned against his shoulder.

A fierce thunder crack shook the house, startling both Sam and Dean and waking up the family.

Joshua raised his hand and placed it through the crib slats. David watched and did the same. "It's okay Amy and Ronnie, we're here to protect you" Joshua soothed loudly, trying to quiet the girls' crying. It may have worked, but for another loud boom.

The Winchester family, en masse, spent the remaining portion of the night, all wrapped up together in the big bed.

Sam and Dean both told the boys how proud they were of them for taking such good care of their little sisters.

Joshua and David were tucked in-between their two Daddies and Amy and Veronica were laying on top of Sam and Dean. Safety in numbers was taking on a whole new meaning for the guys.

Sam committed the image of Dean, laying there with Ronnie on his chest, eyes closed and nuzzling her tiny head, to his forever memory.


Dean left early the next morning after assurances from Sam that he would be fine with the kids and not to worry.

A short time later found Dean walking around the interior of his garage, the garage that would soon bear the name: Winchester and Family Garage.

Sitting himself down on a chair, Dean leaned back and closed his eyes. It was happening, all his hopes and dreams were becoming a reality. His thoughts were many. He considered himself the luckiest guy in the world with a lifetime opening up before him.

There would be skinned knees to kiss better, school work to help with, first dates, graduations, broken hearts to help mend, life questions to be answered, marriages, grandchildren and growing old with Sam.

Sammy. Dean's heart skipped a beat when he thought of all the waking mornings and good nights that were left to be shared. Where had all the years gone already? How quickly would the next years pass? He allowed his mind to wander only so far down that road, to Sam with gray hair and wrinkles, before he yanked it off that path of thought. It was better to stay in the present moment, this very fine time, when everything was just right in the world.

Tomorrow was the BIG day. He could hardly wait!


The location for the service was close to the water, there was an overhanging of lush green foliage encased in natural grapevines.

Wild flowers were scattered across the landscape, and this was where it was going to happen, where Sam and Dean would share their commitment and love to each other in front of those they loved and those who loved them.

It was traditional in some regards and non-traditional in many others. Everyone was dressed in different stages of casual to more formal wear. Deacon was standing just beyond the hanging, Ameila and Etta were sitting on folding chairs, holding two happy baby girls.

Bobby, Joshua and David were standing grouped together, nudging each other back and forth.

Casona was finishing a deep undercover mission. After affixing a Just Married sign to the back of Dean's baby, she applied a string of tin cans to the bumper.

"It's time boys" Deacon said to Joshua and David after Casona slipped into her seat.

Joshua was in charge of getting Dean and David was in charge of getting Sam.

The guys had driven to the location in different cars. It really helped to add to the excitement. They had been kept separate until this moment.

Joshua appeared with Dean first and gave his Dad a hug after he made sure to walk him to where Deacon was.

Dean was dressed in a new pair of black pants, a white shirt and one of those skinny black ties, that he knew Sammy loved him in. It was tied loosely and it suited him well.

Dean's heart was pounding against his chest as he smiled at everyone.

Behind the group, but visible to Dean, he watched David appear first, stopping mid-stride, looking up and smiling at a still hidden Sam.

Bending down, David picked up the gathering of wildflowers the boys, Etta and Casona had made for the occasion.

Dean watched as David was pulled out of view momentarily and then returned to view, laughing brightly.

Sam then appeared beside him, and God bless his heart, he was holding the bouquet in one hand and David's hand in the other.

He was also wearing the tangerine shirt that Dean so adored on him, his black jeans and he'd tucked his hair behind his ears, just for Dean.

Flushing at the attention now focused on him, but grinning widely, dimples scattering this way and that, David led him to Dean.

Both guys smiled appreciatively at each other, equally nervous and excited.


"Sam…Dean, it is love that gathers us here today" Deacon beamed. You have chosen to join your lives before those you love and those who love you, on this very special day.

"I would like to begin the proceedings with a special quote:

"The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere - They're in each other all along!"

"This quote is by Jelaludin Rumi and I believe, Sam and Dean, that even though it written far in the distant past, its meaning is as true today as it was back then. Please join hands" Deacon asked.

Dean reached for Sam's first and held onto them tightly, smiling up into his younger brother's face.

"The ways of life are unbeknown to us, their magic and surprise left to our delight and pleasure. It is with supreme joy and unparalleled happiness that I grant you the blessings of a joined and shared life together" Deacon pronounced, as he laid sprigs of rosemary and thyme atop the joined hands. Placing his over theirs, Deacon asked everyone to close their eyes and send Sam and Dean their positive and loving thoughts, for a blessed life together and all that it may offer.

"Before the rings are exchanged, I believe Dean and Sam would like to say a few words" Deacon advised. Dean was too choked up to go first, so Sam went instead.

"Thank you, Dean for being the most wonderful person in the world, for taking care of me and loving me and our family, for always being there for me and for allowing me to love you unconditionally and fully" Sam said in a truly sincere but shaky voice, full of the overwhelming emotion and love he was feeling for the man standing in front of him.

Reaching out and wiping away the few escaped tears slipping down Dean's face, Sam smiled at him.

Taking a steadying breath, Dean smiled back.

"Sam…Sammy, what can I say? You're it for me, babe. You're my everything. I wouldn't be able to get through life if you weren't with me, by my side, holding me up, when I fall down, taking care of me and our family, loving me even when I can be a first class jerk. Trusting me and believing in me. I promise to always love and cherish you with every ounce of my being" Dean managed to get out before almost losing it completely.

Softly smiling as he observed the two men before him, Deacon looked over at Bobby. "Bobby, do you have the rings?"

Bobby came forward and clasped each brother on the shoulder. He above all knew the whole story and he was so glad to be a part of this ceremony. Handing each brother a ring, Bobby then resumed his place back with Joshua and David.

"Dean…Sam, I would ask you now to place the ring you are holding on the hand of the other" Deacon asked.

Sam placed his ring on Dean's finger and then Dean followed with placing his ring on Sam's finger.

"With everything good and loving that is believed in on this day, I hereby bless the two of you and join you in love and devotion" Deacon pronounced.

Sam and Dean clasped their hands tightly and looked at each other. "You can kiss now" Deacon stage-whispered, garnering a delighted laugh from the attendees.

Sam leaned down slightly and met Dean's lips.

The kiss was divine, warm and overflowing with feelings of love. Their lips joined like magnets, sealed together in the very best of ways.

Cheers and clapping were enriched with group hugs and congratulatory kisses. Moments of time melted and twinkled together.

Pictures were taken and laughter and love filled the sun dappled afternoon.

Bobby and the boys brought out a table containing a cake and sparkling cider. As Dean placed his hand over Sam's for the cake cutting, Sam felt the tiny trembles and smiled lovingly at his new husband. How he loved this man.

Clearing her throat, Casona asked for everyone's attention. "We have a little surprise for you" she said, handing the guys an envelope.

Smiling at the group, Sam watched as Dean opened the envelope with shaking hands. Inside was a brochure and a certificate for an all expense paid 'honeymoon' at a resort that featured private cabins in a mountain setting.

"We couldn't possibly…this is too much" Dean stammered as he looked up at Sam for guidance. "I agree with Dean. You've all done so much for us already. We can't accept this" Sam explained.

"You can and you shall, dear boys" Deacon interceded. "Everything has been taken care of. The boys are in agreement, right boys?" Deacon asked. Joshua and David laughed and nodded. "Amy and Ronnie are in agreement, right girls?" Etta gently nodded Amy's head yes and Ameila did the same with Ronnie's.

"We're all pitching in together and we're going to have so much fun while we're doing it. Your bags are packed. I packed everything I thought you might need and they're in the trunk. And don't worry, Etta installed car seats for the girls in her car" Bobby chimed in.

Dean and Sam looked at each other and then back at the group, before pulling everyone in for another group hug and overwhelming thanks for the generous gift.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Bobby asked. As the guys said their goodbyes and confirmed everyone had their cell numbers, the group did their best to ensure that Dean was kept to the front of the car.

Climbing in and waving to the group, everyone watched and waited as the car pulled out. It took no time at all, as the car suddenly stopped and out jumped Dean, running around the back and looking down.

Peals of laughter filled the air, as Sam leaned out the passenger car window and gave the group a thumbs up. Dean joined in the laughter and Deacon caught the moment on film.


"Well Mr. Winchester, we did it" Dean said warmly, as he took his hand off the steering wheel and clasped Sam's hand instead.

Sam grinned widely and squeezed Dean's hand, before sliding over closer to the love of his life and placing his head against Dean's shoulder.

"How about a little music?" Dean asked as he turned on the radio. As luck would have it, AC/DC's Thunderstruck was just getting started. "C'mon Sammy, sing along with your new husband" Dean urged as he started to belt out the lyrics. Sam rolled his eyes good naturedly and after a bit more prodding from Dean, he started to sing along.

Two blissfully happy, just married brothers, singing Thunderstruck to each other, cruised down the highway with a crooked Just Married sign and a trail of tin cans bumping merrily behind them.


The resort was gay friendly and very welcoming to the 'newlyweds'.

Dean let out a low whistle of appreciation when he took in the Class A style property. Holding Sam's hand they proceeded to the check-in counter. "Hi there, Winchesters checking in" Dean smiled.

"Welcome" the front desk clerk said. Calling up their reservation, he smiled at them. "Ah, I see your reservation is for one of our honeymoon cabins. Congratulations I believe are in order" the clerk beamed at the flushing couple. "I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to let us know" the clerk said before giving them the key and directions to their cabin.


The brochure didn't lie, that's for sure. The cabins were secluded and well away from each other. The 'honeymoon' cabin was very private, nestled among tall pine trees.

"I'll come back for the bags later" Dean told Sam as they walked up the steps. Dean had the key and unlocked the door. Sam bumped into him when Dean didn't move through it. Turning quickly before Sam had any chance to object, Dean swept him, all six feet five inches of him, into his arms, almost dropped him, re-aligned his position and carried Sam through the door. There was no doubt about it, it was romantic and wonderful and as Dean placed Sam back on his feet, Sam threw his arms around Dean and kissed him deeply. "Love you, Mr. Winchester" Sam breathed. "Love you right back, Mr. Winchester" Dean purred.


Dean had beat Sammy into the bathroom, stripped and cleaned up quickly, before running a bath for Sam, which Sammy was now enjoying, as Dean got things ready for their wedding night.

"Bobby was one in a million" Dean smiled to himself, as he unpacked his bag, after first unpacking Sammy's. Dean didn't want to think too much about it, because it was sort of embarrassing, but with everything that Bobby had packed for the boys, he'd made sure to include the bottle of lube as well. You had to give the guy credit.

There was a knock at the door. Dean threw on the bathrobe the resort had supplied and answered it. "Thanks man" Dean said, after the guy had set everything out that Dean had ordered. Tipping him generously, Dean closed the door and grinned at how romantic this night was turning out to be.

Popping the cork on the champagne, he poured two glasses before taking a huge bite out of one of the hamburgers. They'd even been able to burn a copy of the song he'd wanted. Placing the cd into the player and turning it on, Dean cued up the song that Sam had asked for on their wedding day, when they were lying together under the stars all those months ago. Dean lastly turned off the lights, started a fire in the fireplace and then lit the candles. Waiting for Sam, he admired his handiwork and took another bite of his hamburger. Wedding night or not, Dean was starving. Getting married was hard and hungry work.


Sam came out of the bathroom and stood there, naked, happy and in wonderment at the room transformation.

Dean took off his bathrobe, grabbed the two glasses and met Sam at the halfway point. "Dean, how? Oh my God, this is just fantastic" Sam beamed. Holding the glass up to Sam's lips, Dean tilted it forward for Sam to take a sip of. "Umm" Sam marveled.

"Dance with me, Sammy" Dean said as he placed the two glasses on the table and started the song. Sam's eyes lit up as Chicago's Just You 'n' Me began and he moved easily into Dean's waiting arms.

They danced together, by the light of fire and candles, wrapped up in each other and their love. Two souls blended together on this happiest of nights.

Sam as it turned out, was also starving. Devouring the food and the dessert of chocolate covered strawberries, and who said Dean couldn't be romantic, sensual touching and kissing resumed. Their bodies had healed and the scars that were left had become raised edges, requiring special attention and love, erasing the hurts and pain. This was their time now.

Sam straddled Dean on the chair, little gasps and wiggling escaping from Sam, as Dean ran his fingertips up and down his back.

"Hey babe, just let me rock you back slightly" Dean indicated. "I've got you, I won't let you fall" he continued, as he adjusted Sam just right on the spread of his legs.

Thrusting just a bit, so that their privates were getting better acquainted, Dean couldn't help but admire the blush that was seeping onto Sam's cheeks with this very intimate of positions. Even after all this time and everything they'd done together, Sam still had this wonderful and shy side to him.

Sam peered at Dean and smiled gently. "Hi" he whispered, leaning in so their foreheads were touching. "Hi back" Dean murmured, kissing Sam with intent and tongue and passion.

Running his hands over Sam's flesh, spending extra time re-learning the curves and slopes of Sam's lower back before continuing ever downward, Dean teased and rubbed just above Sam's anus.

Feeling Sam hardening against his belly, Dean grabbed the lube and greased his fingers. Sam grabbed at them, taking them into his mouth and sucking greedily before releasing them and allowing Dean to resume where he left off.

This time however, Dean reached one arm between them and came at Sam this way, while leaning forward and bringing his other hand down that way.

It was a new position for them and the thrill was quick and intense.

As Dean slowly teased at Sam's opening, with first one finger and then the other, Sam was biting at Dean's neck, fevered nips almost in tandem with the pulsating pressure he was feeling from Dean.

Dean's cock was dripping and stiff, making its pressure well known against Sam.

Sam reached down and began to pump himself, his hand fisting wildly over his own cock, almost causing a friction burn on Dean's belly.

Dean needed to get Sam to the bed – now!

Startled when Dean began to shift to a standing position, Sam stopped his playing. "What the hell?" he whimpered, desperate for relief.

"Ssh baby, we're just taking this party to the bed. Grab the lube" Dean soothed between long neck licks.

Wrapping those fabulous, never-ending legs tight around his big brother's waist, Sam held on for the very short walk to the bed.

Laying Sam down near the edge, Dean didn't waste any time, they were both close and it wasn't going to take much to topple them both over into massive orgasms.

Moving in as close as possible to the edge of the bed and smearing on more lube from what Sam had poured onto his own hand, Dean rubbed himself a little, before grasping Sam's legs and moving them onto and over his shoulders.

Sam yelped at the touch of a rock hard Dean at his entrance. "Hurry, fuck Dean, I need you inside me now…please" Sam yelled as Dean sought entrance, adjusted himself and beginning to thrust forcefully.

It was all things wrapped into one – raw and rough, loving and tender.

Sam wet his fingers and reached down to his own tip, furiously rubbing and swearing and begging.

Dean came deep inside of Sam, his seed spilling back and dripping down. His breathing was erratic and his legs were shaking as Dean leaned his sweat soaked face against the fine hair around Sam's knee.

Sam was almost there himself, and Dean, being the awesome person that he was, reached down and gripped and rubbed the underside of Sam's swollen and oh so ready dick.

Sam came in splattering spurts, covering himself and Dean, in white strands of scent familiar semen.

Gasping and panting, Sam threw his arms above his head and let Dean finish the little last minute, but oh so important rub down of his now deflating cock.

Sliding out ever so gently from Sam, Dean tenderly lowered Sam's legs back onto the bed, pausing for a moment, to admire the tattoo on Sam's inner thigh, before crawling on top of his little brother.

Sam's arms immediately engulfed him. Sighing deeply, Dean closed his eyes and let his body and mind come back to some form of reality.

The scent in the room was heavy from their lovemaking.

Sticky and sated, two satisfied souls, fell asleep, tangled up together in their love.


"Good morning Mr. Winchester" Sam greeted Dean. "Good morning back Mr. Winchester" Dean returned, as he held open the car door for Sam the following day.

They drove into the nearby town and parked. They wanted to pick-up souvenirs for everyone. Well, Sam wanted to shop more than Dean did, but Dean wanted to be with Sam, which is how Dean came to find himself enjoying watching Sam pick and choose things in the various shops along the street.

After making purchases for Deacon, Casona, Etta, Bobby and Amelia, the guys then had a ball selecting toys for Joshua and David. They went way over their budget, but hell, what was the use of money if you couldn't enjoy spending it on those you loved.

"Oh, Dean" Sam almost gushed, but stopped himself, when they came across a baby store and stopped. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Dean smiled indulgently as he held the door open for Sam.

The selection of everything baby was mind blowing. Sam went one way, while Dean went the other. As Sam was admiring a green mint coloured outfit, he heard Dean explaining to one of the sales staff about his family. Sam peeked around the display when he heard Dean pull out a picture he carried in his wallet of their family and showed it to the sales associate. "Oh my, what a lovely family you have" she gushed. "I'm the luckiest man in the world" Dean said proudly.

Sam smiled to himself and quickly resumed his browsing before Dean saw him.

Dean went looking for Sam and stopped before he reached him. Sam was smiling down at one of the displays. The little outfits were striped burnt orange, cinnamon red and purple. They even had matching tights, from what Dean could see, from his vantage point.

He watched as Sam fingered the delicate clothing and from the look on Sam's face, Dean knew what the girls would be getting.

Sensing himself being observed, Sam looked up, slightly flustered, when he saw the look of pure adoration on Dean's face and smiled. His dimples etched deep into his face, scattered in the beloved pattern that Dean loved to stroke.

He couldn't let this moment go, there was no way. Making his way over to Sam, Dean leaned in and kissed his brother deeply. How he loved this man.

Sam was feeling even more flustered as Dean released the kiss. Sam observed the loving face before him, freckles on full display and green eyes shining. "I'll wait for you outside, baby" Dean whispered seductively.

"Your husband is hot!" the store clerk marvelled a short time later, as Sam paid for his purchases. "That he is" Sam had to agree, smiling at Dean through the plate glass window. Thanking the clerk and taking his bags, he was met at the door by a very affectionate Dean.

"Let's get back to the cabin" Sam whispered urgently. "I'm in serious need of some Dean time." Taking Sam's hand, they ran quickly down the street, laughing wildly, caught up in the moment of being young and incredibly in love.


After an intense and wonderful day, turning into evening, of lovemaking, Dean tugged and pulled the mattress out onto the deck and positioned it just so. Returning to the room, he gathered the pillows and blankets and took them out also. Getting the outside bed set-up and looking really comfortable, a smile spread across his face as he surveyed his work.

Hearing the shower water shut-off, Dean went back inside, stripped down, turned off the lights and waited. Sammy was humming, as he puttered around the bathroom. The door opened a short time later and out walked Sam, silhouetted against the darkened room.

"Hey baby" Dean purred as he took Sam's hand and led him outside. "I thought maybe we'd sleep out under the stars tonight. What d'ya think?" Dean asked softly. A heartfelt kiss was his reply, as Sam bent down, pulled back the covers and snuggled in.

Opening his arms wide for his new husband, Dean wasted no time, as he crawled into those loving and waiting arms, which eagerly pulled him tight.

The stars were shining tonight, casting a magical night sky as far as the eye could see.

Dean reached across and took Sam's ring hand in his own, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it lovingly. Raising their arms together, both admired their new wedding rings, before Dean linked their hands together, and began to sing softly to Sam.

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true"

It had been a very long and hard road to where the brothers now found themselves.

From this point onward, there was no looking back, only forward, to a life dreamed about, hoped for, but never thought possible.

Dreams do, have a way of coming true, as two little boys who had started out on this journey so many years ago, happily found out.

The end.